Best Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

Audio Pro Addon C3 -


Confused of which Bluetooth speaker to buy? We have already spent a lot of our time to make this easy for you. After looking at the list of all top Bluetooth speakers and their reviews, we have come up with some knowable important points and before mentioning that let’s understand some basics about Bluetooth speakers.

These are generally categorized on the basis of their uses. Speakers which are used for outdoor travel are Rugged speakers as they are smaller in size and can easily find space in your backpack. Waterproof speakers also have the same qualities and are designed in such a way that they can be easily used near the water and do not go out or order if come in contact with water. Speakers which can be connected together and have an attractive look with blinking lights with the music flow are Party speakers. Usually these have the same type of qualities but they are designed to look impressive. We also have speakers with variety of qualities including having a speaker to take calls and a mic. All types of speakers can be designed with aforesaid qualities.

Now Let’s Understand, What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?

Simple to understand that it’s made of two words: Bluetooth, which is a technology and speaker, is a device which is based upon the technology. Two devices get connected together without a cable. One is transmitter and the other one is receiver. This is called Bluetooth technology and the receiver devices are the Bluetooth speakers. These devices receive any audio in digital format and then magnify it using the built in amplifiers. Because of no cable requirement, portability and size, these have replaced all other speakers to be used with cable, very fast and have become the first choice of the music listeners.

Important knowable facts about Bluetooth speakers:

Price Range:

Price depends on the specifications or brand name. There are speakers which come in very less price, at the other hand there are many which seem to be impractically costly. To give you an idea; the usual price range is $50 – $300.

Best Brands:

Philips, Bose, Fugoo, Ultimate ears etc are considered as best brands though there are many speakers available but we suggest you to choose looking at the required specifications and your budget.

Here are few particular modals which you can have a look before finalizing your favorite one:

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3
This is the best waterproof speaker which also produces pretty balanced sound. This has all the qualities to become the main attraction of next pool party. Colors are multiple and attractive. The cylinder shaped speakers can perform for 20 hours and can be used within Bluetooth range of 100 feet. This also comes with two year warranty. Want to see the rugged speaker which can even float in water in water if falls by chance? Then you can go for it. Not only for outdoors it easily can become a part of any room of your home too. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose Sound link Revolve

Bose Sound link Revolve -
If you are looking for just great sound then this can be a fair choice. The sound is crisp, clear, Loud and comes from all the directions. Sound link revolve can work for 14 hours which is ideal for outdoors. Though not as portable as Ultimate ears speaker but this is also very much portable and easy to pair as well. You cannot call it waterproof but yes, its splash proof. - Check Prices Button Red

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom -
This is another rugged, pool buddy which comes is a very small size of a 4 inch ball. This is so much waterproof that you can even try washing it or float in the water. It has also been drop tested from a height of 5 feet as per the company. Hide it anywhere you want in the home or near the pool and you will be surprised by the sound. - Check Prices Button Red

Marshall Kilburn II

Marshall Kilburn II -
Marshall Kilburn II is again an extremely portable with a strap to hang on it and very easily designed sound button makes it really adorable. The sound is loudly good but it sounds perfect with hip hop, rock and dance. The battery performs for 20 hours and it’s also been made splash free to accompany you anywhere you need it. This can easily be used anywhere including bathrooms and outdoors but you need to be little careful as it is just splash free and you should never try to float it in water. - Check Prices Button Red

Audio Pro Addon C3

Audio Pro Addon C3 -
The key feature are incredible sound, attractive looks, portable and WI Fi plus Bluetooth. Battery life is nine hours. You can carry it using the belt attached on the top. Hence this can be the best speaker choice for your home. - Check Prices Button Red

Anker Soundcore Flare

Anker Soundcore Flare -
Looking for something non expensive then go for the Anker Soundcore Flare. The small portable speaker is surprisingly waterproof and attractive led lights which dance on the beats. The battery is also 12 hours. This is may not be as good as the expensive ones, but the very much affordable music producer really works well. - Check Prices Button Red

JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2 -
This tiny portable cylinder performs a light show with the music. The music quality is really sensational. Control the light show type and color manually the color sensor lens. This splash proof party star manages to be with you anywhere and also provide the battery service of 10 hours. Where you are cooking, gardening, relaxing in the bath tub or just spending time with your family and friends, this is really a mood changer with the dancing light as the music flows. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose Sound link Micro

