How I Escaped The Cubicle Life

How I Escaped The Cubicle Life -


Corporate life calls in for a lot of self-control and sacrifices. Having a 9 to 5 desk job binds you to a lot of workload, stress, un-needed snide remarks from your boss and a whole lot of holy patience. Comparing it to a lifestyle that warrants independence would be a dream come true. The transgression from being ‘told what to do’ to making your “own decisions”. You would be the one who would be in full control of your life, it’s time and how you wish to invest it.

Sounds priceless, doesn’t it? As mind-blowing and impossible it may sound, it is possible, and like how I’ve shared these few tips with people I know, I’ll give you the opportunity to make a run from the ever so suffocating office life and show you the way I had my own masquerade.

What Was My Reality

A few years back, if someone had came over and asked, what kind of job I did, I’d probably have a list of all the things I was working at to make my own ends meet. All I knew about my life was this that there was nothing extraordinary happening in it. On the contrary, despite entering the normal cycle of school to job to marriage to kids, I probably didn’t even have the lavish to make my moments count.

Everything I did was work related. My hobbies had dissipated and being tired had somehow turned into being a normal state. Although I could have barely had quality time with my family when I worked in the states, I had to move far away in hopes of a better cheque. That definitely didn’t make things better, but of course when you are getting a paycheck coming to you at regular intervals, people usually tell you that you’re lucky. I was better off in terms of finances, thanks to these jobs so I believed I was living my life to the best. But it didn’t necessarily meant that I was happy.

The Wake-Up Call

It was on a normal excruciating day, like this that it snapped. I started questioning myself and the world that revolved around my life. Albeit depressing, these questions were the eye openers and the beginning to my new life.

I began to realize that I hadn’t caught a glimpse of my family and friends in ages. My social life was in wrecks. The only person I could get a glimpse of every now and then was my girlfriend.

This is when I bumped into this quote: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.” Quoted by O. Wilde.

Ironically, these days were soon followed by 2 week trip to Indonesia. My girlfriend and I, were in our vacation house when a Balinese guy decided to give his insight of how he thought we lived our lives. To this day, his words are crystal clear in my mind. He had claimed that people like me, westerners, spend 11 months a year of our time in our jobs, but the catch was, for what? Because at the end of the day, he claimed, “you can afford a couple of weeks in countries like Indonesia.” I can still remember the frustration in his eyes as he had said those last few words: Why do you live like this?

Of course, I didn’t take the words nicely. It was definitely not please tell hearing the harsh words of reality pop in from a stranger’s mouth but after having arrived back home, I knew very well how true they were. I realized that I had more worth than what I had entitled myself to and that I had more important things to fo, follow my passion. Live my life with the people I care about, because this life was not going to repeat itself and this was the only chance I had at living it right. I needed a way out and I knew that the online world was my best bet. This is when I started spreading my wings and I searched and I found an escape hole: blog marketing.

Get Out Of Cubicle Card

Knowing myself full well, I was cynical at the idea of leaving a full furnished source of income to one that wouldn’t guarantee anything at all. I barely new anything about blog marketing and I didn’t had the slightest clue of where to get started.

This is where WordPress came into my life. It was and had been the exact kind of blog creating platform that I’d been looking for. It required no prior knowledge and aittle search over YouTube got all things under perspective. With my time and my effort invested into learning the tutorials, I had taken my first tentative step then and had successfully turned it into a top notch blog marketing business icon.

To Sketch A Successful Blog-Marketing Business Model

Here’s how I got it started. After a few self questions I knew what I wanted my blog to be out. If you want your blog to be all about photography than the few quick steps that you need to know are mentioned down below.

Know your niche. Use that knowledge to write out the perfect article for your blog. If you think you’re not up for the writing challenge then it’s alright. You can always look up at different sites and outsource someone reliable and creative to write it out for you.

Then you need to add in a couple of Facebook advertisements in the right pages. Since your blog is all about photographs you need to make sure it’s a page that people interested in photography are likely to see.

If it’s done right. You’ll have your first sale and this is the best part. When someone clicks the “pay” button, you get directly deposited with the money in to your account and the order will be transferred to the shipper who will then despatch the goods. You wouldn’t have to worry about keeping stocks and managing them.

Do It! Start Changing Your Life

Often at times we try to make things work because we think it’s the course of life. We settle to the things we don’t desire because we consider it to be the right thing to do. It’s time we change that perception and understand that there’s no such thing as the course of life, but what we try to make of it.

You know the way out now, there’s nothing stopping you. You’ll be able to have your freedom and be able to financially support yourself, plus you know where exactly to start. If there’s nothing stopping you, then don’t stop yourself and make your dreams a reality.