Are Standing Desk Bad For You?

Are Standing Desk Bad For You? - Bill Lentis Media


Studies have shown varying results when it comes to the benefits of standing desks – Amazon. Some of the benefits associated with standing desk might be overblown. The widely accepted study on the number of calories burnt when comparing sitting to standing, showed just a slightly difference between the two, with standing burning just a little more calories than sitting. On the other hand, prolong standing itself has been associated with many health problems. From lower back pain to varicose veins, etc. So are standing desk just an over-hyped product and in actual is bad for us?

Undoubtedly, the best option to stay healthy is by moving our body throughout the day. Do regular exercise, walk and involve in healthy physical activities. But the problem is that many office jobs involves sitting at a stationary position for hours. So what is the best option for these types of employees, to stay seated? See what the best standing desk – Click Here.

Standing Desk Can Be Good Under Certain Work Environment

Doing anything for excessive period can turn out to be harmful for our health. It is important to maintain the balance in our lives, whether it is sitting, standing, walking or exercise. When we are working at an office or place where we have limited movement options, like working in front of a monitor screen, to stay healthy we have to maintain the balance to avoid sitting or standing too much. Standing desk provides us that leverage and balance. By using a sit-stand desk we can alternate between sitting and standing to avoid too much of both. See the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 review – Website. Also look at best bamboo standing desks More Info.

Some of The Benefits Standing Desk Can Provide In Sedentary job

Here are some of the benefits that standing desk can provide in sedentary job:
• Will help you avoid sitting for prolong periods. But it is important to maintain the balance between sitting and standing. Also take necessary breaks for walking and exercise.
• Studies suggest that standing can make you more productive, when compared to sitting. It also improves mental health and can reduce work-related anxiety.
• Standing encourages body movement. It is more likely that you naturally take a few steps around your table or stretch your body while standing.
• You can even do some exercise while using a standing desk without gaining too much attention from your coworkers.
• You can also use treadmill and balance board while using a standing desk; Amazon treadmill. This will increase your physical activity and body balancing.

Also Make Sure To

• Find optimal height for standing desk according to your body structure.
• Stand with proper body posture.
• Avoid standing on hard surface and don’t wear uncomfortable shoes.
• Don’t stand for prolong periods.

Final Thoughts

It might be possible that some of the benefits associated with standing desk are exaggerated, but it still might be a better option when compared to prolong sitting. The most important, that it can help you avoid sedentary lifestyle which is linked with many health risks, as standing can encourage body movement. Always alternate between sitting and standing, take breaks for walking and exercise to stay healthy.