2019 Best Nespresso Machines On The Market

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Getting the best Nespresso in the morning doesn’t have to be hard. It also doesn’t have to be expensive either. Save yourself the journey and cash by getting yourself one of the best Nespresso machines currently on the market. We understand that you may not have all the time or money to test out ever espresso machine on the market. This is why we have made it our mission to make the process easier for you by giving you our top three picks. This way you will always get the right shot of Nespresso.

If you are familiar with the Keurig then you are may already know how to use your new Nespresso machine. Espresso shots can be created using the specially created cups that contain just enough coffee at exactly the right grind level for the perfect cup of Nespresso every-time. The machine creates this perfect shot of espresso by utilizing hot water that has been boiled to the point of steaming and a 19-bar pressure pump.

We’ve given you this piece of information to simply say that all Nespresso machines work this way. However, only one Nespresso machine is able to do it the best and of course, it is #1 on this list. This Nespresso machine beats out the others in every category and even boasts some additional features. Very soon you could be starting your own little coffee shop in your kitchen just by using this coffee machine.

Nespresso Machines Ratings And Comparisons

1. The Citiz with Milk Container is ranked number 1 on this list and for good reasons. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and can heat up in as little as 25 seconds. It comes equipped with a frother which is great for that perfect cup. The water tank is able to hold 34 ounces and the used capsule container can hold up to 11 capsules before it needs to be emptied.
2. The Pixie is ranked number 2 on this list. It has 4.5 stars on Amazon and also takes 25 – 30 seconds for the machine to heat up. Unlike the first option, it does not come equipped with a frother or any other milk options. Its water tank is also smaller holding only 24 ounces of water. It also has a slightly smaller used capsule container. Holding only 10 capsules just one less than the number 1 choice.
3. The Evoluo is number 3 on this list. It has a 4-star review on Amazon and heats up faster than the other machines on this list. It is able to heat up in 15 – 20 seconds. It comes with no milk options so unfortunately there is no frother. Its water tank is also one of the largest on this list being able to hold 40 ounces. It’s also able to hold up to 20 used capsule containers. This means you could go almost a month without changing your capsule containers.

What Is The Process For Choosing Which Nespresso Machines Is The Best?

You may be thinking ‘why do I need to compare Nespresso machines? They all do the same thing.’ Well, that’s both true and false. Yes, they all make Espresso but how it is done and there are added features that may be beneficial to your cup. These are all things that we like to take into consideration when choosing a Nespresso machine.

Of course, a number one priority to us and to you is the quality of the cup is made. Does it even taste good? Obviously, you did not come to this list to make a mediocre cup of coffee. Only the best of the best is good enough. It needs to have a consistent flavor with every cup that is made, not burnt and definitely not water down. Now, it is important to understand that your Nespresso machine may not be able to make your cup the exact way that your favorite barista might but it will be able to come close. Bear in mind that the coffee capsules will favor a slight burning taste by nature. That is not a drawback on the machine’s part.

Being able to customize your espresso machine is also something we look at. Most machines tend to be very simple. However, there are a few that offer a few additional features. These additional features help to create a different experience depending on the user.

How many used capsules a machine can store is also something you may want to consider when choosing an espresso machine. This will tell you if the machine is good for just personal use or if maybe you could use it in your office as well. A Nespresso machine that is only able to hold 11 cups may not be suitable for office use but may be just fine for use at home.

Of course, you may be looking at buying a Nespresso machine because of you tired of waiting in line at the coffee shop just to get your coffee. This means speed is very important to you. We have made sure that all the machines on this list stand firm on their claims of how fast they make your coffee. Espresso shots usually only take maximum 30 mins to heat up, however, a regular cup of coffee may just take 15 seconds. This is around the same time span of the Keurig machines.

We also have to take into consideration the maintenance of the machine. How easy it is to clean, do you need to take it apart, can the pieces be cleaned in the dishwasher? Nespresso machines are typically meant to stay at home but you should still maintain them. Models that are able to self-clean and are easy to disassemble are models we typically prefer.

Reasons To Purchase A New Espresso Machine

No lines! Ready and easy espresso made right int he comfort of your home. You will be able to make espresso right in your pajamas. Of course, there is a range of other espresso machines not the market. However, none is as affordable and easy to use as a Nespresso machine. Not only are you saving time int he morning by not having to wait in lines but your also saving money too. Some Nespresso machines may also help you resolve disputes if you find that you’re in love with espresso but someone in your household may not be.