Bose Sound link Micro -
This one comes with the silicon strap so that you can stick to to the bike handle or to the strap of your bag, purse or backpack. Sound is far better than other tiny speakers of the same price range. This can really be your all time buddy with the battery life of 6 hours. Surprisingly, this is also a waterproof speaker. If you are looking for something tiny in lesser prices, you can go for it. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose SoundLink Revolve +

Bose SoundLink Revolve + -
Bose SoundLink Revolve is something like a lantern which you can carry anywhere and can just hang anywhere like a lantern is really impressive and useful too because of the design. If concerned about the sound, this is a deep bass and overall good sound. - Check Prices Button Red

Tivoli Andiamo

Tivoli Andiamo -
Battery life is something very much impressive, which is 20 hours. No undoubtedly this can travel for long hours with you with providing ultimate sound for the size. Carrying it out is easy and looks so cute to make you feel proud of it. But Of course, this is not a waterproof design and you have to handle it with care. - Check Prices Button Red

Fugoo Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Fugoo GO -
You can also see other speakers by Fugoo as these provide you real value for money. We have come up with this particular one by taking the portability part in to consideration. This anywhere mountable speaker comes with a mounting cord so that it can get along with anything you can think of like your purse, backpack, any handle whether it’s of your bike or somewhere in your sports court or bathroom or kitchen where you do not have a particular place to keep it. This can be hung or kept anywhere as this is very much water proof. Water proof durable cloth, dust and waterproof components and a shock proof case are a part of the design. These drop proofs, slide proof, bounce proof and also soak proof speaker is also good with the full outdoor sound and deep bass. And lastly the battery life is 10 hours. Spend in this rough and tough though attractive speaker and you will never repent. - Check Prices Button Red

Philips BT 50

Philips BT 50 -
Philips BT 50 Bluetooth is a good option if you don’t want to go with the costly option. Philips is anyway known for remarkable sound. This has a clearly balanced sound and bass is nice. The color is truly attractive and the design as well. It does not meet fall accidents easily as this has a rubber coating for a perfect grip with distortion free sound. Connectivity is a little problematic sometimes but overall this is a buyable product. - Check Prices Button Red

Features To Carefully Look At Before You Buy?

Quality of sound or audio is important. The speaker should be producing proper sounds for all frequency ranges. Whether it’s bass, midrange or treble. You can try to listen few genres of music and decide whether the sound is soothing and impressive, to mention in one word: Balanced.

Portability and battery performance also is one feature which cannot be overlooked. Portability mainly depends on the battery performance. Go for a speaker which has a long battery life between 8 to 10 hours. Then only it will serve your purpose of taking the speakers out with you or travel for long hours. Usually the speakers have the performance capacity between 6 to 40 hours and few modals can also be used with rechargeable batteries and can be used a power banks also for your mobile phones.

Look for Size and design as per your requirement. Look for carry able size, fall resist ability, if it can be used in water and sand so that you can use it in different surroundings.

Control options need to be checked as you need to operate the speaker yourself post buying. So the control options have to be useful for you. Most commonly used features are Headset, Hands free and remote control option which enable you to manage the playlist. Though these have many more control options and features but we have made you aware of few useful ones.

If you have the USB charging option in the speaker that is an helpful feature hence try to look for it as when you go out and don’t have the cable available with you, this option really helps. Anyway these speakers are meant to be taken out and they should have the quality of being charged with this option as well without fuss. Try looking for the micro USB port also inn the speaker as this given the facility to charge it using the power bank in case you cannot be near to power socket.

Though you buy the Bluetooth speakers for wireless connectivity but also always search for auxiliary connector as well so that if required it can be connected with the wire also. Sometimes you may have trouble with the wireless connectivity and at that time having this option is added advantage. Search for the word Aux-in when you look at the specifications.

Sometimes you may want to save the battery of your phone and your speaker as well specially when you are travelling and it’s not easy to recharge the draining phone battery. Sometimes if the sound is not satisfactory in few cases, you can try connecting the cable and enjoy the original quality sound as Bluetooth does not provide the same quality as cable. Look for a microphone and NFC as well.NFC makes it quick to pair with the devices and microphone lets you answer the call then and there and you don’t have to search your phone when the call comes using microphone you can communicate with the virtual assistant of your phone and without using the phone whether updates can be checked and appointments with your clients also can be scheduled. This feature is really helpful as this keep you connected to the real world when you are lost in the music world and tend to miss things.

Looking for Bluetooth version is also advised as possible distance between the source device or phone and the speaker and the transmission sound quality is based on it. ‘Bluetooth 4’ or advances versions are advised. Low energy profile support and better battery life are the features which get support by the version. To let you know, ‘Bluetooth 5’ is the best version providing very fast transmission rate and connectivity range but we have very few devices in the market who meet this standard.

