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If you are new to the world of digital marketing, then the first thing that you need to know about Is SEO or search engine optimization. It is the process through which you attract traffic to your website, for free. You do this with the help of quality content and with the use of effective keywords.

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the three major search engines used worldwide. As web pages have videos, content and images, these three elements are ranked on the basis of how relevant they are.

Guide to Optimization

If you want to SEO the content that you have posted on your webpage, then there are some things that you need to know:


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If you want to attract people to your website through search, then you need to research about keywords before you write content. You will be then, able to focus on the keywords that are already used by people when they search for something. You should write about things that people want to learn more about or are searching about.


When you have researched for keywords, then you need to know how to use those specific keywords, to increase search ability.

Organization Of Content

The organization of content on every web page should be logical. If it is not organized in a logical way, then it will impact SEO but also, it will be very irritating for the visitors of your website. If it is in a logical order, then visitors would be able to find the content that they desire easily and they will also stay for a longer period of time on your website.


If you want to make the content that you post on your website more visible, then you should share it on social networking websites, and try to build your links for both internal use and external use.

If you don’t know how to use SEO content or how to make your website more visible, then you should seek the services of a Dallas SEO expert, who can help you in this scenario.

Why Chose A Dallas SEO Expert?

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If your company wants to save money, and is operating in Dallas, then they would be opposed to hiring a Dallas SEO expert. However, the thing that any marketer would do here, is to make the company realize, the importance of hiring an SEO expert and why a company need SEO content, to make their company visible. A marketer needs to highlight, how using SEO can increase traffic to a website, and attract attention of customers.

Benefits Of SEO

The benefits of SEO marketing are as follows:

• The people who are searching for products and service online, will come across your business as well, if you are using SEO
• If you are posting quality content, then SEO will pull in quality traffic as well; you don’t have to advertise and spend money on persuading people to purchase your products or services
• When people come to your website, they are not always customers, but some are just visitors, who want to know about you. If you keep your content informative and useful, then SEO will drive traffic to your website, and you will be able to convert your visitors into customers
• SEO is not just something that is used in articles or talked about over and over; it is actually something very useful. It can increase your sales and increase your profits as well
• Who doesn’t like free advertising? You should! SEO is free and if it is used in an effective way, then this free marketing can totally help you attract customers
• If you have a good SEO standing, then you don’t have to place advertisements on different websites. You don’t even have to adopt the method of pay per click
• If you make use of SEO effectively, then the search engines that people use most of the time will provide your website with good rankings. This means, that even when you are sleeping or out of office, SEO is still promoting your business because search engines will be showing your web address in the search results
• When people want to know about something, what do they do? They search Google because they trust Google. So, if you are able to get a good Google ranking, then the visitors will also trust your website and it will generate more traffic

Hiring An Expert

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It is not necessary that the marketing team of a company has the time or the expertise to adopt SEO marketing. Some companies may want external help, or they might have heard of companies that offer such services to customers.

The first thing that a company needs to see before hiring an expert is whether the expert has experience or not. Secondly, they need to see if the expert worked for a competitor or if there is any conflict of interest. Marketing is an important aspect of a business, because it sets the image of a business in the mind of the customer. If the marketing fails to set a good image, then the products and services of a company won’t get much attention and the company will suffer.

Further, the company needs to see if the Dallas SEO expert has any sort of expertise in the industry where the business runs. For example, if a company wants to hire an SEO expert, and they run a business of cosmetics, they won’t be hiring an SEO expert, who has experience in selling chemicals to private practices and hospitals, because these are two different jobs. Thus, a company needs to see whether the SEO expert is suitable for the company or not. You should read more about cost in SEO.

