How To Clean Blender Bottle

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How To Clean Blender Bottle

Those who exercise regularly, use a blender bottle a lot. They like to make protein shakes, and keep the bottle with themselves. The blender bottle is the perfect thing to drink shakes, because there are not lumps left and the shake is frothy. However, how many people actually wash it, after they have made their smoothie?

There are several methods to wash a blender bottle, regardless of its brand.

Method #1 To Clean Blender Bottle

Take baking soda and vinegar and fill the blender bottle with it. Allow the mixture to stay in the bottle overnight, and then open the cap. Take paper towels and sprinkle vanilla extract over them. Crumple the paper towels, and then put them inside the bottle. Let the papers sit for 24 hours. Place coffee grounds in the bottle, and make sure that they are damp.

Screw on the lid and then let the bottle sit overnight, with the cap closed. Then, clean the bottle with running water, and keep the cap open so that it airs out. This method will do wonders for the blender bottle. Also go and check out the how to clean a blender – check out the post right here.

Method #2 To Clean Blender Bottle

When cleaning blender bottle, don’t forget the lid. Pieces of dried smoothie or even the protein powder might get stuck around the lid. Make sure to soften the gunk, before cleaning it. For this, take hot water and put soap in it; next, put the lid in the mixture. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes, so that the residue softens, and the person is able to rinse it off by running water on it.

Method #3 To Clean Blender Bottle

A blender bottle can be really hard to clean, if it is not cleaned properly on a daily basis. Take warm water, and put vinegar in it; then, pour the mixture in the blender bottle. The reason why vinegar is a good solution is because; it acts as a disinfectant, and even eliminates the odors in a blender bottle.

Method #4 To Clean Blender Bottle

A unique way of cleaning a blender bottle is by using herbal tea. Take a tea bag that has good and refreshing smell, preferably one that has a fruity flavor. When the blender bottle is washed with soap and water, then fill it up with lukewarm water and a tea bag. Leave the two ingredients overnight, and when the blender bottle is used the next day, it will have a refreshing odor.

The best way to make sure that a blender bottle stays clean, is cleaning before and after using it. Soap and water is the most popular way of cleaning a blender bottle, but people also use baking soda, and vinegar. These solutions have cleaning properties, and they can even eliminate the odor of the bottle.

Blender bottles come in handy, because they are easy to use. People can make their milkshakes and smoothies using a blender bottle, without ever owning a proper blender machine. It is easy to clean a blender bottle, compared to a blender.