Best Pizza Restaurant In Boston, MA



To find the best pizza restaurant in Boston MA, would be every citizen’s dream. Everyone loves pizza, and have a different taste of toppings and bread type, from one another. There are many places in Boston MA, where people can enjoy good pizza, along with other savory items.

Regina Pizzeria

This Italian restaurant is located at 11 ½ Thacher St. There are some really good pizza servings here. Customers recommend ordering St. Anthony, because it was an incredible pizza. The taste of the pizza is quite authentic, as it comes with sausages, basil, roasted onions and peppers. Other recommendations include margherita pizza, pepperoni pizza, and Classic Boston pizza. See the best paint bar in Boston, MA, – Go Here.

Even though the place is small, people should always make a reservation before going; Pizzeria Regina. The crust of the pizza is really good, along with the sauce. The mozzarella on the pizza and the casual is one of the reasons why this is the best pizza restaurant in Boston MA. want to know the best greek restaurant in Boston, MA – Click Here.

Union Park Pizza

This restaurant is located at 1405 Washington St. The pizzas are made in flastbread style in brick ovens. The ingredients are fresh and one of the best that customers will get to try in Boston. The crust of the pizza is really crisp, and the customer can easily feel the cheese melting in their mouth. It has a very modern, plain and simple decor, one which customers would love very much. The best pizzas to order here are buffalo chicken, classic pepperoni pizza, veggie supreme and summer sausage; Union Park Pizza.

Dirty Water Dough

The name might make customers lose their appetite, but once they take a look at the pizzas served in this restaurant, they will immediately give into pizza temptation. This restaurant is located at 222 Newbury St, and is in the list of the best pizza restaurant in Boston MA, because of their delicious crust and toppings. Some very famous pizzas here are bbq chicken pizza, dirty taco pizza, steak and cola pizza and mac & cheese pizza. If someone doesn’t have much appetite, then they can order one slice as well. This is a really popular place for the locals, and if someone wants a takeaway, then they can always call first. Check out the best gyms in Boston, MA, – More Info.

Santarpio’s Pizza

This is a small place located at 111 Chelsea St. Other than its scrumptious shrimp scampi pizza, customers come here to try out the lamb skewers that the restaurant serves.The reason why it is called the best pizza restaurant in Boston MA, is because of its garlic sausage pizza, meat lovers pizza and pepperoni pizza. The servers are attentive and friendly, and for those who want to try out simple, they can get hot peppers with sausage pizza; Santarios Pizza.

There are not many pizza places which serve desserts to their customers, but Picco Pizza & IceCream is different. It is one of the best pizza restaurant in Boston MA, but it also serves really good ice cream. The pizzas are delicious, well balanced, with crispy crust. This restaurant is located at 513 Tremont St, South End.