Skills That An SEO Expert Should Have

You are hiring an SEO expert because you want to make your website visible. However, before hiring an SEO expert, you should make a list of the areas that your candidate should have expertise in:

• They should know about keyword research, its importance and how to conduct a research
• They should have the skill to study traffic and analyze what is wrong with it or what the company is doing right
• They should know how to split-test similar pages
• They should be able to build natural backlinks, because they are important in a website
• They should have the ability to analyze the competitors of a client
• They should know how to maximize exposure of a company, when it comes to local search
• They should know how to develop call for action; how to tell people what they should do with the things they have read on the website, like buy a product or use a service
• They should know how to work and collaborate with writers and designers, which will be part of their team
• They should know programming in both HTML and PHP
• They should have knowledge about WordPress and Joomla and how to use these two tools for SEO
• They should also have the ability to create strategies that would give a good ranking to the website
• They should have the knowledge of researching the latest practices that SEO experts adopt, and must also have knowledge about the guidelines that Google puts forward for SEO experts

What Does An SEO Expert Do

It is obvious that an SEO expert handles the SEO side of the business, where he focuses on how he can use SEO to increase exposure of the business products and services and attract attention of potential customers. However, there are many other things that can be said as the responsibilities of an SEO expert, and they are as follows:

• They check the content quality that is posted on the website and then analyze how customers interact with that content
• They research about keywords, observe customer behavior and then find out the best keywords for clients
• They deal with page errors, that may occur because of a coding problem or due to sudden traffic
• They deal with those pages that take too much time to load; if pages take too much time to load, then the visitors will feel annoyed and won’t visit the website again
• SEO experts assess those websites, which provide a link to their client’s website; they check the quality of those links. The quality of links is important because if a website sends traffic to the client’s website and it goes to a broken page, then the client’s business would get a bad reputation and no website will post their link again
• SEO experts look for violations of guidelines and rules that are set by search engines; they do such a thing so that their client doesn’t have to pay penalty
• They also monitor factors like the page authority, the domain name of the page and its authority and the other relevant metrics. More info about what does an SEO person do – Click Here .

Traits That An SEO Expert Should Have

Traits That An SEO Expert Should Have - BillLentis.com
The skills that an SEO expert should have, are discussed above. Say, you are a business operating in Dallas, and you need a Dallas SEO agency. You need to know about the traits that an SEO expert should possess. Following are some of the traits discussed, that an SEO expert should have. Know that the traits discussed below should not be the only ones that a company should look for. They should see their own needs and the nature of their business, before making a recruitment decision.

• SEO is all about the content that a client has on their website; this is why an SEO content expert should be able to write quality content, that should be targeted towards customers, both potential and existing
• What makes a web page appealing? It is the content! But, there are different types of content. An SEO expert should know how to add photos and videos, to make a webpage appealing and engaging. If someone is visiting the client’s website, they should find the videos and pictures interesting enough to see all of them
• Keywords are important in SEO, which is why the SEO expert should know how to use keywords, like in the titles in an article and the paragraphs. Keywords are usually found in the first paragraph
• SEO experts should know how to optimize a website on mobile; mobiles are used more frequently than desktops, because of ease of access. This is why web pages should load at a normal speed on mobile phones
• SEO experts should have the trait of assessing backlinks, building them into quality backlinks and that too from credible sources
• SEO experts should have the ability to create citations, so that they can make the local presence of the business stronger
• They should be able to attract traffic towards the website of the client, from different sources on the web
• They should also be able to make authoritative content, which can be easily read by visitors

The main quality every SEO expert should have, is the quality to collaborate with other people. It is obvious that an SEO expert doesn’t work alone, and would be working with writers and designers, to make the presence of a company known to other customers.

A strong SEO expert should be comfortable in running independent research and updating algorithms, according to the updates of the Google SEO guidelines. SEO experts need to be up-to-date about everything. They should know about the business of the client, and should know about the nature of the customers.

Technical Points


During an SEO based project, there are many things that an SEO expert needs to look for. Firstly, an SEO expert needs to analyze the importance of links. There are links that take visitors to a brand’s business, and then there are links that are found on the main webpage of a business, and takes the visitor to another website. All these links should be of quality, because they impact the reputation of the website.