Also buying refills for your new Nespresso machine will be a breeze. Nespresso clubs allow you to get your refills when you need them. You are able to choose from a variety of beans and flavors and we suggest you take advantage of this opportunity to find what works best for you. You never know what you will be able to find. Brand loyalty is always important with your Nespresso machine as you never want to void your warranty.

#1 Choice – The Citz

The Citz - BillLentis.com
Price: $199.99 | Heat time: 25 seconds | Milk: Frother | Water Tank: 34 ounces | Capsule container: 11 capsules

This Nespresso machine comes with absolutely everything you will need to make the perfect cup of espresso. It is also able to create lattes, cappuccinos and any other milk-based coffee beverages. The Citiz machine comes equipped with a mug-like attachment on the back that is heated from the bottom that heats and foams milk that can be used in a variety of other drinks. Lattes are made best by this method but with a little creativity, other drinks can be made as well.

The machine is able to be programmed for espresso and lingo sizes. This is made easy by the 34 ounces water tank that comes equipped with the machine. Large cups can also be made by exposing the second drip tray by folding down the original dip tray.

Depending on how clean your machine determines the size of your shot. This Nespresso machine comes with a setting that allows you to make larger shots. This large shots tens to be a one and a half ounce size. There is no setting for a 3/4 ounce shot however and so ristrettos or tiny shots are a little trickier to make.

The Citiz is one of the most reliable espresso machines on the market. It’s able to heat up quickly and even shuts off after 9 minutes of no use.

Pros And Cons

The Citiz comes equipped with a lot of additional features. Its ability to make virtually any drink you can think of is definable a pro. It’s able to heat up in only 25 seconds and does come equipped with a milk frother. It’s able to hold as much as 34 ounces of water and about 11 capsules. It may not be suitable to smaller spaces though and may come with features a regular person may not want to keep this all in mind.

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#2 Choice – The Pixie

The Pixie - BillLentis.com
Price: $133.12 | Heat time: 25-30 seconds | Milk: None | Water Tank: 24 ounces | Capsule container: 10 capsules

Are you living in a small space? You may not need a large Nespresso machine. The big difference between a Nespresso machine and a traditional espresso machine is the size. Professional espresso machines tend to be much large and complicated to use. Nespresso machines are much smaller and simple to use and the Pixie amplifies this notion. It’s very affordable and fit in the tiniest of the kitchen all while packing a huge punch. It can create 24 ounces of espresso shots and store as much as 10 capsules before it needs to be emptied.

The Pixie is even able to detect when water levels are low or high by using a LED technology. This helps you understand how much ounces of espresso you have left as it is also able to create larger sizes. It is also able to turn off automatically if it is not in use. However, you are not able to make any milk based drinks as this machine does not come with any milk options. Then you will have to make your lattes by other means.

Pros And Cons

This Nespresso machine is more suited to small spaces. It has a LED feature for the water levels and a heating time of 25-30 second. Its water tank is an impressive 24 ounces and can hold as much as 10 capsules. It does not, however, come with a milk option. So if you are looking to make lattes you may not be able to with this machine alone.

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#3 Choice – The Evoluo

The Evoluo - BillLentis.com
Price: $139.00 | Heat time: 15 – 20 seconds | Milk: None | Water Tank: 40 ounces | Capsule Container: 13 – 20 capsules

Do you already have a coffee maker? Maybe this is the reason why you’re so reluctant to purchase that new Nespresso machine. The evoluo is able to make both. Its technology is able to detect a regular coffee capsule from an espresso capsule and adjust the water to compensate for the change.

The large water tank is perfect for taking care of all your coffee needs and its heat up time for coffee is very short. Just ensure you have enough capsules so no one feels left out from the experience.

Pros And Cons

This machine has the ability to create both regular coffee and espresso with a breeze. The water tank is large enough to be used a variety of times before needing a refill. It only takes about 15 – 20 second to heat up and even shorter if you are only making regular coffee. It does not, however, come with a milking option which is important if you’re into drinks like lattes.

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What You Need To Look For In Your Next Nespresso Machine

1. The line

There are two categories to keep in mind when choosing the right Nespresso machine model. Vertuo or Original, it’s important to know which one will fit your life.

