How To Wash Beauty Blender

How To Wash Beauty Blender - Bill Lentis Media


People don’t really pay attention to cleaning things, even if they use them all the time. For example, a Beauty Blender is something that most people delay cleaning, simply because they don’t know how to! If the owner of a Beauty Blender doesn’t properly clean it, then know that it is going to become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

Method #1 To Clean Beauty Blender

The first method to clean a Beauty Blender, is to use soap. Take the makeup sponge, and then rub soap on it directly and when the lather changes the colors, then rinse it properly. Take a look at the Beauty Blender, and if it is still stained, then repeat the same process.

Method #2 To Clean Beauty Blender

There are so many things that a microwave does for people living in a house, on a daily basis. When it comes to cleaning the Beauty Blender, it is very easy to clean it using a microwave. Take a cup of water, and add liquid soap to it; when adding soap, it is good to make sure that it can cover the sponge properly. Wet the sponge, and then put it in a microwave safe cup, and put the timer for 60 seconds. Also go and check out the how to make your own tea blends – check this.

When 60 seconds have passed, then the person should let the sponge cool down, before taking it out. The Beauty Blender would look brand new, as it has been properly washed with soapy water. When the dirty water cools off, take the sponge out, and then rinse it with tap water. Let the Beauty Blender dry, before using it again.

Method #3 To Clean Beauty Blender

It might seem strange, but Beauty Blender can be cleaned using oil. Apply a few drops of coconut oil on the sponge, and then massage it until the makeup starts to come off. After that, clean using a soap, either a beauty soap or just a dishwashing soap. This would double cleanse the Beauty Blender, and it would be as good as new. The main objective of using oil to clean the makeup sponge is that, it will rinse the oily residue and any traces of makeup.

Being Gentle With The Beauty Blender

For those who use their Beauty Blender on a daily basis, they should be gentle when cleaning it. If they clean it roughly each time, then the sponge won’t last a long time. If they treat it properly, then they won’t have to buy a new one; don’t vigorously squeeze it.

A Beauty Blender won’t last long, which is why people should make sure that they know when to replace it. It is best to replace it when it starts to wear off, or doesn’t get cleaned anymore. A Beauty Blender is a really good tool for those, who want a balanced makeup style in their life. It is easy to clean, but the user should never handle it too roughly, or it won’t give the same results as before.