Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes

Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes -


Pay Per Click or PPC has many benefits, if implemented right. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways to generate income online, a unique and effective way to advertise to your target market and a really good way to increase traffic to your website. Despite its benefits, people don’t make an effort to actually understand the strategies that make or break a PPC campaign. If you run a campaign that is based on wrong strategies, then you are going to lose money. If you make mistakes and don’t understand the basic concepts of PPC, then it won’t be an effective marketing campaign and will dry out your budget, very quickly, without giving you any good results.

If people are not able to find your website, with the keywords they choose to search your products and businesses, then the whole PPC campaign won’t work. There are different mistakes that marketers make when they implement PPC in their marketing model and this article will tell you about the mistakes and how you can best avoid them.

The Landing Page And Its Optimization

A significant element of PPC is optimization, and it is important to make use of it, like marketers does for any other marketing campaign. The landing page of a brand is very important, which is why changing it can either reduce sales or increase them. If the landing page is not properly optimized, which means that the user can’t find it as appropriate keywords have not been used, then that would be a mistake. A marketer won’t be able to run an effective PPC campaign this way.

Irrelevant Ads

A good marketer knows what ad-copy is and that they should not be making an ad-copy, which is irrelevant to their targeted market or niche audience. Thus, unwanted visitors and the audience you didn’t target, visit your page. You’re spending so much money, and in the end you get visitors who wouldn’t even buy your product or service.

Firstly, a good marketer needs to create an interesting and good ad-copy. Secondly, he should make sure that the ad-copy is relevant to the business of the brand and thirdly, the ad-copy should be optimized. This way, only those visitors who are interested in your products and services will visit your website and you will benefit from the PPC campaign.


Once marketers have made a PPC ad campaign, they need to check it and keep track of it as well. If they don’t monitor it on a daily basis, then the brand is most likely to lose money. Marketers should constantly monitor the sales that the ads have generated, the keywords they use and their effectiveness, and how many people have actually visited the website and converted into customers.

For this purpose, to make things easier for marketers, Google has a tool called Google Analytics and it can tell you statistics related to your PPC campaign. If marketers keep in check the activities and results of the PPC campaign, and then they will be able to control it better.

Relevant Keywords

The most important thing in PPC marketing is the use of relevant keyword. A keyword is important in both PPC and SEO, and such a simple task can go wrong, if marketers don’t carry out the appropriate research. Marketers need to use specific keywords, which define the company’s products and services. Don’t use generic keywords because they might take your target audience to company that sells similar products and services and not your website. Your PPC campaign will not work this way and you will also lose money. Use the right keyword and you can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your PPC campaign.

Audience Of Adverts

The reason why most brands prefer to use PPC, is because it gives them the chance to place their products in specific places, where they know their target audience will visit. If they place their ads in the right place, after doing thorough research on what their target market likes to search for, then this would help you advertise to the right people. Your ads and money won’t go to waste, because the target market will visit your website and you will be able to generate sales.

However, if you have not done any research on your target market, then the PPC campaign won’t work.

Quality Score Maintenance

When you have created an account with Google AdWords, because you want to run a PPC marketing campaign, then you should also put in effort to maintain quality score. Most marketers don’t do that, and they run a low quality PPC campaign; the quality of the score depends on the keywords that you use in the PPC campaign and how well those keywords perform. Thus, not caring about a quality score or trying to maintain it, can result in money loss.

Homepage Visitors

When you are running a PPC marketing campaign, you can’t use the homepage as a landing page, because the homepage is usually generic. The keywords that you use on your website’s homepage are not specific, and you need specific words for your PPC ads.

This means that when you are getting visitors from PPC ads, make sure that they don’t land on the homepage, but on a relevant page. For example, if you are selling a purse, then the visitor should be directed to a specific page, where they can see the price and specifications of the purse, as it will ensure call-to-action. Another good idea here is to link the keyword to articles, or even blogs written about products and services. Don’t make the mistake of linking your visitors to the homepage, when they click on an advert.

PPC marketing campaigns are not easy to run and you need to manage them properly and must have the relevant knowledge. If you avoid mistakes, then a PPC campaign can bring success to your business.