Performance Assessment Of Content Promotion When Using Social Media

Performance Assessment Of Content Promotion When Using Social Media -



The main aim of using social media to promote a brand’s content is to generate traffic so as to increase content visibility thus leading to an increase in the sales conversion rates. It is always about attracting and converting relevant audiences for the success of your business. A lot of resources and time is spent on content promotion on the social media platforms. This creates an urge to analyze existing promotion strategies and establishing a promotion strategy that will be effective enough. There is a need to figure out how effective your tireless efforts are leading to conversions.

Businesses should analyze how effective existing strategies have been in the generation of positive results and how they can acquire useful promotion tactics from their own SMO. BUZZSUMO is a useful tool that collects and exports lists of pages ever shared on any social media network. The most important page content can then be looked for. The search can be narrowed down to specific sub-directories from the entire brand website. Google analytics is used for compilation and exporting of lists for all the pages that attracted traffic at any time. To be able to tell whether social channels are leading to sales is what leads to an urge for the analysis of social pages performance. There ought to be an increase in the user’s numbers. A simple strategy comes in handy whether a marketing campaign is small or big. Social networks differ from each other and thus there is need for adjustment of the framework for the brand’s marketing strategies from one platform to another. The promotional approaches/ strategies include;

Traffic Analysis

To be able to successfully analyze traffic and prepare a social media spread sheet used in auditing. For the specific media channels for tracking, create spreadsheets. Analyzing will happen individually for every channel. Google sheets are the most appropriate tools for traffic analysis. A thorough analysis of current and past content that has been promoted is essential as it even shows the results due to current efforts being undertaken. Content promotion is not an overnight process but a time consuming, ever evolving and continuous process that requires constant monitoring for its success. Always ensure you first prepare a collection containing content pages for analysis. Convening content pages to be analyzed simplifies work to be done. Filtering pages ensures only relevant pages are analyzed. Trend analysis is about analyzing social shares and trends. Things to be measured and analyzed include; how well has the brand content been promoted on the social channels, number of people who have an idea on your brand and traffic generated. The more the shared content, the more number of re-tweets, shares, comments and likes. Simply more content posting out to translate to high traffic. At times, a particular article can attract high number or impressions and myriad interaction yet it generates minimum traffic. Individual analysis of social channels gives an accurate report on the content attracting more traffic and what is usually shared whenever people are on social sites.

Investigation Of Follower’s Behavior And Growth

Visit every social site and check the exact followers available. Analytics for social media provide better insights on followers and their growth. The follower’s numbers, growth rate and behavior is tracked with ease and proper actions can be put in place to ensure the appropriate improvements are made to yield an upward trend curve. Where tracking of individual channel is challenging, CYFE is a proper tool that monitors follower growth for top social sites all at once.

Spotting Traffic Unevenness

Every top social media network contains in-built analytics that show cases total number of the impressions that your content received. Impressions in this particular case refer to number of human beings that pay a visit to your brand’s social media posts and content. The in-built analytics are important in figuring out the total traffic amount in a given period of time. Google console collects pages that earn impressions on the Google network over a given time period. Twitter analytics collects the twitter impressions. A graph is used to show network lows or highs on any given day. The graph tend is then looked into, so as to establish the cause for either low or high traffic for a particular period. For instance, if on a specific day the twitter accounts generates more traffic than previous days, and on the particular day your post content was more than your normal posting in the twitter account, it would simply imply that increasing your content posting will lead to generation of more traffic.

Examination Of User Engagement

An increase in follower’s figures and traffic ought to translate to a high user engagement. It would otherwise be unuseful to have an increase in total impressions numbers. Applause rate ad amplification rate shows the rate of user engagement on your content. Amplification rate entails number of re-tweets and re-shares on any given post while applause rate is about the re-pins, re-tweets, comments and likes on the post. A good follower engagement is where a follower likes the content you shared, re-shared it and has genuine interest in the content you have been sharing. Appropriate measures can be laid down so as to improve current situations. The viewer comments provide the most valuable insight in making improvements and enforcing change and better content creation. The analytics for social media are important in finding out number of traffic and click on the brand’s post. Furthermore, not every click results in traffic generation. If the discrepancy between traffic and clicks number is very high, it is important to establish the main cause for such a discrepancy.


Performance evaluation is a procedure that consumes time, but evaluation is always essential for a brand. A digital marketing team is useful as it takes care of performance evaluation at any given time. In the absence of a digital marketing team, hiring of digital marketers is always available to chip in and assist in assessment of the content performance on the social media sites. Knowing the accurate information on data to be promoted is an effective promotion strategy for your brand. The process is time consuming but it’s worth the patience as you can tell what works and doesn’t work for your business. There are several tools that simplify performance evaluation thus saving on time and resources. The most important goal in any marketing campaign is attraction and conversion of relevant audience.