How To Camp When It Is Raining

How To Camp When It Is Raining -
The weather doesn’t listen to us, it has a mind of its own. This means that when you least expect it, after seeing the weather forecast, it can still rain while you’re camping. However, this doesn’t mean that the fun you intend to have when it is raining, ends as well. You can still have fun, with indoor activities or even outdoor activities and keep yourself comfortable, while it rains.

When you go for camping, you’re basically on an adventure, which is why when it rains, you take it as part of your adventure. Don’t think of it as an unfortunate thing that happened to you, but you will have more fun if you take it as a challenge. There are several things that you can do, when the weather is wet.

Quality Of The Tent

If you are not prepared for unexpected rain at your campsite, then that won’t go well for you. Being prepared means having the right kind of tent, because you never know what kind of weather you might have to witness. You need a good quality tent, one that has built-in vents. The reason why you need vents is due to their ability of preventing the condensation from getting inside the tent.

If you can’t purchase a new one, because you don’t go camping that often, or it is out of your budget, then you can always re-proof the one that you have. For this purpose, get a proofer spray for your tent, and you will be able to restore its ability to repel rainwater. It is important to prepare for rain, because if you don’t have the right tent, then that would mean getting soaked all night and in the end, you’ll get sick and all the fun you wanted to have on your holiday will go down the drain.


If you don’t want to reproof your tent, you can always bring a gazebo with you. The gazebo will provide you with shelter once it starts raining. It will also protect your tent and the other equipment that you have brought with you.

Gazebo is a free structure, which is usually found in an open garden; it can be hexagonal in shape, but it can be octagonal as well. Gazebos are usually made of wood, but you can have a metal gazebo as well. It is a sheltered area in a garden, where you can sit and look at nature. This is why it is perfect to bring to a campsite, because you can be outside your tent and enjoy the rain to its fullest. You can really see how nature looks like, when it rains.

Storage System

So what do you do about your things, when rain falls? You need to store them properly, so that you can use them later when you need them. You should bring plastic bags with you, to your campsite, which can be reseal able. In these bags, you can store your clothes, so that they remain dry, your toiletries and other accessories that you have with you.

The plastic bags are waterproof, which is why they are perfect for storage, when it rains. Here should be separate plastic bags for wet and dry items. Don’t think that you won’t need warm clothes when it rains, because it might get chilly and you don’t want to get a runny nose, when you return home. You should particularly, seal your food, so that it remains fresh and warm and the water doesn’t damage it. Apart from plastic bags, you can bring storage boxes for your food, so that your food stays edible.

Clothes To Bring To Campsite

If you think that bringing the appropriate gear is enough and will protect you when you go camping, then that is not right. You need to pack the best accessories and clothes for yourself as well, so no one gets sick or catches a cold. If someone does get sick, then the whole camping trip would be a waste and no one will be able to enjoy it.

You should get a waterproof jacket, even if the weather forecast says that it won’t rain. You should keep an extra pair of trousers and boots, so that you can wear them, in case the ones you’re wearing get wet. Even though you get a tent away from the water, you should always keep a bug repellant, because when the weather becomes wet, many tend to come out. If you don’t want to carry heavy luggage, then you can carry a microfiber towel, because they are easy to carry around, they absorb the wetness and they dry quickly too. Microfiber towel are perfect for an outdoor environment, especially if you know that it is going to rain.

Fun Activities

You go camping because you want to have a good time, so don’t let the prediction of rainfall or actual rainfall, ruin that. There are so many things that you can do outdoors, even when it is raining and particularly, if you like rain. You can stay in your gazebo, play board games, wear your raincoat and go out of your tent and play the guitar. When it rains, the environment becomes extra spooky, and it is a really good time for you to tell ghost stories.

Those who go to camping with children need to keep them entertained, because when children have a good time outdoors, then they would want to camp frequently. This is why the activities you plan should be entertaining for the children as well.

If you have the right gear and if you prepare beforehand for a rainy night, then camping won’t be difficult for you. The rain can actually make your trip more memorable, because of all the fun that you can have, while you try to protect yourself from getting wet and the activities that you come up with, while you are indoors. The best thing to do is to prepare and make sure that you see the weather forecast before leaving for camping.