6 – Best Xbox Headsets You Must Have On Your Radar

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If you are looking for a supreme audio experience when you are gaming that just gets better with time, then Xbox One headsets have you covered. Xbox One is a product that is associated with quality. Everything about it, screams superiority and they never just settle. Xbox One makers strive to ensure that they improve their customer’s experience every time they use their products. Their headsets in particular are famed for their convenience and superior sound quality. Most of their offerings are wireless these days put those dark days of tangled and vulnerable wires behind you once and for all.

With Xbox One headsets going the extra mile at every turn, getting the right one for you can be an unnerving task. However, do not worry. This article explores top five of the best Xbox One headsets and all you need to know about them so that you can buy the right one for you.

The Picks

Xbox headset top rated picks, the following criteria was used to judge them: audio quality, design, charging dock effectiveness and wireless capability.

Below are the top five picks in order: Astro A50 with Xbox Adapter, LucidSound LS40, Turtle Beach Elite Pro, Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+, Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset and Mad Catz Tritton Ark 100.

#1 – Astro A50 With Xbox Adapter

Astro A50 With Xbox Adapter - BillLentis.com
This is arguably the best headset in the market. Most of the users who have bought it have remarked at its astoundingly superior audio quality and flawless simplicity. It looks very pleasing on the eye and comes with a whole host of options.

Retailing at USD296, the Astro A50 is in a league of its own. For starters, it is completely wireless for a tangle-free gaming experience. It comes with a very efficient charging dock and its audio capability is just out of this world.


It comes with wireless surround sound that churns out nearly perfect and real audio sounds for an immersive gaming experience. The high quality audio transfer means there is no lagging sound making you experience those sounds in real time.

Secondly, it is very light making it easy to carry around and comfortable to wear.It also comes with a separate earcup kit with different sizes of ear cups to match any users. This in turn ensures an optimal gaming experience overall. Finally, it comes with a reliable battery that is long lasting ensuring that you keep up the gaming for extended periods without worrying about recharging it.


If you are keen on getting a cheap headset, this one will not be up your alley because it is in the pricier side of the spectrum.

The charging dock, while a stunning piece of design, requires time to get used to. It is not as straightforward at first glance.

This headset requires tremendous care while using it since its materials are somewhat fragile. The mic performance is a little subpar and could use some work in order to get right.

As for the wireless connection, you might want to prepare for it get a little spotty some time. The controls on this headset are very tiny and require the user to take time to learn them.

Final Word

This model is top because of its overall design and very high sound quality. As long as you are willing to up with those small problems, you will be in a prime position of enjoying your gaming experience tremendously.

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#2 – Lucidsound LS40 – Best Surround Sound At A Pocket-Friend Price

Lucidsound LS40 - BillLentis.com
LucidSound LS40 is one of the headsets in the market right now that comes in a very affordable price and does not sacrifice quality in the least.

Retailing at USD199.99, this headset comes with a variety of features designed to take your gaming audio experience up a notch or two. It comes with a flexible plug-in mic, headband with pleather pads, mic monitoring function and a great overall design.


This headset has remarkable surround sound for enhanced clarity during gaming.

It also has an exquisitely designed headband and comes with pleather pads for enhanced comfort while gaming.

Also, its set up is very straightforward enabling you to get to your gaming as quickly as possible.

The flexible mic plug-in ensures that you can safely keep the mic elsewhere when not in use.

The mic monitoring function is important for keeping an eye on the quality of audio you send out. This way you can make adjustments if the quality is poor.


Its external noise is noticeably present and very distracting.

Finally, it is a little heavy and could affect your gaming later on.

Final Word

This headset checks most, if not all, of the boxes that people looking for an affordable headset want. The surround sound is good and clear but with a little lag. However, owing to its quality, price range and comfort, you can forgive it and give it a good whirl.

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#3 – Turtle Beach Elite Pro – Best Headset For Competitive Gaming

Turtle Beach Elite Pro - BillLentis.com
If you spend your time in a single competitive game and want a headset that really delivers, then the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is the ideal headset for you. It is very affordable retailing at $19.95.

It comes with a flexible mic set up, numerous audio control adjustments, very high quality and durable earcups.


This headset is very affordable. It is also very durable and very high quality, very large earcups are designed to be long lasting and very comfortable to use. Their size allow for optimal noise cancellation.

The additional audio controller allows users to make quick adjustments with minimal interruptions to their gaming experience.


It only has one audio control meaning that for a group experience, one has to buy extra headsets.

The headset’s earcups can be very heavy at first making it uncomfortable to use them for a while.

The audio controller is a little complicated and takes time to master.

Final Word

For the gamer who wants to create a type of professional playing environment, then this is the ideal headset for you.

