How To Make Your Own Tea Blends

How To Make Your Own Tea Blends - Bill Lentis Media
Everyone loves a cup of tea in the morning, evening and even before going to sleep. Some people have fond memories of having a cup of tea with their parents, or even siblings in the evening. This is one of the reasons why people should try to make their own tea blends, as it will give them a chance to reminisce about old times.

There are so many recipes that people can try in their home, to drink the perfect tea later. There are three things that every person needs to make a good tea blend; freshly boiled water, any kind of tea, herb, spices or flowers, and a tea ball or just a strainer. Also go and check out the how to make tomato juice in a blender – check that.

Recipe #1 To Make Rose Blend

This is a breakfast blend, which is a mixture of strong and light teas. It gives the perfect ratio for a breakfast tea flavor. If someone wants to have a refreshing morning, then this tea is perfect with milk.

To make this perfect blend, take 2 tsps of Darjeeling tea, 2 tsps of Assam tea, and ½ tsp of rose buds. If someone wants a caffeine boost, then they can add guarana powder in the mixture.

Recipe #2 To Make White Spice

Not everyone likes their tea with honey; some like it spicy as well. The white spice is really light, with normal spicy tones. It uses 2 spoons of Pai Mu Tan, ½ tsp of peppercorns, 1 tsp of dried strawberries and 1 pinch of safflower. The main thing to remember here is that, using a strong blend of herbs or flavors here would ruin the taste of the white spice tea.

Recipe #3 To Make Minty Sencha

This is a hot and cold blend, and is mainly used as summer refreshment. An individual can easily use cold brewing technique, and it will come out as iced tea. Use 1 tsp of dried lemon grass and dried mint, and 2 spoons of Chinese Sencha Green, which people can easily find in the market. There are several online shops, which sell herbs and ingredients, and people can make tea blends on their own. If the user is cold brewing, then they can even add a fresh cucumber to the jar. Moreover, in terms of taste, the Chinese sencha is better compared to the Japanese one.

Recipe #4 To Make Hibiscus

For a fresh and tangy taste, this herbal blend is really good. It is well suited as a summer drink, and a person can consume it in both hot or cold state. Get 2 spoons of dried hibiscus, 1 tsp of mint leaves, 1 tsp of lemon grass and enjoy the taste that the tea brings. It is a very refreshing drink, and should be consumed early in the morning, to have a refreshing start of the day.

Recipe #5 To Make Herbal chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? One of the healthiest ways to consume it is to make a tea blend out of it! Take 1 tsp of chocolate drops, 2 spoons of Rooibos tea and ½ inch of vanilla pod. If someone has cocoa shells easily available, then they can use ½ tsp of it.