Best Greek Restaurant in Boston, MA

Best Greek Restaurant in Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media
Greek restaurants are different when it comes to style of cooking, serving and the ingredients used. There are many Greek restaurants in Boston, MA, which serve delicious food and have a good ambience as well.

The best Greek restaurant in Boston MA is Kava Neo-Taverna. This restaurant is located at the South End street corner, and serves amazing taste to the customers. The ambience of the restaurant makes it feel like home, and even though the food might not be something people are accustomed to, it still has a familiar vibe to it. Go look at the best dessert in Boston, MA – Go Here.

About The Restaurant

One of the reasons why this restaurant is one of the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, is because the menu compromises of recipes that are directly brought from the Mediterranean. When customers dine at this restaurant, then they can expect to feast upon mezedes, feta cheese, horiatiki salad and a fresh selection of seafood. See the best beaches in Boston, MA, – Website.

The bar of the restaurant serves wines and liquors, which are hard to find Greek labels; KavaNeoTaverna. Moreover, for familiarity, the restaurant serves customers’ favorite spirits and craft beers. If a coffee lover goes to the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, then he will get to drink Greek coffee and traditional frappes. They even have Greek desserts like yogurt and honey, which are imported from Greece. Also see the best bookstores in Boston, MA, – See Here.


This is the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, because of its unique menu. The restaurant serves mezedakia in small plates, and have a variety of options for people. The mezedakia is of three types; tzatziki, melitsanosalata and tirokafteri. When a customer chooses one of these three options, he can add other things in it as well, like pie of the day, or feta wrapped in a phylo, honey and sesame seeds.

The restaurant serves authentic Greek entrée like grilled Mediterranean sea bass, layers of potato, roasted eggplant, beef ragout, béchamel sauce, braised beef short rib and grilled lamb chops. For those who are trying the best Greek restaurant in Boston MA, will find familiar American food on the menu as well, with a touch of Greece. For example, there are Greek fries, which contain Feta and oregano in it. They serve white and red whine to their customers, and don’t forget to give these drinks a Greek touch.

Customer Reviews

Customers who went to Kava, found the food to be delicious. The restaurant serves small plates, and they are full of flavors. The restaurant serves complementary bread and olive oil, and most customers felt a good taste in their mouth after eating them together. As for dish suggestions, most customers feel that the baked shrimp in a spicy tomato sauce, the lamb meatballs and the grilled octopus are very delicious. The lamb meatballs have their own, unique taste, which customers won’t find in other Greek restaurants; Wikipedia.

The restaurant serves desserts, and the customers loved the desserts as well. The yogurt was fresh and it tasted like it was imported from Greece. It was also very creamy, and drizzle with fresh berries and honey, which made for a great taste; MedicalNewsToday.