How Can I Start A Blog Of My Own?

How Can I Start A Blog Of My Own? -


For all those of you who have always had a knack for writing, you must have wondered if there was a way for you to put this skill to use and earn a little extra cash. And just to find an answer to your question, you may have went on a wild searching spree. One of the probable answers, unsurprisingly, must have been to be a blogger.

Recent and back, we have seen blogging to be an effective marketing method. It’s not hard on your pockets as it’s comparatively cheaper, and you can always look around the internet for a morale boost, because many individuals, from different sets of life, have successfully generated money making blogs for themselves

Plus, writing out blogs is not necessarily a hard task. If you’ve got a good writing skill and you have a way with words then of course, it’s an added bonus, but as long as you can talk or share content about a topic, you can write out a blog post for it as well. It’s all about the content, anyway.

So the question is, ‘how to get started?’ We know exactly where you need to head out to and what you need to get done, and that’s exactly what we are going to discuss down below.

Pick A Blogging Platform

To be a blogger, you would need a good ‘blogger’ platform to get started. If you’re looking for a free platform, then the platform ‘Blogger’ is the way to go. It is an application that has been published by Google and therefore, using this application to write out your blogs won’t require you to set out your own domain name and host. Being linked to google, this provides you with a better opportunity to be seen as an authentic and professional online blogger.

You can also chose to buy your own domain and hosting and join in the world of bloggers through a professional platform instead, referred to as ‘WordPress’. WordPress has a variety of design options for you to design and set up your page, according to your preference, the nature of the blogs you will be writing or perhaps one that’s a perfect fit in for your desired target market- viewers. The blogging software is free and comfortable to use.

Pick A Niche

This is probably one of the most important point that a successful blogger needs to know. Writing out a variety of blogs, with no respect to a specified category can make it harder for you to have a particular set of direction. There will be constant fluctuations in relation to who will be included in your targeted viewers and therefore it might be considerably harder for you to set out a design or content style that may fit in with the preference of that viewer. This is why you need to have your niche selected, once and for all. If your niche is well structured, you’ll have a easier time focusing on the content you’ll be writing for your specified audience and therefore have a much better chance of monetizing your blog to its potential.

Know Your Audience

Not knowing your audience when writing a blog is like talking to a stranger, with their face cloaked on, and with them, apparently, behind a wall. You wouldn’t be able to decide on their age, their gender, their likely preference, and therefore you won’t be able to decide if the context you’re about to write is appropriate or not. It may also lead to a disastrous situation of your blog being messy all over. Instead of complementing each other, factors like design, language and content may contradict each other and therefore before you set up your blog and start writing, ask yourself questions and be clear on who your audience will be. It will give you the opportunity to write out effectively, knowing full and well what your said viewers might be interested in.

Persistence Wins

Writing out original and un-cliché content regularly may add in a fresh aspect to your blog and therefor may reel in more traffic for it. Being a skill, writing is something that gradually improves, the more you set out to get it done. The more you write, the better you become and the better you are able to write in the direction of your said niche, since doing it every day will make engrain it into your system and it will automatically lead you to write out a handsome piece of blog in no time.

Generate Income From Your Blog

Having a substantial base of strong and quality oriented articles ready on your blog is the first official step to get your blog monetized. If you are all set with the content then you can think about a way to generate your income. You can integrate a few advertisements into your blog, however you would need to be sure that the advertisements are not too many so that they do not end up turning away your viewers. You can also decide to add in links and be an affiliate to earn that cash, it may not be much individually, but if your blog generates a high rate of traffic then, it will add up to a substantial amount.

Working your way out to earn through a blog is a time taking strategy. It won’t happen on day one and there’s a huge probability that you may not get many viewers in the beginning. However, it’s mostly because you haven’t yet introduced yourself into the network yet and it takes time for people to find your content and grow a liking to it. This takes time and this is probably why you need to get your head out of the fog and remember that all good things take time.