How To Blend Onions In A Blender

How To Blend Onions In A Blender - Bill Lentis Media
Onion is a vegetable, which can be used for hair growth; it has other benefits for the human body as well. The main problem with onion is that, whenever someone starts to cut it, it causes irritation to their eyes and tears start to form. This can be very irritating for people.

Tricks To Cutting Onions Without Tears

For those who cut onions every day, these tricks can be really helpful for them. The first trick out there is to chill the onions first. As the molecules move faster when the onion is warm, they would slow down if the onion is chilled. Put the onion in the fridge or freezer, just a few minutes before chopping them. When they are chilled, the impact that they have on the eyes would surely minimize, and the eyes won’t feel irritated so much. Also go and check out the how to blend fruits and vegetables – get started.

The second trick is to soak them in water, as it would make the chopping exercise less frustrating. Most chefs state that when they don’t remove the roots of the onion, then it minimizes discomfort to the eyes.

Method To Put Onions In A Blender

One of the ways to prevent any discomfort to the eyes, is by putting the onion in a blender. They would be a good ‘save yourself some tears’ method. Peel the skin of the onion, and then quickly cut them into quarters. Put the quarters in the blender, and then blend until the texture is according to the satisfaction of the consumer.

Method#2 To Make Onion Juice In A Blender

It is very easy to make onion juice in a blender. First chop onions, so that it becomes easier for the blender to blend them. Take the chopped onions and put them in the blender, along with water. Onion juice is often used for scalp massage, to increase hair growth or stop hair fall. It is up to the person to decide how much water they want to add to the chopped onion. They might want a thick texture of it, or a juice like texture.

Can We Store Onion Juice?

If all the onion juice is not used right away, then it can be stored in a tight container. It can be stored for 2 weeks, and this applies to all kinds of juices, and not just onion juice.

Does Onion Juice Grow Hair?

For those who think that onion juice growing hair is a myth, they should know that it is a tried formula. Those who have directly applied onion juice on their scalp, they have felt a significant difference in their hair loss. Onion juice provides sulfur to the scalp, which promotes hair growth. It also contains collagen, which encourages the production of healthy skin cells that help in growing hair.

Blending onions in a blender are really easy, and with the help of the juice, the quality of hair can be improved. In fact, people can apply this onion juice daily on their scalp, instead of applying oil.