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Locus Desk By Focal -


Sitting straight while working is a thing of the past, as people have found new ways of innovating seats and desks, and making it more convenient for them to sit while working. The Locus Desk, manufactured by Focal, is a crafty piece of work. In Focal’s model, the desk and the seat are paired together, making it look like an integrated workstation.

People may find it hard to decide which chair and desk, they want to buy for their home or work. However, when it comes to Locus Desk by Focal, this decision is easy to make as the two things are combined together. - Check Prices Button Red

Why Use The Locus Desk?

The chairs which are normally used in office space can be really uncomfortable for a person’s back. The different thing or a unique feature of the Locus Desk is that it has a very comfortable design, as the stool attached to the desk leans as well. The workstation has a desk, and its height can be adjusted according to the height of the stool or as per the convenience of the customer. Also look at uplift v2 desk review – Click Here.


The Locus Desk by Focal provides a foot resting space for customers. Instead of just resting on top of the seat attached with the desk, they can lean back, place their weight on the seat and some on the feet. This might be a different seating position for many people, but it can really help with diseases that people are diagnosed with, when they don’t sit in a good position.

When customers sit on the seat, they prevent the metabolic shutdown that most people suffer from, when they are sitting in an ordinary chair for too long. The chairs that people have in their homes or offices, they all give rise to fatigue and cardiovascular load. If people want to lean forward and not sit straight for too long, then they can easily do so, by using the Locus Desk by Focal.

Half Standing

When customers use the Locus Desk, then they are in a half standing position and that takes the stress away from the customer’s back. When the weight is distributed between the feats, and the legs, then that does well for the bones in the body.

Measurements Of The Desk

The top of the desk can be flattened by the customer, or it angles up to 15 degrees. The height of the desk ranges from 36 inches to 48 inches. The lifting capacity of the desk is 180lbs, and it has a very strong crank mechanism, that moves one inch for every four turns. The frame of the desk is made of steel and aluminum. The best part of the desk is that it comes with a holder, where customers can put their cup; the work surface has synthetic leather on it, and the desk comes with cable management clips.

Locus Desk Bundle

The Locus Desk also comes in a desk bundle, which means that when customer purchase desk bundles, then they would get a locus seat with it as well. The locus seat goes well with the locus desk, as one compliment the other and customers would find it easier to use them together. Customers would find it very helpful if they use the desk and seat as a bundle, because they would be saving themselves from diseases that arise due to the position of people, when they are working.

Specifications Of The Seat

The seat is comfortable for customers, specifically designed for those who like to lean forward when they work. The seat is manufactured with the help of steel, aluminium, plywood and polymers. There is a mat on the base of the seat, which prevents fatigue. This could be really good for those customers who have to work long hours, and they feel fatigue when they are working.

The seat can bear 300lbs weight and the customers have the opportunity to choose from four upholstery options. If customers want to carry the seat around, or put it away at the end of the work, then they can easily fold it. Moreover, this seat can move around because of the integrated wheels attached to it. If customers buy such a seat, then they should do it without being anxious about whether it can move, or not. This seat offers the convenience that many customers desire.

The Extras

When customers order the Locus Desk by Focal, they also have the option of ordering a wire management tray with it. If they are going to place their desktop or laptop on the desk, there would be wires attached to them. Along with the other wires that people normally use in their everyday life, a laptop’s wire can also be stored easily in the management tray. This will keep a desk tidy and it won’t be difficult to find things on it.

Pros Of Locus Desk

There are many things a customer can benefit from, if they buy the locus desk.


If customers are spending money on a desk or buying the bundle, then they would want a good warranty. The top of the desk has a warranty of ten years and the warranty of the seat is for five years. The company knows that they are selling a good quality product to the customer, and the customer won’t be disappointed with its performance. If the company wasn’t selling what they are advertising, then they won’t be offering such a good warranty to the customer.

Goodbye To Back Pain

If a person works long hours, sitting in the same seat every day, then he would want a seat and a desk, which doesn’t give him back pain. The chair that comes with the Locus Desk solves this problem. Imagine, working everyday without facing the discomfort that back pain gives people.

User Experience

The Locus Desk can be customized according to the needs of the customer. The customer can order other accessories with the desk, which would give him the ease of storing small things, or keeping things on the desk like a keyboard. Such accessories provide customers with a good user experience, which is why they explore more products manufactured under the same label.

Increase In Productivity

When people use a desk and a seat that makes them feel comfortable, then they are more productive in the office. They feel good physically, and the workstation makes it possible to stand and sit quickly; the transition is much smoother.

Locus Desk By Focal -

Cons Of Locus Desk

There are drawbacks of buying a locus desk, along with the chair, but these drawbacks may vary from person to person.

Getting Used To It

Whether it is a desk, whose height can be adjusted, or a seat that can lean, it would take people some time to adjust to these changes. A leaning chair is not something that people are used to. If they have to adjust the desk from time to time, because many people use the same desk, then it can quickly become a nuisance.

Adjustment Control

The desk can be adjusted using a mechanical crank; however, the position of the mechanical crank is not ideal. If a person has to adjust the height of the desk, then they have to bend down. The design of the mechanical crank should be revised, because the main purpose of the desk and the seat is to provide the customer with ease. However, the position of the mechanical crank simply defies that purpose.

Four Times & An Inch

When the customer moves the crank four times under the desk, then the desk moves one inch. This is a feature that should be revised by the company, because it can be irritating for customers, when they don’t have the time to move the crank four times. This is definitely slow speed. However, apart from fixing the feature, the solution of this problem is for the customer to pick the best height the first time, so that it doesn’t have to be fixed over and over.

Last Word

The Focal company has produced a customer friendly product, as it is convenient for customers to use, and it is a unique idea. The best part is that the desk and the chair come together, if ordered by the customer, and this provides them with a whole workstation. They don’t have to worry about their back being too stiff or their limbs hurting at the end of the working day. Moreover, the added accessories that come with the desk are worth knowing about. For example, if the customer buys the Stay Flat shelf with the desk, then that would be an upgrade, as the customer would be able to keep his speakers or anything on it, that they don’t want to slide.

The task light of Focal is also something that many customers have appreciated, because there are three brightness levels of the task light, along with five temperatures. So customers can set light, according to their mood. - Check Prices Button Red