Owning A Domain Name

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When you start a business, you do so with the intention of earning profit. For this, you need to attract consumer attention towards your own products and services that you advertise on your website. Thus, you need a domain name for your website and you need to buy the domain name. The domain name gives you ownership of a website, just like real estate gives you ownership of a property. If you have secured a location on the internet, then it will be possible for your potential and existing customers to find you and find more about the products and services that you sell.

The online image that you establish of your business or brand, should be unique, because that is what attracts customers and serves as a basis for your success.

Domain Name

A domain name can be described as a method through which IP addresses can be identified. A domain name has suffixes, which shows their top-level domains, or TLDs. The different TLDs that we see, when we serve the internet are as follows: .net, .ca, ,th, .org, .edu, .gov

Domain names can also be compared to phone numbers. They give your business the opportunity to stay memorable in the mind of the consumers. You need to have a domain name that can be easily spelled and one which isn’t hard to remember.

When you have a domain name, then this means that your IP address isn’t visible. However, this may not be the case for every internet user.

Categories Of Top-Level Domains

There are different categories of Top-level domains, which are described below:

Under Infrastructure TLD comes Address and Routing Parameter Area, or ARPA. This is the only category that comes under Infrastructure TLD

Under Generic TLD, also called gTLDF, comes ‘.edu’ and ‘,com’ which are very famous. Many of us are familiar with these TLDs, because of how frequently they appear on the address bars of different websites. ‘.edu’ is reserved for education related websites.

Under the County Code TLD or ccTLD come the initials for any country. The name of a country is assigned two letters like ‘.us’ refers to the United States, which means that website is US based or contains US content specifically. Another example of such an initial is ‘.ph’, which refers to the Philippines.

Under Sponsored TLD or sTLD, comes website addresses which are managed by private organizations. This is a category which is monitored by IANA, Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. These domain sponsors can belong to ethnic communities or even a geographical location. For example, .aero is a sponsored Top Level Domain and the sponsor is SITA. Another example is .post, and the sponsor for it is the Universal Postal Union.

Importance Of A Domain Name

There are many reasons as to why you would need a domain name. The most important one is that it gives recognition to your business. Following are some of the other reasons:

• You need to make yourself known and develop an online presence, which would give your business a competitive edge over others. When you have a domain name, your control over your online presence strengthens. For example, if someone is upset over your business, then you have control over your content and that could help you in making sure that they are not able to discredit your business.

• When people search something about your company, then you are able to control what they back in their search results. When someone enters your domain name into a search engine, then they are able to access your website. Your website will provide them with the content that you want them to see, which is why you should make your domain name a memorable one.

• When you have a domain name, then you can make sure that your customers see only those things that would positively impact the reputation of your business. You wouldn’t want the customers to see a drunken or an inappropriate photo of yourself or a photo that an angry customer posted on the internet, targeting your business. Make sure that you pick a domain name, which is easy to remember so that the customer directly reaches your website and doesn’t have to extend his research.

Domain Information

If you want to buy a domain name, then you can get it easily and would have to pay for it annually, as low as 11 USD. If you have registered your domain name with credible registrars like GoDaddy.com, then you get other benefits with your domain name as well. These benefits include the following:

1. Email Address
2. Control Over Online Presence

The money you spend on registering your domain name is worth every penny, because you are making your business visible to others. If you think that the domain name is not giving you any benefits, then you don’t have to pay for it and just let it expire or you can sell it to someone.

However, even though it sounds simple, people register domain names for a business, and it can get expensive because of the profit wars. To protect yourself from scams or overpricing, you need to look for domain registrars, who don’t take advantage of people, that are registering their domain name online. If you get the right domain name and handle it right, then it can contribute a lot towards your success. The key is to decide on a name that is memorable, so consumers don’t have to type the name of your brand, every time they want to visit your website.

A domain name can be used for the purpose of raising awareness about a business and for also telling consumers and customers that the business is tech savvy. Chose a domain name that sounds creative and unique and then buy it as soon as possible, before someone else buys it. Purchase a domain name, because it is what you need as a building block to success.