How To Make Strawberry Juice In A Blender

How To Make Strawberry Juice In A Blender - Bill Lentis Media
Something which can burn fat and boost the memory, and taste good, does it even exist? If someone really wants these benefits in one place, then they definitely should try strawberry juice in a blender. Strawberry juice not only helps burn fat, and boost memory, but it is also good for other things. It can lower down inflammation; reduce the chances of a person suffering from a heart disease, lower down cholesterol levels, boost brain health and lower down chances of cancer.

Tips Before Making Strawberry Juice In A Blender

When it comes to strawberries, a person needs to remember some important things:
• Strawberries lose their freshness easily, which is why they have to be stored in a refrigerator
• To store strawberries and keep them fresh, wrap them up in a paper towel. This removes the excess moisture on the berries
• Wash the strawberries well, as it keeps them fresh
• Keep them dry and in an airtight container or a sealed bag
• The best way to retain their freshness is by keeping them in a refrigerator

Recipe To Make Strawberry Juice In A Blender

There are so many recipes of making strawberry juice in a blender. If someone is looking for a straightforward one, then they should take 1.5 cups of strawberries and then trim them in half. Take 3 cups of cold water, and pour it into the blender; put the strawberries and blend well. Blend the mixture until the texture comes out well. If the person doesn’t mind pulp, then they don’t have to strain it using a strainer. However, if they don’t want any pulp, then a strainer is the best method to get the strawberry juice in a glass.

Recipe#2 To Make Strawberry Kiwi Juice

This is a different recipe for those, who want to add a little more nutrition and flavor to their drink. Take 1 cup of strawberries, wash and trim them well. Take ½ cup of kiwis, skin and cut them into half pieces. Next, take 3 cups of cold or room temperature water and pour everything in a blender. Blend until a smooth texture is achieved.

The best part about a strawberry juice is that, it is full of Vitamin C and contains antioxidants, good for health. It is best to use fresh strawberries, to achieve an invigorating flavor.

Recipe#3 To Make Strawberry Juice

3 cups of strawberries make a cup of juice, but it is not necessary to use 3 cups. To serve two people, take 2 cups of ripe strawberries, ¼ lime juice, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 cup cold water, and 2 ice cubes. Blend these ingredients well in a blender, but make sure to cut the stem of the strawberries and wash them properly. Also go and check out the how to make soybean milk with a blender – check my site.

As water is included in the strawberry juice recipe, it will make 2 cups, which can be enjoyed on a hot summer morning. To give it a presentable look, use 1 halved strawberry for garnishing.