Best Vegetables For Container Gardening

Best Vegetables For Container Gardening - Bill Lentis Media


5 Great Vegetables To Grow In Container Gardening

Container gardening makes it easy for individuals to make their own produce, in small spaces. Tomatoes, eggplants and peppers are the easiest vegetables to grow in containers. Moreover, gardeners can sow seeds of peas and lettuce in containers as well.


Tomatoes can grow in containers, and if someone loves tomatoes, then they can take any size containers to grow them. There are several varieties of tomatoes, which is why the gardener should know what variety would give a good produce in his area. When the tomato plant gets taller, then it is a good idea to add a cage outside the container; it will provide extra support to the container. Also go and check out the best insecticide for vegetable garden – check my site.

Tips For Growing Tomatoes

There are five tips for growing tomatoes in a container:
1. Use 5 gallon bucket, for every plant
2. Use potting soil
3. Use slow-release fertilizer
4. Plant tomatoes in deep soil
5. Give it at least 8 hours of sun exposure


Sweet peppers grow really well in containers, and if someone likes to add green or yellow peppers in their food, then they can grow them in a container. Choosing the right size for the container here is very important. The gardener should give peppers more room to grow, so that they don’t get squashed. Small peppers will need 2 gallon containers, while other varieties would need larger containers. Peppers should be given at least 8 hours of sunlight every day, and can be brought indoors for the night; Garden4Ever.


Spinach is really good for health, and it grows well in containers as well. The gardener would need an 8 inch container to grow the spinach. The most important thing to remember here is that, spinach is heat sensitive and to keep their leaves from wilting, direct sunlight should be avoided. As containers can get warm during summer time, it is best to choose a shady spot, when they are placed outdoors. They grow well during winters, and if they are indoors, then they should be well watered; EarthBox.


They are easy to grow in containers, and mostly grow during winters. They can be grown vertically, so that more space would be available for other things. If the cucumber containers are placed outdoors, then they can grow on vines on the deck railing as well. Once the cucumber starts growing, it should be harvested regularly so that it doesn’t weigh down the vines, they are growing on.


Kale doesn’t need much space to grow, which is why it is a perfect vegetable for container gardening. If the gardener has a 20 inch pot, then he can grow about five kale plants. If they are planted during the winter month, then they should be kept out of the cold. It is best not to overwater them, or let them get too dry. They should get direct sunlight every day, so that they can grow well.