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#4 – Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ – Most Durable Xbox Headset

Turtle Beach Stealth 420X+ - BillLentis.com
If you are looking for a durable headset with remarkable wireless sound capabilities, Turtle Beach has your back with this model. This headset retails at USD209.98. It is made of very strong plastic. Comes with lightweight earcups, flexible mic and wireless surround.


It is designed in a way that it can handle any rough treatment you can push its way.

The lightweight earcups are very comfortable to wear and carry around.

This headset has flawless wireless operation for optimal gaming.

Its mic is flexible for easy use and convenience.


This wireless headset does not have surround sound. It takes up two USB ports to connect. This headset’s buttons are very tiny and take time to learn.

Final Words

This Turtle Beach headset model is ideal for the consumer looking for a very durable headset with good wireless sound.

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#5 – Microsoft Xbox Stereo Headset

The Microsoft Xbox stereo headset is great for users on a budget and want high quality and yet lightweight options.

It retails at USD49.99 and comes with very simple features: flip-up mic and lightweight design.


It is very affordable and ideal for gamers on a budget. In addition, it is very compact and lightweight. This makes it comfortable to use and store.


In terms of quality with third-party headsets, it has a very long way to go.

Final Word

This headset is great fit for gamers looking for a starter headset before moving on to advanced models.

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#6 – Mad Catz Tritton Ark 100 – Best Sound For The Money

Mad Catz Tritton Ark 100 - BillLentis.com
If you like a bargain and do not mind a poorly designed headset, then Mad Catz Tritton Ark is the ideal option for you. It retails at USD34.99.

This headset has flip-up mic, different ear cup size types and easy wireless set up.


It comes with a relatively good sound at a very affordable price.

Secondly, its battery life is very good, thereby enabling you to keep playing without worrying about the charge running out. Its flip-up mic is a nice addition enabling you to position it in any way for easy. It comes with a whole hose earcup options that cater to any comfort need you might have. In addition, it is very light and hence very comfortable to use.


Its design is not at all that pleasing to the eye and its ergonomic control settings are poorly positions. Also users might experience connectivity issues from time to time.

Final Word

In terms of design, this headset is lacking in many areas but is worth looking into if you are looking for an affordable headset. Some of the accessories you will find in the package might appeal to you.

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Key Reasons Why You Need A New Xbox One Headset

Today’s games are created with the intention of being a totally immersive experience that mimics the real world. All the actions you see and hear come very close to the real thing as possible. Whether you are playing a single-person shooter online or some other game, the quality of your headset matters a lot. Since most games have a sort of community and people are in constant contact with each other, the type of headset you buy could make the difference between beating a rival or getting walloped.

Xbox One headsets are very simple. They have the best surround system with a whole host of features like amplified EQ, among other things. In order to pick up the smallest details like the sounds of footsteps, environmental noises and any of the sound effects that come with gaming, you need a headset that is intricately designed in order to have a superior edge while playing. As for clearly communicating with your teammates, Xbox One headsets have advanced mic settings for clear and crisp sounds to the other people listening in cutting out all distortions. Their ear cup design ensures that anyone wearing them will not hear any external noise making razor-sharp focus while playing. In short, these bad boys go that extra mile in creating a real-life online gaming experience.

Online gaming not your thing but you still want what the Xbox One headsets offer in terms of sound? Well, you can still use them offline without any hassle.

As was mentioned earlier, these headsets have wireless capabilities that allow users to enjoy a tangle free gaming experience (something that was not possible with wired headsets).

NOTE: It is the expectation of many buyers that every time they pull out a headset from the box, it should work immaculately. In fact, most people expect it to work right away. However, this is just a start. When you are looking at your headset for the first time, you should examine every inch of it: look at the mic, audio settings and volume controls. This way you can set them the way they are supposed to be set. Failure to set them dials the right way might make for a very uncomfortable listening experience. It is very easy to freak out when the headset does not do what it is supposed to for the first time, but as long as you change the settings the right way, it will work just fine. Plus, reading the manual does not hurt either when you want to set the headset to work the way it is supposed to.

The Selection Process And Features Considered For The Top Headsets In This Review

In selecting headsets for this review, there were several critical components that were considered. This sections highlights in detail, those components and how they rated in the aforementioned choices.

The design of the headset was a massive consideration. In this component of consideration, the weight of the headset, its ergonomics (how it sits on the head), the working mechanism of the headband and visually distinct features it contained like pivoting earcups or dualband design were focused on.