Now getting more into details and technical; see for the 40 mm size which is decent. The drivers are very much important for a speaker so the decent size is important. The bigger the driver the bigger the speaker becomes, though it produces better and loud sound as well. It does really matter when it comes to the good sound that how many drivers are added to the device and how these are placed. Apparently the speakers which are smaller in size will have only one full range driver which will be facing up or down. Few portable speakers are designed with two drivers to deliver comparatively loader sound. The space is a problem in the speakers which are small in size and have been designed to be portable hence the manufacturers try to add some vibrators to produce bass which are called passive radiators.

Choosing rugged and waterproof speaker is a must if it’s going to be used in bathroom and most of the times out doors. These are many options available which fulfil this need. Few are slash proof and few options are 100 percent waterproof also.

Frequency range also has to be considered as it is said the wide range enables the speakers to produce better sound. Sometimes the sound quality depends on the quality of the listener’s ears as well. You can’t change the ears for sure but you can always check for the wider range of frequency. The ability to hear changes as with the age and we lose the ability to hear the ability to hear certain frequencies. The purpose of mentioning this is to make you keep the listener’s age also in consideration while coming to a conclusion about a speaker.

Before winding up this particular topic, this is also important to mention some new enhanced features in the Bluetooth speakers. As everything is getting advanced and smart, Bluetooth speakers also are not mere music players but they perform many more tasks. Smart speakers are joining the new trend. Speakers are there to provide high resolution support as many good quality audios come with high resolution. This is noticeably difference maker when you have the compatibility between the source and player device. The new generation speakers can be paired with multiple devices which is very much useful when you use one device for music or may be other one like your phone to accomplish important tasks. Speakers can be paired together as well for better and louder sound. There are speakers which can be paired with more than 100 speakers. Thinks about the wonderful experience of having more than 100 speakers pair with each other, Pairing helps when the sound created by one speaker is not sufficient so, pairing two three speakers together enables you to produce enough required sound without buying a big speaker.

Apparently, it’s difficult to choose from a wide range of Bluetooth speakers but now as you are aware of all the features available in the speakers and have got educated technically about it to some extent, sit and just make a list of requirement you need to be fulfilled from the to be bought speakers. You may want to use them only in home, then the sound quality and the look sometime when you need to match it with the interior of your home. If you are going to use it mostly while travelling then the portability and specially the mount ability is the most important feature.

The Never- Ever Make Mistakes:

Never go blind with big brand or high price: Not necessarily costly and famous things are useful. Make a list of features you require and keep that as base before you look for the speaker.

Battery life is most important: Yes, above all other feature battery performance hours always win when you travel with your Bluetooth buddy. You can look for long hours performance option (like 40 hours) if you are going to use it while traveling.

We have mentioned these points so that you don’t ignore these as these will play a very important part in bringing a satisfactory listening experience and value for your money.

Pros And Cons Of Bluetooth Speakers:

These portable, tiny speakers are liked a lot by the listeners but these need to be charged which you cannot do everywhere hence you need to be regular in charging these otherwise these are good for nothing. These are also ‘handle with care’ devices as to make them portable and tiny; the parts have been made smaller and adjusted. They need to be kept carefully in the cases post use. These are more harmful to the health in comparison to the cable speakers.

Listening using these for a long time can cause headache, uneasiness and sometimes anxiety as well.

Honestly, these cannot compete with the regular speakers. The regular speakers deliver more deep a d powerful sound than these buy the portability and easiness is what making these also popular and their usefulness also cannot be denied as the regular speakers are not compatible with curtail circumstances and situations.

The range also remains a problem sometimes as the speakers need to be kept within 26 feet of other to work. Even then; within range these are used by most of the music and especially party lovers as it is really difficult to carry the wired speakers everywhere.

Most of the movie players are not compatible to Bluetooth though most of the cell phones are compatible.

Blue tooth also is considered to be more unsafe than other data transmission options. Any evil mind that is in the range, being technically good can get access to the data source which can be a trouble for you. The only thing required is to come in to the range. Even after all these cons, Bluetooth speaker’s usefulness is the demand of today’s worlds and lifestyle. These have become the best travel and party buddies as they just get fit in your bag, purse or even the small pockets.

So, as you have been made familiar with the Bluetooth Speakers and their features, pros and cons; you must have got a fair idea to get the right one for yourself.