Facebook Videos Insights: A Way To Understand Your Content

Facebook Videos Insights A Way To Understand Your Content - BillLentis.com


If you are a social media marketer, by now you would have known that Facebook gives high priority to the video content over the other type of content that is available online. Similarly, the video content is important for generating higher attention from the customer’s point of view as well. Considering both of these perspectives, you should include the videos in your paid advertisements too. As they would help in creating better reach and more engagement, which would ultimately lead to better lead generation. The best thing is getting videos as your paid ads are not at all difficult. You need to provide the specific video, provide the Meta description and title for the video along with the call to action for getting the best result

The video content is known to grab more attention from the audience of the video and the ability of this content to keep the interest level of the audience high is the most important aspect. However, in the worst case, your videos might be getting more views but it might not be generating the required lead towards your business. This is actually one of the not wanted scenarios in the marketing. How can you actually measure this aspect?

Facebook provides information about your videos in the statistics and insights section. In these insights, you can get to know the time for which the videos are viewed by your audience. By this, you can manage the content of your video marketing advertisements and adapt it to generate more customers for your business. Getting used to of these insights section of your videos can get you better results as they provide you with the way to improve your content. Some of the important insights that you can use for this purpose are highlighted below.

Retention Of Audience

The statistics related to the retention of videos are included in this statistic. Precisely, the following things are measured in this metrics:

1. View time of your videos on average
2. Total number of views that each of your videos has received, considering the first 28 days of the upload
3. Viewers who have watched a particular video for at least 30 sec or till the end

This metrics is important in knowing that how are your videos performing on Facebook. And in turn, use these statistics for generating better videos. Didn’t get it? Let us explain it to you with the help of an example. For example, if the view time of your video is decreasing by 30% each month, then you must know that your audience does not like longer videos and you’ll have to make a shorter but compelling view for the purpose of lead generation.

This is not the only type of information that you can get through the video insights section. You can also know that the viewership of your videos has been decreased in the middle of your videos. Considering this information, you know that your video is not engaging and you’ll have to work on it for making it enough compelling for your audience to view it till the end before they can take the required action.

In the future, the audience retention metrics are expected to be added with more information, which can even enhance the level of your information regarding your videos, which will be helpful in getting the results that you aim at. However, up till, now these discussed statistics are the only available statistics in this section.

Followers Of The Page

Another metrics that can provide you with a high level of information is the number of followers who have watched a particular video and the number of non-followers. Such a metrics can be helpful in identifying the target audience of the video to which it is reaching and comparison can be made with the audience that is expected to be reached.

Zoom Chart

With the help of Zoom Chart in the Facebook video statistics section of your Facebook page, you can get a closer look at the scene wise statistics of your videos. You can evaluate the level of engagement that comes with special moments of the videos. With this information, you can create more engaging content for your audience as by these statistics, you’ll be aware that which of the emotions are actually helpful in relating your business concept with the audience.

Demographic Of The Audience

One of the basic metrics that are available in the Facebook video insights is the demographic scrutiny of the audience. The gender, age, location are some of the variables that can be evaluated. You can find whether you have more male views on your videos or more female ones. Based on this data, you can optimize your video to generate the best results.

We realize that the creation of content is a complex job, which requires to keep various aspects under consideration. When these complex tasks get help with the real-time statistics from the target audience, you can definitely generate better content, which can ultimately get you closer to achieving your objectives.

Additionally, each video has a specific time frame in which it can remain relevant or engaging. After that time span or in the golden age, it gets difficult for the video to grab the attention. So, at this stage knowing what your customers are actually looking for can be helpful in creating the right content.

All this information can be helpful in managing your Facebook marketing whether you are looking after your own business marketing strategy or if you have hired or outsourced any marketing company for this purpose. So, you should actually retail all this information and implement it to get better results for your business.