Another critical part that was considered was the material used in creating the headset. In this component, the material that that earcups were constructed from and how sturdy and durable was a major factor. The mic design, its construction material and functions were examined in order to find mics with best functionality. The button locations and ease-of-use were also another major consideration. Since they are supposed to relay sound, the quality of the sound emitted by these headsets was critically examined. In this aspect, surround sound and EQ settings were examined as well. Sound was judged based on the ease with which locating cues from the environment was. Clarity and crispness was a major testing point as well. The final considerations were the costs, ease-of locating the headsets, available accessories and its resilience in the face of external interruptions.

How To Choose The Right Headset For You

Think About Your Head

It is important that when you are examining various models you consider how it will sit on your head. You must think about how the way you wear your hair affects the positioning of the headband and earcups. Other things like how the experience will be like with pivoting earcups, height adjustments, the way you wear your spectacles (if any) and anything to do with comfort is important.

Ideally, you consider getting a flexible headset if you wear hats or specs, from time to time while you are gaming. Also consider getting headsets that fully cover your ears. So that that you can really get into that gaming experience without any noise interruptions.

Detachable Mics And Cables

If you find yourself gaming in a very heated setting where everyone is rowdy, you might want to consider getting a headset with detachable mics. This is very essential because replacing headsets will burn a hole in your pocket if they get damaged and you still want to continue with your gaming experience uninterrupted. When you own a headset, take the precautions. Sometimes you might be very tired and forget where you put your headsets. You or someone else could sit on them damaging them irreparably. Overall, detachable mics and cables offer you more control over the precautions because they can be kept safely and from the reach of people or nasty accidents.

Compatible Surround Sound

Xbox One enables users to have control over the two sound modes in the consoles. These sound modes are the DTS and Dolby which have amassed a reputation of being very serious about enhancing sound quality. Different games work better on specific sound modes and it is important that you learn about the right sound mode for the games you love to play. This way you can choose the right headset.

If you are clueless about how surround sound works but are eager about purchasing a gaming headset, worry not. There are a variety of sources of information about sounding guides and perusing them will bring you that much closer to getting the right headset for your gaming needs.

Cushioning Of The Earcups That Match Your Gaming Habits

There are some manufacturers that allow users to customize the cushioning materials on their earcups for a good overall audio experience while gaming. Some manufactures have a mod kit that allows users to choose materials that they are most comfortable with while gaming. If you encounter headsets without such options, you must at least then consider getting a headset that matches your gaming habit.

With the different earcup cushioning materials in the market today like coarse weaves, leather and PVC, it is important to know which material you want. Different materials respond better in different gaming situations. For instance, rougher waves are best recommended for places where environment is sweaty and the gamer requires cooling. This material has a downside in that you must wash it regularly. Leathers and PVC types are idea if you require comfort and do not want to constantly clean them from time to time. Leathers and PVC types require tremendous care because they are very susceptible to scratching after prolonged use. Therefore, weigh the care required for different materials against the benefits they have so that you can decide on the right one for you.

Detachable cupping materials are worth exploring if you are big on cleanliness as well.

Errors You Must Avoid When Selecting A Headset For Your Console

Getting A Headset That Is Incompatible With Xbox One

There are various Xbox versions in the market and headset versions to match. It is important that when you are looking for the right headset for you, you find a compatible headset for it. In this case, if you have an Xbox One, choose a headset for Xbox One. If you cannot find the compatible exclusively Xbox One headset for you, do not panic. There are other brands coming up with Xbox exclusive headset for every version in the market.

Choosing A Headset Because It Has ‘Wireless’ Written On It

There is something about having a wireless headset that is just cool. It makes you just want to play with a kind of ‘superhuman’ intensity. Wireless headsets have a lot of benefits in addition to that cool factor you crave. They are tangle-free and what not, but they also come with their fair share of challenges. These challenges are as follows: lagging sounds, battery charging problems, interference, just to mention a few.

When you buy a headset, you might want to consider whether or not the wireless feature is the right one for you. Wired headsets have their benefits as well and could suit other needs just as well. In a nutshell, wired headsets tend to be more reliable than their wireless counterparts.

Neglecting Thinking About Times When The Headset Is Not In Use

It is important to always think about where you will put the headset after using it. Also worth considering are other users apart from yourself and charging it. You need to think about whether the headset comes with a charging dock or it is USB charged so that you make the necessary arrangements.

Final Words On The Ideal Headset For Your Needs

By all intents and purposes, the Astro A50 is perhaps the best option out there with LucidSound LS40 coming in at a close second. However, if you are keen on getting the best headset for you, it is essential that you make a concerted effort to know those needs first, evaluate the options out there and then choose. Newer and more advanced models are constantly coming out each day. If you are the buyer looking to take your gaming to next level, keeping up with the trends is a great start to build on.