Best Bookstores Boston, MA

Best Bookstores Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


Who doesn’t like to spend time with books? Even though people have more books, and less time to read, it always feels good to go to a bookstore, and get to know about the latest books. For those who love readings, there are many best bookstores in Boston MA, which they will love.

Brattle Book Shop

This is one of the oldest and largest bookstores in America. It sells used books, and has a stock of 250,000 books. There are three floors in this bookstore, and whenever people visit here, they will always find something that they haven’t read. The first two floors contain used titles, while the third floor is for those, who love antique editions of books. This is one of the best bookstores in Boston MA. Its location is 9 West Street, Downtown. The owner of this bookstore is Ken Gloss, who answers queries of customers and even suggest them what they should buy. Look at the best beaches in Boston, MA – Go Here.

Commonwealth Books

This store is a must visit for those, who love antiquarian texts. This is one of the best bookstores Boston MA, because it offers people a chance to escape their busy life, and enter a life blessed with books. The store is located at 9 Spring Lane, Downtown. There are several rooms in this bookstore, and some book lovers will find the interior, fascinating. This is perfect for not only book lovers, but also for those who are fascinated by antique texts; Commonwealth. See the best steakhouses in Boston – Click Here.

Papercuts J.P.

This is a really good bookstore, which is nestled in Jamaica Plain, 60 South Street. The reason why this is one of the best bookstores Boston MA, is because it offers a selection of best sellers and classics to book lovers. Even the works of the lesser known authors are published here, making this bookstore different from all the others. This is also a home to a publishing company, which produces short fiction, memoirs and even anthologies for book lovers; PapercutsJP.

More Than Words

The name of this bookstore, isn’t the only thing interesting about it. The store is located at 2nd, 242 East Berkeley Street, South End. The shop is a non-profit, and it provides job counseling, career counseling and mentorship for young people, between the ages of 16 and 24. The bookstore operates on donations, and has more than 50,000 used titles. These titles include classics, and even cookbooks, which everyone can read; MoreThanWords.

For those who can buy books, there are discounts available to them. The bookstore asks people to donate their books and clothes, for the less fortunate. This not only makes it a good cause, but also one of the best bookstores Boston MA. Bookstores should have a friendly staff, with proper genre books for everyone. Most bookstores make the mistake of not paying attention to the categories of books, or putting them in correct order. This is why, they are unable to attract the attention of visitors. Bookstores should work on their marketing, and create more hype and noise when new books are released. A compilation of the best bars in boston – Website.