Keyword Research And Research Tools For Your SEO Marketing

Keyword Research and Research Tools For Your SEO Marketing -
Keywords and phrases are an important aspect of SEO. It is imperative to do detailed research on the keywords to use lest your SEO strategy will always seem to fall short. Sadly, this awaits many online marketers who use SEO as a marketing strategy only because they do not carry out their research thoroughly.

Keywords and key phrases and their uses are now not a preserve of few. Many online content marketers are employing SEO marketing strategy in all their content, links, taglines, and post titles. This also means that more online marketers and content creators like bloggers are using keywords and thus flooding the internet.

As the internet floods with keywords and key phrases, only the few who do their research can prosper. This depends on how you use your keywords and the choice of keywords. Keywords with less competition mean that you get to stand out in search engines and get more backlinks. In order to find the appropriate keywords that are not as overused on the internet, you need to use the keyword research tools.

Online keyword research allows you to find the keywords with the least competition in your particular niche. In order to access most of these tools, you will have to part with a monthly fee. Below are some keywords tools you can check out if you endeavor to get into keyword research.


Now, this website has it all in terms of keywords. Whether an online marketer, blogger, SEO writer this website has what it takes to for your keyword research. Among the tools is a spider-view checker, Alexa rank checker, keyword suggestion tool among others. While all these tools are present on the website some do not work properly. You may need to look at other websites for some of the tools.

That said there is one tool that works just fine and that is the Bulk PA DA checker. This search engine results checker runs on Moz’s Mozscape. Mozscape provides the page authority, backlinks, and domain authority. With all these services, running through Mozscape, it is definitely not cheap. By not cheap you may be looking at a two underdo and fifty dollars a month for your Mozscape monthly subscription.

However, this does not undermine the fact that Mozscape is a very effective tool for checking the SERP competition. With this tool, you get to check which keywords to pursue and other competition pages on the SERP. You also get to look at the authority of the pages that appear on the SERP list. Note that the page authority is not important for ranking on the SERP but it allows you to distinguish the competition posed by the other pages.

2. Google Suggest

It is among the most popular keyword research tools and more than a few blog posts have already said it. Google suggest works by suggesting a combination of keyword phrases or long-tail keywords that you can probably check. Google suggest gives you the most probable keywords in the niche of the keywords.

Right at the bottom of the bottom, you can find Google SERP, which allows you to check the rankings. The more keyword suggestion and combined the better numbers you get. This means that with more combinations of the keywords you are likely to find one that as least competition and thus rake in better numbers through your links and the search engines. The better the numbers you get to your site the higher up the SERP ranking you get.

Additionally, you can also analyze the keywords and possible competition on the SERP. Keywords that are more popular mean that they have more search engine users looking them up. This also means that more competing websites are using them in their keyword phrases. Therefore, you need to find keywords with high search volumes but less competition from websites. Do not ever think that you are the first to search for these keywords else, you will face huge competition for even more authoritative site than your own.

The keyword keg allows you to check for the search volume statistics against the relative competition. You do not need to check every keyword or key phrase on Google Suggest to get the best keywords. With keyword keg, you will reduce the amount of time spent on checking which keyword you can use and which to gloss over.


This is another keyword generator too that is short checking out. It is not very different from Google Suggest in most aspects so you might need to tamp down any big expectations. However, the keyword information on this website is good and you might score some good keywords. You can check it out and mind that is if you do not find Google Suggest to your liking.

This list may only contain there but there are more keyword research tools on the internet. These are some of the free tools available even though some tools like Mozscape may cost you a toe.

Other websites you can check out for keyword research include: scrapebox You might get your best picks among these so you need to check them out. Among the online content creators who use SEO, only 3% ever get anything close to success and even earn real money from it. This is not to say that the strategy does not work, it only points out that very few know how to use SEO effectively.

Research is the secret to getting for the 97 percent who only flood up the keyword pool to the 3 percent who benefit from it. Keywords are a hit of only you know which to use. Since all niches on the internet have, their keywords you need to find some that are as popular. The trick lies in taking a keyword in your niche with as little competition as possible. This is why you will need very good keyword research tools by your side.

With the list above you are certain to land one SEO keyword research tool that suits you and your allocated budget.