iMovR Omega Everest Review

iMovR Omega Everest Review -


Standing desks come in different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. They each have different functions and manufacturers. One such brand is the iMovR Omega Everest, which saves customers from too much sitting and comfortable standing and working.

Frame Of The Standing Desk

The frame is the main component of a standing, as it is considered the mechanics of a desk. The desk frame should be structured in a way that it allows the user to adjust the height according to their convenience, and for them to work ergonomically.

The legs of the standing desk have a three-tiered system, with a unique bottom-up design, which is not found in many standing desks. This bottom-up design makes the standing desk more stable and easy to use. - Check Prices Button Red


Reliant Base

The base of the iMovR Omega Everest has Bosch precision motors, and it can hold weight up to 265 lbs. The best part of the standing desk is that it isn’t noisy like the other standing desks are. Most standing desks have motor works, which are very noisy and can ruin the working environment, by distracting everyone. Also go and look at lifespan tr1200 dt7 review – Click Here.

Height Controller

The main thing that matters in any standing desk is the height controller feature. People buy a standing desk because they can adjust it to their own height, and won’t have to worry about things like a backache or a sore neck. The iMovR Omega Everest can preset four heights, which means that it would remember the last four heights or the user can just set the four heights that they use more often. This would make the process of setting height easier and time saving. The table has an LED display, which shows the height of the table. The width of the table can be adjusted as well, as it goes as far as seventy five inches.

The width adjustment feature makes the purchase of iMovR Omega Everest more convenient, because it can be used in the future as well.

Complete Workstation

iMovR Omega Everest can be considered as a complete workstation, because it can incorporate an office chair and a treadmill, side by side. Imagine working and walking or jogging on a treadmill; this would be work and fitness happening side by side. Users don’t have to move their seat if they want to use the treadmill; they can just start walking on the site.

The benefit of having a treadmill is that, no one can stand still for too long. A treadmill offers users the chance to lose their weight or not get obese, and not by just standing, but by moving their limbs. There are not many standing desk manufacturers that offer their users with this feature.

3D Lamination Technology

The Computer Numerical Control equipment fixed in iMovR Omega Everest is sealed with 3D lamination. This makes the top of the desk superior as compared to other standing desks, as it doesn’t use high-pressure lamination like other standing desk manufacturers do. In high-pressure lamination, manufacturers use 3mm thick laminate and press it on a medium density fiberboard. If a user removes the grommet cover of the table top, they will get to see the raw wood showing from it. However, in the manufacturing of iMovR Omega Everest, advance technology is used that outperforms other table tops, like hardwood tops.

A user would feel free to use a standing desk’s top, if he knows that it is resistant to scratches, discoloration and it won’t be affected if any cleaning chemicals are used on it. The tabletops and edges provide users with an ergonomic comfort; the sharp corners are rounded off, something which isn’t possible in PVC edge-banded table tops. The 3D lamination looks elegant as compared to the standard lamination of other standing desk brands’, and it protects the tabletop from moisture.


This standing desk brand has NEAT certificate, which stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. It gives customers the assurance that when they buy this multipurpose desk, it would protect them from a sedentary lifestyle. They won’t have to suffer from diseases that arise due to sitting posture. Customers would be encouraged to make small movements all day, while they are standing, and that would improve their heart rate and blood sugar level.

Table Top Colors

The table top of iMovR Omega Everest is available in the following colors: • Black
• Shark Gray
• Northern Cloud
• Clove Mahogany
• Urban Walnut
• Hayward Cherry
• Light Maple
• Almond Cherry
• Shaker Cherry

Power Management

iMovR Omega Everest offers customers the option of Grommet-Mounted Power Socket. If a user wants to have access to their AC outlets and USB ports at the top of the table, then this power management system makes it possible. This is perfect for those workstations, which are shared among users and everyone has their own device to charge. Users don’t have to bend down to find the power socket and search fro a free plug, when they can do it on the desk. The manufacturer of this workstation has made it possible to accommodate at least two charging nodes, which are available in both silver and black finish.


The standing table comes with a monitor arm, which is best fro ergonomics. The monitor arms help users to select the proper height, distance and angle. Whether the user is standing or sitting, they can adjust the monitor easily using the monitor arms; this would help them protect their eyes and neck from straining.

Keyboard Tray

Users would need a keyboard tray, if they are using a desktop. The best part of the keyboard tray offered by iMovR Omega Everest is that, it accommodates 98& of the keyboard models available in the market. The holes are already drilled in the table tops for installing a keyboard tray, and this makes the job of a user, easier.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anyone who is using a standing desk, knows that comfort is very important. A user should always by an anti-fatigue mat, which would make their standing exercise very comfortable. They won’t feel any pain in their back, legs, or feet. The material from which the anti-fatigue mats are made, is polyurethane and won’t lose its bounce or curl like other maps in the market. Anti-fatigue mats last for a long time, which makes them a long term investment.

Warranty Of The Standing Desk

The warranty of the standing desk depends on the parts of the desk. The steel frame has a lifetime warranty, the moving parts have a warranty of ten years, the tabletop has a warranty of five years and the warranty of electronics is ten years.

Other Specifications

The lifting capacity of the standing desk is 265lbs, and the desk weights 80lbs. The travel speed is 1.5 inches/sec and it comes with four programmable memory positions for the height of the standing desk.


The main problem with this standing desk is it decreases the amount of space that is available on the desk. If the user has a job where he has to write a lot, then it is recommended to get a large model, with a flat space. When a user orders the keyboard tray, then he should make sure that the keyboard he has, is compatible with the tray.

Why Buy A Standing Desk?

Those who don’t want to sit all day and work should buy a standing desk, because it has several benefits for their health. They won’t be obese or overweight, because they would be standing and working, and constantly moving around. A standing desk can make a person productive, because it doesn’t make them lethargic. They would feel refreshed early in the morning, because they won’t be sitting and napping on their desk.

Standing desk is a new and modern concept, which makes people more attracted to it. When people feel that they are using a unique concept, and their review about whether it works or not is valuable for others, then they become more interested in the object. Those employees who test working on a standing desk, and then feel the difference, they won’t hesitate to tell others all about it. A standing desk comes in various shapes, sizes and prices, which is why a customer should always conduct proper research about it. A customer should assess his needs, like the number of standing desks required, if two people would be sharing the desk or not, and what other accessories should be ordered alongside the standing desk.

Final Word

Customers should definitely consider buying iMovR Omega Everest, because it would be beneficial for them, particularly if they are planning to use a treadmill along with it. Just standing and working won’t help a person stay fit and healthy; if they can use a treadmill at work, then this would work wonders for their health. They won’t suffer from any diseases, won’t have to face back pain or a sore neck. - Check Prices Button Red