Cons Of Social Media

Cons Of Social Media -
Many of you would have heard this popular quotation from Alexander Pope, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. This actually fits for everything but here we are going to establishing the connection of this quotation of Alexander Pope with the use of social media. In today’s century, using this wonderful piece of technology in inappropriate manners can have severe negative effects, which cannot be even undone. This is usually faced by the people who have little knowledge about the usage and the ways in which this technology can reap benefits for them, so they end up using this technology in any way they like leading to excessive problems.

With the presence of social media, you have the opportunity to build a relationship and the connection with the world. The world has actually turned into a global village where you can use these platforms for expressing your opinion, communicating with the others and eve sharing your special moments and life routine with others too. However, the usage of these platforms can show about the level at which we want to acquire the benefits from these forums. Simply sharing your daily routine on social media cannot earn you anything but if this platform for the global village is created in an effective manner it can lead to high incomes as well.

But what we usually do is to use it to grab the attention of the young kids, which ultimately leads them to make them the addict of the mobile phones and these social media websites, leading to problems for tem when they grow up. Additionally, these websites provide the young kids with a fantasy worked. With time, they tend to find an escape in this word leaving the reality of the real world. The lives that most of us have don’t fit to the high-class travel experience, the luxurious outfits and the beautiful scenic view house. This aspect of social media creates a sense of deprivation in the, which cannot only destroy their own personality because of the self-complex created in them rather they might indulge in wrong means for earning the money to fulfill their unrealistic dreams.

Even the need for higher acceptability on social media in the form of likes or shares of the content can be detrimental for you. It can lead you to becoming anxious about your personality, get addicted to the use of social media websites, causing insomnia as a result. Even you might start eating lesser than your needs, seeing the models and their brightened faces all around you. It might lead you to get facial treatments, which you might not require at all. Not all these aspects can only get you financial losses, but the physical and mental health deteriorating is quite common.

One of another negative impact of the social media websites that have been found doing the research conducted is the “fear of missing out”. When everyone is posting online and getting appreciation, you tend to it as well. But as soon as you get into this race, you started feeling that if you will no longer remain active, you’ll be forgotten by the people and as an individual human being, we don’t eat this to happen and thus the cycle of extensive time spending on social media continues, leading to all the above-mentioned impacts.

Even cyber bullying has increased a lot with the use of social media. Nowadays, you can find various cases where people were blackmailed to a level that they committed suicide. All of this stars with social media where people create fake profiles and befriend you without reasons, getting to know your secrets and later blackmailing you for money or some other favors.

The news on social media is no longer reliable. People can create fake ideas and spread the news that they want. This helps them in establishing their own agenda in the minds of the people, which creates problems as a society. Once this phenomenon is stared, the normal users of social media continue spreading the false news assuming it to be correct, resulting in higher panic in the society, which might even lead to law and order situation in the country. Even the things shared by the social circle are not as true as they pretend to be. So whether you are a teenager or an adult user, you can easily get in the attraction and can spoil your own life as a result.

The importance of social relations in the society has also deteriorated over time. The lack of enough time and concentration to share feelings with our family and friends is creating widening gaps, which might not be filled ever. This is another cause of frustration faced by many individuals who are being neglected or neglecting someone but aren’t aware about their activities.

Another problem associated with social media is the risk of identity. The excessive sharing of information on social media creates problems for you. Someone might be trolling you and can harm you on the basis of that information. Similarly, the undue freedom of speech exercised by the individuals can be the reason of someone getting offended through these platforms. In some cases, the hate speech might create problems for the one who initiated the discussion or talk on the social media.

With the excessively available options of sharing your life, you might not feel safe in the world, so what’s the purpose of such a sharing. With non-sensible sharing related to your private can trigger unwanted discussions etc.

With all these points highlighted, you must have got an insight to the negative aspects of the social media. However, the intention here was not t restrict your usage altogether. You can even earn money, help others and manage to get the necessary information about the things happening in the world. It is just that how you use it.