Confused of which Bluetooth speaker to buy? We have already spent a lot of our time to make this easy for you. After looking at the list of all top Bluetooth speakers and their reviews, we have come up with some knowable important points and before mentioning that let’s understand some basics about Bluetooth speakers.

These are generally categorized on the basis of their uses. Speakers which are used for outdoor travel are Rugged speakers as they are smaller in size and can easily find space in your backpack. Waterproof speakers also have the same qualities and are designed in such a way that they can be easily used near the water and do not go out or order if come in contact with water. Speakers which can be connected together and have an attractive look with blinking lights with the music flow are Party speakers. Usually these have the same type of qualities but they are designed to look impressive. We also have speakers with variety of qualities including having a speaker to take calls and a mic. All types of speakers can be designed with aforesaid qualities.

Now Let’s Understand, What Is A Bluetooth Speaker?

Simple to understand that it’s made of two words: Bluetooth, which is a technology and speaker, is a device which is based upon the technology. Two devices get connected together without a cable. One is transmitter and the other one is receiver. This is called Bluetooth technology and the receiver devices are the Bluetooth speakers. These devices receive any audio in digital format and then magnify it using the built in amplifiers. Because of no cable requirement, portability and size, these have replaced all other speakers to be used with cable, very fast and have become the first choice of the music listeners.

Important knowable facts about Bluetooth speakers:

Price Range:

Price depends on the specifications or brand name. There are speakers which come in very less price, at the other hand there are many which seem to be impractically costly. To give you an idea; the usual price range is $50 – $300.

Best Brands:

Philips, Bose, Fugoo, Ultimate ears etc are considered as best brands though there are many speakers available but we suggest you to choose looking at the required specifications and your budget.

Here are few particular modals which you can have a look before finalizing your favorite one:

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3
This is the best waterproof speaker which also produces pretty balanced sound. This has all the qualities to become the main attraction of next pool party. Colors are multiple and attractive. The cylinder shaped speakers can perform for 20 hours and can be used within Bluetooth range of 100 feet. This also comes with two year warranty. Want to see the rugged speaker which can even float in water in water if falls by chance? Then you can go for it. Not only for outdoors it easily can become a part of any room of your home too. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose Sound link Revolve

Bose Sound link Revolve -
If you are looking for just great sound then this can be a fair choice. The sound is crisp, clear, Loud and comes from all the directions. Sound link revolve can work for 14 hours which is ideal for outdoors. Though not as portable as Ultimate ears speaker but this is also very much portable and easy to pair as well. You cannot call it waterproof but yes, its splash proof. - Check Prices Button Red

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom -
This is another rugged, pool buddy which comes is a very small size of a 4 inch ball. This is so much waterproof that you can even try washing it or float in the water. It has also been drop tested from a height of 5 feet as per the company. Hide it anywhere you want in the home or near the pool and you will be surprised by the sound. - Check Prices Button Red

Marshall Kilburn II

Marshall Kilburn II -
Marshall Kilburn II is again an extremely portable with a strap to hang on it and very easily designed sound button makes it really adorable. The sound is loudly good but it sounds perfect with hip hop, rock and dance. The battery performs for 20 hours and it’s also been made splash free to accompany you anywhere you need it. This can easily be used anywhere including bathrooms and outdoors but you need to be little careful as it is just splash free and you should never try to float it in water. - Check Prices Button Red

Audio Pro Addon C3

Audio Pro Addon C3 -
The key feature are incredible sound, attractive looks, portable and WI Fi plus Bluetooth. Battery life is nine hours. You can carry it using the belt attached on the top. Hence this can be the best speaker choice for your home. - Check Prices Button Red

Anker Soundcore Flare

Anker Soundcore Flare -
Looking for something non expensive then go for the Anker Soundcore Flare. The small portable speaker is surprisingly waterproof and attractive led lights which dance on the beats. The battery is also 12 hours. This is may not be as good as the expensive ones, but the very much affordable music producer really works well. - Check Prices Button Red

JBL Pulse 2

JBL Pulse 2 -
This tiny portable cylinder performs a light show with the music. The music quality is really sensational. Control the light show type and color manually the color sensor lens. This splash proof party star manages to be with you anywhere and also provide the battery service of 10 hours. Where you are cooking, gardening, relaxing in the bath tub or just spending time with your family and friends, this is really a mood changer with the dancing light as the music flows. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose Sound link Micro

Bose Sound link Micro -
This one comes with the silicon strap so that you can stick to to the bike handle or to the strap of your bag, purse or backpack. Sound is far better than other tiny speakers of the same price range. This can really be your all time buddy with the battery life of 6 hours. Surprisingly, this is also a waterproof speaker. If you are looking for something tiny in lesser prices, you can go for it. - Check Prices Button Red

Bose SoundLink Revolve +

Bose SoundLink Revolve + -
Bose SoundLink Revolve is something like a lantern which you can carry anywhere and can just hang anywhere like a lantern is really impressive and useful too because of the design. If concerned about the sound, this is a deep bass and overall good sound. - Check Prices Button Red

Tivoli Andiamo

Tivoli Andiamo -
Battery life is something very much impressive, which is 20 hours. No undoubtedly this can travel for long hours with you with providing ultimate sound for the size. Carrying it out is easy and looks so cute to make you feel proud of it. But Of course, this is not a waterproof design and you have to handle it with care. - Check Prices Button Red

Fugoo Go Portable Bluetooth Speaker