PPC Advertising-Hire Or DIY

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PPC is the way to the future for every business; small or giant. Digital advertising may be a new concept for you, but for those who know about it, they know how challenging and constantly changing it can be. When it comes to handling a PPC advertising campaign, there are two choices for you; you can either do it yourself or hire someone else to do it.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both hiring a professional and doing it yourself. You should consider both options and make the best choice according to the financial resources you have and the needs of your marketing campaign. A PPC marketing campaign is a type of digital advertising that could make your company visible or if implemented wrong, cost you a lot of money.


When you open YouTube, there are so many tutorials about how you can do different things. However, it is not easy to understand PPC marketing and how to run it, through just a tutorial. This is why you need to consider both the benefits and drawbacks of these two options.

The DIY usually works for those businesses, which have the resources to carry out research about their target audience, the kinds of ads they should make and the keywords that they should use. DIY also works for those, who know how to use effective marketing techniques, to grow exposure, sales and profit of their business. However, when businesses don’t have the resources, the expertise or even the time to run a PPC digital marketing campaign on their own, then they need to seek professional help from someone they know is good in the market, or someone who has already worked for another company and has good references.

Pros And Cons Of DIY

If you have decided to carry out the PPC campaign in-house, then following are the pros and cons of the option:


• When you choose someone from within the marketing management, then you know that they already have knowledge about the target audience of the company, as well as the products and services. This means that you can save time, which you would have spent otherwise in explaining them everything.
• Being inside the organization, the person you have chosen will get to sit in meetings and will have a general idea about what is the problem, the opportunities that he can grab when it comes to PPC marketing, and how much budget is available for this technique.


• It is not necessary that someone within the management can handle added responsibilities and might be overloaded as well.
• PPC managers are often given the added tasks of handling other marketing techniques as well, like SEO and email marketing, which means they won’t be able to fully focus on PPC marketing.
• DIY would mean that the manager has to be a jack of all, which would not leave any room for specialization.
• The person has to be given training, they should be in a long-term commitment with the company and the company might require additional headcount as well.

Hire An Agency

When you are hiring someone to run the PPC campaign for you, then following can be the pros and cons of this action:


• When you seek the services of a PPC agency, then you are getting help from a source that is an expert in this field.
• They know the importance of PPC and have a much better perspective on what they are doing.
• They know the advertising platforms that are suitable for your business and can use this knowledge to get better access for you.
• You don’t have to pay additional salaries and benefits to agencies, like you have to do with employees that you give responsibility to.


• The communication process can be a problem because the client might want to keep a constant flow of communication with the agency.
• On the other hand, the agency might face the same problem, as the client might not be quick in answering their queries.
• If you have picked the wrong agency and it doesn’t deliver, then you might actually lose a lot of money, both in the PPC ads and the fee that you have to pay the agency.

How Does PPC Work?

PPC ads are placed online; it can be a text banner or an ad message that appears on a website. When you search for something on Google, Bing or Yahoo, you might see PPC ads; they can also be seen nowadays on social networking websites. If you click on the ad, then the business has to pay for that click. The main factor behind these ads are the keywords, which means that when you type in specific words, if these words are used in a PPC campaign, then a relevant ad will pop up on your screen.

Significance Of Keywords

Keywords act like a bridge between the customer and the business. There are certain customers who are more likely to engage with a brand, as compared to other customers and they are called the target market. If you know the keywords that would work best with your target market, and which will put your ad in front of them, then those keywords will pave the path for the success of the PPC marketing campaign.

It is not an easy task to find out the best advertising strategy for your PPC campaign, because you need good technology to gather data and find out the best consumers. When data are collected, it needs to be analyzed, either by experts or by a software. This could be a really effective process for businesses who want to connect with their customers and make them more aware of the products and services that they offer.

You can’t just place an ad and forget about it, in PPC marketing, you need to give your full attention, time and concentration, which is why most companies want to outsource their PPC marketing campaigns.