Good Ranking

Secondly, they should know what can be done on a website, to help it get a good ranking from Google. Not only that, they should know what can be done off the web page, that can help with ranking. If Google gives a website good ranking, then it will appear on the top of search results. It is common knowledge that when people search for something, they hardly go further than the first page of the search results.

Content Marketing

Being an SEO expert is not easy, if the SEO expert doesn’t understand the importance of content marketing. Content marketing is famous nowadays, because every web page has content in it, but the pain point of content marketing is to make that content unique, creative, informative and helpful.


Further, SEO is also about how marketers can use social media accounts to promote a website. For example, if a business has made a website about parenting classes, they would promote that website on Facebook, because it is used by adults and parents as well. When they share their page on social networking websites, then they are providing exposure to their business as well. However, each social media platform’s content should be tailored according to how content is viewed on that platform. For example, on Instagram, the content is usually viewed in the shape of videos and pictures. On Twitter, people usually pay attention to links and tweets.

Pay-Per Click

Pay-Per Click marketing is a way through which marketers promote a business and encourage customers to visit their website. However, in SEO, pay-per click marketing doesn’t hold much value, and SEO experts should look to see if it is worth continuing or will SEO fulfill all the marketing needs of a business.

Lastly, SEO marketers should know how they can take advantage of different SEO trends, like the latest video SEO trend. They can provide exposure to a business through videos, because it is a very effective method.

Different Types Of SEO Content

An SEO expert should know about the different kinds of SEO content, because text is not the only. The following are some of the types, that SEO experts should increase their knowledge about.

Product Pages

In this page, the products of a company are listed and this page is very important, because it shows what the business sells. Thus, this page will contain description about the products, in detail or concise. These descriptions, if the right keywords are used, can prove to be part of SEO content, and it can be used as a PPC landing page.


Blogs are small articles, that contain pictures and text in a way, that it makes it easier for a visitor to read and retain information. Blogs are the easiest way for an SEO expert to create content, because they are very engaging. When people look for blogs, they leave comments under the blogs, because they want to engage with the writers and let them know what they think about the content that has been posted. This is why, content quality is important because it encourages people to discuss their feelings and thoughts.

Blogs can be a great way to build authority for a website. These blogs should be linked to the products of the company, which means these links would be within the website and won’t come from external websites.


When it comes to articles, the best part is that you can use keywords, that would give your website more exposure and attract traffic towards it. An article can be a news article, an interview or a feature piece. You can conduct an interview with some customers about how they feel regarding a particular product that they have used. On the other hand, you can do a feature piece, which would focus on one of the creators of the business, who has worked hard to achieve success.


Lists are like articles, but they have catchy headings like, “10 things you should know about SEO writing”. The reason why people are more attracted towards these headings is because they won’t get bored reading 10 things, that are listed in an understandable way. Such titles also appeal to a user more, and are more clickable.


If you are in the business of providing hiking gear to people, then your SEO content expert should put up guides on the website, explaining to users in detail, how they can buy gear, where should they hike and the steps they should avoid when hiking. You can post a summary on your website, or give people an excerpt of it, and if they do want to know more, then they should sign up.This will give you the details of your customers that you can use. Also, you should split that guide into two parts and must give visitors a direct link that will take them elsewhere. If you have problems with website traffic, then this is the best solution.

Last Word

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The above requirements of a good Dallas SEO expert, or an expert in general, will give you a good idea about who you should hire. Make the right choice, because if SEO is done effectively and efficiently, then your business will benefit a lot.

However, when you hire someone, don’t expect them to give results right away. Getting results from SEO content marketing takes time, because you have to establish a website and give it proper exposure. SEO content marketing is easy, but it needs patience and effort.

Find an SEO expert, who is hard working and has expertise in dealing with SEO before as well. You don’t want someone who doesn’t understand SEO and just want to waste your time and resources. You should provide your SEO content expert with the appropriate resources that he needs in order to get the job done, and this includes a good team that collaborate with him on different projects and help him all the way.