Review Of Del Friscos Boston, MA

Review Of Del Friscos Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


Who doesn’t love a good steakhouse? This is a seafood, American traditional restaurant, located at 250 Northern Ave, Ste, 200. It is one of the best steakhouse in Boston, and features a harbor view as well. This is a waterfront patio here, worth mentioning in the review of Del Friscos Boston MA. The dining room has deep booth and private dining rooms for customers, which makes it a great dinner spot. The modern and the sleek interior of the restaurant, shows a really extraordinary design; Del Friscos.

Customer Recommendations

Before including the menu in the review of Del Friscos Boston MA, it is worth mentioning the dishes that people loved here. There are many dishes that people found delicious here, like filet mignon, creamed corn, lobster macaroni and cheese, and potatoes as a side dish. A great aspect of this restaurant is that, it has a variety of quality dishes for customers to choose from. Look at a review of Boston Chops – Go Here.

Lunch Menu Of Del Friscos

The restaurant has a different lunch menu and dinner menu. In their lunch menu, they have seafood items like fried calamari, shrimp cocktail, chilled shrimp, cheesesteak egg rolls, crab cake, charred octopus and lobster bisque. The interesting thing about the menu is that, it has different dishes for business lunch, and different for non-business lunch customers. See Seaport, Boston, MA, – Website.

Customers can choose from sandwiches, desserts, and multiple side options. The review of Del Friscos Boston MA, won’t be complete without mentioning the drinks menu that the restaurant offers. This menu includes different flavors of drinks and liquor. There is bar food for people as well, so that if they don’t want to eat something heavy, they can always eat something from the bar. Things to do in South Boston, MA, – Click Here.

Customer Experience

The experience that customers had at this restaurant would be an important part of the review of Del Friscos Boston MA. Customers found the quality of the food to be good, and the food portions, generous. However, some customers were not happy with how the tables were located in the restaurant; Yelp.

Some tables don’t have the proper view that most customers want neither the ambience. On the other hand, some customers got good tables, like they got to see a view of the Boston Harbor, while seating fresh seafood. The restaurant’s service is good, the waiters are attentive, and knowledgeable about the food they serve. Most of all, customers loved the pan seared scallops and said that they would go back just for them.

Prime Pair

A mention of prime pair Sundays, makes this review of Del Friscos Boston MA complete. The restaurant includes their signature Prime Pair prix in their menu, every Sunday, for just $59. It is a two course menu, which customers love very much. They can choose their own salad, entrée, and sea food. They even serve crab cakes on Sundays, giving customers a really good reason to dine with them that day.

This place is elegant, and has a variety of dishes on the menu for customers. There is no reason not to come here and dine in style; Open Table.