Easy Website Rank Optimization

Easy Website Rank Optimization - BillLentis.com
If you are running your own business, then you are probably aware of Search Engine Optimization. Digital marketers often use SEO for the purpose of getting their websites to a higher rank, so that they become more visible in search engine results.

To optimize, marketers need to focus on the keywords that they chose, as well as on the algorithms that search engines adopt. These search engine algorithms find out how important keywords are on different web pages, as well as the metadata. The assessment is done, keeping in view the pattern of search by users. Even though the main objective of SEO is to help users find a company’s website, it also helps create interaction between the user and the content.

SEO improves the ranking of your website and makes it more visible for potential and existing customers. There are five ways through which you can improve the ranking of your website, make it more visible and increase traffic.

URL Of The Website

URL should be treated like an asset by the marketer, of the website. The URL of a website gives more value to the keywords used. When a user writes a keyword in the search engine, then the URL comes in the search results. If you use the right keywords, then this would mean that the user can see the URL of your website right away, because of the ads.

If you optimize the URL, which means making it short and relevant here, by using important keywords, then people can directly visit your page. This will make your website more visible as well.

Categories And Structure Of The Site

If you want your website to appear in Google Index, then your content placement should be good. Google always looks for the structure of the site, and the categories, where you have placed the content. If the content is not different from the search terms, then Google will give your website a good ranking. You should never forget to name the categories on your website, or even subcategories; remember, use relevant keywords and not the ones that are not related to the content that you have posted, or else it will set a bad impression on your brand.

Optimization Of Titles

When you want to grab the attention of the people who visit your website, you need to put up attractive and appealing page titled. The title is very important, and it impacts SEO in the long run. When you give a title to a page, it then provides a balance between SEO content on the website, and whether it can be read or not.

If you want to optimize the titles of your pages, then you should make your titles short, like 55-65 characters. This is because Google can show titles that have up to 69 characters.

Further, you should try to put in as many relevant keywords as possible; make sure the keywords are catchy, or consists of words that are used frequently on your page. This way, every time a specific keyword is used, the URL of your website will appear in the search results.


If you think that making a page and putting in relevant keywords is enough, you are wrong. You need to put up page descriptions, that are concise and to the point. Page descriptions are important, because they impact Click Through Rate.

Descriptions don’t have a direct impact on the rankings that a search engine gives your website, but it does have an impact on the number of people that visit your website. This is why you need to see if your ad appears on search engines, whether the ad is well presented in terms of Click Through Rate (CTR) and grabs attention or not.

Header Tags

When you put header tags on your website, then these header tags provide a break between the content you post. This separates the content into different sections and makes it easily readable for the user. However, this can only happen if you make proper use of the header tags.

If the content has a good format, then it will rank well in Google index pages. If the content becomes easily readable, then more people would prefer to read on your website. You need to make your website content relevant, and give it proper header tags. Moreover, when someone searches for content that can be found on your website, then it will appear in search engines as well, as your site will become relevant.

Other Factors

When you are using SEO for making your website more visible and relevant, then there are other aspects that you need to look out for as well. The first is image optimization, which means using relevant images that would attract a user to your website. Content optimization is also a factor, in which you post the type of content that will boost your website and give it a good ranking in Google search results.

The speed of when a user tries to load your page is also important. Imagine, if you have not done proper coding and a page that is frequently used by visitors, loads really slow. This would lead to frustration among your site visitors and they might not return again. As we all know, mobile technology has advanced to a great extent and if businesses don’t make use of it, then they can’t stay competitive.

Companies need mobile optimization as well; they need to make sure that their website is mobile friendly and runs on it as well. You need to learn the basics of SEO optimization or find out experts who can optimize content for you, to provide your website with a good ranking.

There will be many opportunities for you to improve your ranking on search engines and improve the visibility as well. If you can learn about SEO and use it effectively, then you should make use of this as it will provide your business with success, profits and visibility.