How To Clean Vitamix Blender

How To Clean Vitamix Blender - Bill Lentis Media
Vitamix is a well known name in the blender business, because of their ultra sharp blades and the high speed at which they can blend things. Vitamix can be used for making soups, ice cream and smoothies. However, when it is time to clean them, the best way to do so would be to remove their blades first.

Common Stains In A Blender

There are a number of reasons for which, a Vitamix blender is used. For example, blenders can be used for making turmeric drinks, or hummus. There is always some residue that is left on the walls. If someone makes a peanut butter milkshake, there is bound to me some residue left on the walls. Also go and check out the how to clean blender bottle – check that.

Even though a blender is cleaned on a daily basis, it is good to thoroughly clean a blender using different cleaning solutions. This would make the blender look nice, it will process better and will last longer as well.

Method To Clean Vitamix Blender

If the Vitamix blender has not been cleaned properly for a long time, then it must have some left over pieces of food or smoothie in it. To remove it, take one cup of white vinegar, and pour it in the Vitamix blender. Then, fill half of the blender with warm water. Don’t blend the mixture right away, but let it soak overnight. Just blend it once and then discard the content of the blender. Rinse once again using water and then take a soft scrub to clean the remaining residue.

Whether it is a Vitamix blender or some other blender, the user should watch their hands. This is because, the blades are sharp, and if the blender is cleaned bare hand, then that could hurt the user.

Tools To Use To Clean Vitamix Blender

There are several tools that people can use to clean a blender. The key is to use these tools right after someone has used the blender.

Wall Brush-If someone has used sticky ingredients in a blender, then pour dishwashing soap in it, and use a wall brush to clean the walls and the inside. The best way to use a wall brush is when warm water is running in the blender. Gently use the brush on the walls and on the blade of the blender, and it will be much easier to clean.

Soapy Water-Soapy water is an excellent way to get rid of stains from a blender. Pour water and dishwashing soap in the blender, and then put the blender on the base. Run the blender for some time, making sure that the water reaches every inch, and then stop it. After the blender is rinsed properly, it will be as good as new.

Baking Soda Paste-This tool is very effective when cleaning a Vitamix blender. Take a damp paper, mix baking soda with water, and then clean the inside of the blender using circular motions. To make sure that the Vitamix blender doesn’t become cloudy after it is washed, it should be cleaned using a cloth.