One was designed primarily for households. It has both coffee and espresso options but may not come with a milk option. This one is known as the Vertuo. The other one is for those looking to make added drinks like cappuccino and Americano. This one is known as the original and it usually comes with an attachment for milk. With this in mind, it is important to be careful when choosing a machine as not all attachments work with every machine.

2. Drink options Think about whether you may like to have programmable drink options already set into your machine. This is not a feature that you need to have per se but it may be nice. There are some buyers who just want a regular shot of espresso to get through their day. However, some of you may want a way to customize your shot. Maybe you just want to get an even larger shot. The choice is totally your choice. Whatever type of coffee drinker you are may determine the type of machine you purchase.

3. How much can the machine hold? Number 2 on this list can only hold up to 11 capsules before it needs to be emptied. This may be okay if you are the only one in your household that uses the machine. But, what happens if you have a busier family? The typical capacity size is around 11 capsules. So if your household tends to be a little more busy with the machine you may want to look into a bigger model. Nespresso machines come with an easy to use recycling option where users are able to mail in their used cups when arranging for refills to arrive. Water tanks are also something to take into consideration. While a typical household may only need 34 ounces you may want to go with a 40-ounce option if you’re looking to make coffee and espresso.

4. Consistency You want every cup you make to be virtually the same. Same size, temperature, and straining. Just the way your favorite barista always make it. She time in training as made it possible for her to create the shot perfectly every time and now that you’ve made the switch your machine needs to be able to do this too. The good things are capsules are filled virtually precisely to ensure you are getting the same shot every time. However, there are some people that may be thinking of refilling their capsules themselves. Be aware that this may affect the overall quality of your shot and may end with you voiding your machine’s warranty.

5. Design This may not be something that is important to everyone. But if you are worried about the overall design of your kitchen you may be one of the few looking at how these machines are designs. Some machines can be more industrial while others appeal to a more minimalistic feel. All with a different exterior finish such as plastic grates or smooth steel. You may be able to find something that completely matched the overall design of your kitchen.

6. Frother options You may not have a need for a frother. But if you re someone that does like to add milk to your coffee the option to have it hot or cold is something many may like. If you lean more to lattes you probably will need to have a machine that comes with a milk attachment. However, if you like dark coffee or just prefer to pour from the carton then there is no need to purchase on the extra attachment.

What To Avoid When Buying A Nespresso Machine

Spending extra for a feature you won’t use. It’s always great to have options. But if you are someone that prefers mostly regular coffee and regular shots without anything else in it then a milk frother is completely pointless. There is no need to spend the extra money if you prefer dark coffee or would rather pour your milk from a carton.

Not focusing on storage. This is a step you don’t want to miss. It can be very critical for your home. If your house is very busy and loves coffee you may need a bigger option. Our choices have a range of 24 ounces to as high as 40 ounces for water storage. Also, don’t forget to check how many used capsules it can hold as this is also important.

Not wanting to try other flavors. Like mentioned before one of the benefits of a Nespresso machine is the option to have automatic refills from your manufacturer. This means you have at your disposal an endless supply of different flavors. It’s very important to branch out and try different flavors you never know if you will be able to find a hidden gem that just might become your new favorite.

Not cleaning when you need to. These machines will need a lot more maintenance than your regular coffee maker. It’s important to note this. Ensure you are cleaning your fritter attachment often to prevent glued on grime that can make you sick. The injection system needs to be cleaned to prevent blockages and damages. These machines are delicate and need constant attention in order to continue working properly. You may want to purchase soft water to use in your machine to prevent hard water from damaging it over time as well.

Office usage. If you have not on yet, these machines are better suited for at home usage. They are a smaller machine to the traditional espresso machine and it is because of this reason. This is why we do not recommend these machines for office use. However where you use your machine is up to you. If you are looking at a Nespresso machine for office use stick to ones that offer both coffee and espresso options, no milk options. They need to be used properly and maintained properly.

What To Keep In Mind

Be sure to not purchase generic capsules to refill your Nespresso machine. This can cause taste problems and may even ruin your whole experience not to mention void your warranty. Brand loyalty is very important with a Nespresso machine. It’s all not smart to refill your capsules on your own as again these problems may arise. When spending so much money on a machine you never want to do anything to potentially void your warranty.