Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector -

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The BenQ HT1085ST is based on DLP technology and is a 1080p full HD projector; projectorpoint. The projector provides stunning picture quality with great depth and colors. The image sharpness and contrast is good for a projector in this price range. The projector uses a six segment color wheel (RGBRGB) which helps it to produce great color depth and range.

It is additionally backed up with Brilliant Color Technology to further enhance the color depth and range. Apart from having stunning display for your full HD content, the projector is reasonably good for gamers as well. It is also compatible for multiple 3D platforms in full HD and provides excellent 3D results.

The BenQ HT1085ST is capable of short-throw which makes it a great choice for smaller home theaters and is much easier to setup. The low weight and easy installation can make it handy for portable users. Its picture clarity and brightness makes the projector good for presentations and can be used for multiple purposes. Look at What size home projector screen should be – Click Here.

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector -
Overall it offers absolutely brilliant features in terms of its price and is a great option for low budget users.


Let’s get down to the specifications of the projector:
• DLP digital projector
• Native Resolution 1920 x 1080
• Native Aspect Ratio 16:9
• Brightness 2200 ANSI Lumen
• Contrast Ratio: Contrast Ratio (FOFO) : 10000:1, Display Color (ANSI): 500:1
• Throw ratio 0.69-0.83 (65.7″@ 1M)
• Zoom Ratio 1.2:1
• Lamp Mode (Approx.) 3500/5000/6000 hours
• Weight 2.85 kg

For a complete list of specifications please visit; benqdirect.


The projector is glossy white and quite attractive from its exterior. It weighs only 2.85 kg which makes it easy to carry around. The dimensions of the projector are (W x H x D mm) 312x104x244 mm.


The projector has a D-sub 15pin, 2 HDMI, MHL shared with HDMI2, a composite video in (RCA), and component video in. Further it provides an audio in (Minijack), an audio L/R in (RCA) and an audio out (Minijack). A Chamber speaker 10W, a USB (type A) for 1.5V power supply and USB (type mini b) for service. A RS232(DB-9pin) and DC 12V triggers.

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector -

Visual Specs

Although with such a low price, BenQ HT1085ST projector offers a lot in terms of visual specs. The image quality of the projector is excellent along with great color depth and range. It has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 and is based on DLP technology. It uses six-segment color wheel (RGBRGB) with six times the speed to produce stunning display of colors. The depth and range is further enhanced through BrilliantColor technology which helps this projector to provide absolutely stunning picture quality. You can further customize through ISFccc to obtain professional results through HT1085ST’s ISF calibration menu, along with two specialty modes ISF day and night modes.

The projector also provides excellent contrast level. It uses Texas Instruments DarkChip3 DLP Technology, overall improving the brightness and black levels.

It supports multiple platforms for 3D content. The 3D content runs smooth and the overall picture quality of 3D content is good. The high response time and low latency rate also makes the projector good for gaming.

BenQ HT1085ST projector also provides a lot of power in terms of brightness. At 2200 lumens as claimed, the projector can work under ambient setups as well, making it great for both dark and brighter setups; theprojectorexpert.

The projector’s short throw capability along with horizontal and vertical keystone correction gives it much more flexibility for installation. It also provides flexible zoom, so it can work great for smaller home theater setups as well.

Some of the negative aspects important to mention here include the rainbow effect, as it is a Single-chip DLP projector. The black level performance can be not that impressive when compare to some high-end projectors. You might face some issue of juddering as well making the projector a little unreliable.

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector -


The projector is currently out of stock on the official website of the manufacturer. It is listed at a price of $240; benqdirect. You might find third party sellers or look for used projectors in market or online platforms.


Let’s take a look at the positive aspect of the projector:
• Full HD, providing great picture quality and clarity.
• Excellent color range and depth.
• 6X-Speed RGBRGB color wheel.
• BrilliantColor technology further enhances the color range and picture details.
• It also provides ISFccc calibration service which will let the ISF technicians to custom-calibrate the image quality and colors according to your home environment.
• The projector provides excellent contrast levels, it uses DarkChip3 DLP technology.
• Provides good performance for games.
• Supports 3D and provides good overall results for 3D content with good picture quality and smooth motions.
• Short-throw lens with zoom, making it easier to install in smaller home theater setups.
• Offers horizontal and vertical keystone correction making it much more flexible for installing.
• Supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition link).
• Have good built-in speakers.
• The projector weighs approx. 2.85 kg and is easily installable, making it great for portable use.
• The BenQ HT1085ST is budget friendly.

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector -


Some negative aspects of the projector are:
• It is a single-chip DLP projector and if you are affected by rainbow artifacts you might see many on BenQ HT1085ST; hometheaterreview.
• The black level performance can be a bit disappointing for many users.
• Sometimes you may face the issue of judder.

Review BenQ HT1085ST Projector 5 -


The BenQ HT1085ST projector is a great addition in the market of home theater projectors. It provides excellent image quality and clarity in terms of its price. The projector comes with some great technology which helps it to achieve excellent color range and depth. It is a Full-HD projector with high level of brightness and can be used for multiple purposes.

It is also good for gaming and can be an excellent projector for portable use due to its low weight and easy installation, making it a strong competitor in the market of low budget home theaters.

The BenQ HT1085ST projector has its limitations and as a single-chip DLP projector can affect many users with rainbow artifacts. So make sure you go through the positives and negative aspects of the projector so it is easier for you to finalize your projector according to your needs and requirements. - Check Prices Button Red