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When someone goes looking for a review of Little Italy Boston MA, the locals won’t know it as Little Italy, but as North End. This is a very popular neighborhood that people would want to explore. Little Italy or North End is located in the peninsula north of the place, where visitors will find highway 93.

There are so many place that people can go to, if they really want to explore Little Italy.

Regina Pizzeria

One of the best things to include in the review of Little Italy Boston MA, would be Regina Pizzeria. This is the place where, locals wait for an hour to be served, because even one slice of the pizza is very iconic. The place has been serving brick oven pizza for a long time, and it is very delicious. There isn’t much seating indoors, but there is always a place by the counter that people who go alone, can go to; Pizzeria Regina.

Antico Forno

This is a very modest venue, and has a very relaxed vibe. This is a place that should come in review of Little Italy Boston MA, because of its mouthwatering Southern Italian cuisine. They serve really delicious pizza, and the best part of the restaurant is that, they have a great wine list and cocktails for customers. The Italian decor is what people would find interesting and fascinating, because it gives a boost to the charm of Boston; Antico Forno.

Main Attractions

The North End or Little Lilly comprises of some popular spots like the Paul Revere House. This is home to a silversmith, who is known for warning Americans about British troops. The historic home is open to locals and tourists, because it serves as a museum of the Amercian Revolution War. Review of Flemings Steakhouse Boston, MA – See Here.

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground is a must part for review of Little Italy Boston MA, because this is where people can pay respects. The remains of many famous people are here, like Edmund Hartt, who was an anti-slavery activist. There are historic graves as well like Mather tomb; Wikipedia.

Great Molasses Food Plaque is another bizarre, but interesting place, which visitors should definitely go to. This is a memorial, which shows one of the tragedies in Boston’s history. The plaque is near the waterfront, and people can see ships sailing around.

Other Restaurants

There are so many restaurants that should be included in the review of Little Italy Boston MA. If someone wants to go on a date, there is no better restaurant than Mamma Maria. It is a romantic little place, which serves locally inspired cuisine to customers. This restaurant has private dining rooms, and has an intimate setting for those who are interested. look at a review of Boston Aquarium – Website.

A high end Italian restaurant, Tresca, is also something that the locals and tourists recommend. This restaurant has severed some of the most famous athletes in the city’s history. It is a very elegant and upscale restaurant. see a review of Strip by Strega Boston, MA – More Info.