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Here is a list of home theatre projectors with their specifications, pros and cons.

#1 – Optoma HD29 Darbee 1080P Projector

Optoma HD29 Darbee 1080P Projector -
If we talk about the projectors then Optoma HD29 is our first priority especially in terms of quality of picture, features and response time. It is best both for the beginners and professional users. The pros of this projector include:

• Best picture quality
• Reasonable price
• Competent brightness
• Best response time

• Speaker is weak
• Limited input options

This projector has been added to the list of home theatre projectors because of its excellent features within a reasonable price. This projector is useful both for beginners and professional users. When it comes to the greatest quality of the projectors with clear results and brightness then the Optoma HD29 is the first projector that comes to your mind. This brand is working with efficiency in the market because of its awesome range of projectors. If you are looking both for quality and reasonable price then HD29 is the best option. The excellent brightness and color scheme is something that is preferred by most of the users especially while playing the games. The HD29 is designed in such a way that it will give you best results during your game sessions.

The best thing about the projector is that you can simply lift it up and mount it on walls or shelves. If you are a regular user of a projector then this projector is definitely for you because of its lightweight. You can simply place it anywhere. This is by far the most popular and desirable projector for beginners and professional because of its ultimate features. Also check out our other post – Click Here. - Check Prices Button Red

#2 – Optoma HD142X 1080p Projector

Optoma HD142X 1080p Projector 3 -
The HD142X is ranked among the most budget-friendly projectors. If you are not a regular user of a projector or you want it for your educational purposes, then you can consider this projector for you. The best thing about the projector includes:

• Lamp life of 8000 hours
• Full brightness
• Efficient working
• High-performance projector

• Lack of customization options
• Speaker is less versatile

If you do not want to spend much on the projector or you are tight on budget, then this projector is definitely for you. You will get all the essential features of a projector within a limited budget. You do not need to pay extra for the expensive projectors if you are getting all the important features here. This budget-friendly projector is for everyone but the main purpose of making this projector is to provide the important projector features within a limited budget. One of the best features of the projector is that it works very well in ambient light conditions. If you have a small space in your house with multiple windows, then this projector will help you to get the best picture quality results even in those lighting conditions. This projector is made for all those who do not want to spend extra money on projectors and are looking for ways to set up a home theatre. So if you are not ready to spend extra money on projectors and want to get all the important features of a projector then HD142X is definitely for you. This budget-friendly projector will give you all the important features you are looking for. The longer lamp life, reasonable price and efficient performance are those features which make this projector ideal to buy. - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – Benq HT3050 Home Theatre Projector

Benq HT3050 Home Theatre Projector 2 -
BenQ HT3050 is one of the best projectors, especially for movies. The picture quality, brightness and other features have added the much convenience to watch the movies. The main pros of this projector are:

• Best picture quality
• Best color quality
• Versatile settings
• Various setup options

• It sometimes gets hot when using for a longer period of time
• The design of the projector is not made in an advanced way

The best thing about the projector is its color scheme and brightness. This projector is great for movie lovers. Thanks to the technology introduced in it. It gives the picture quality exactly in a way someone loves to watch. The brighter colors and the picture quality have added the beautiful effects to the movies and games. You will find this projector one of the best for your home. Though the price of the projector is comparatively high you will find it a worth buying thing when you will pay for. Both for professional and movie lover this projector is a must have. The only drawback of this projector is that the speakers are less advanced. Sometimes it causes a vibrating effect of eardrums. Besides this drawback, this projector is overall a good projector for high-quality picture and cinematic looks. You will actually feel the difference between an ordinary projector and BenQ HT3050. - Check Prices Button Red

#4 – Epson Home Cinema 1440 Projector

Epson Home Cinema 1440 Projector -
Epson Home Cinema 1440 is one of the top projectors for gaming purposes. The game lovers usually demand the high quality of the screen. This projector has solved the problem to get a wonderful gaming experience at home. The main features of the Epson Home Cinema 1440 include:

• High image quality
• Easy setup
• Automatic functioning
• High-quality brightness

• Expensive

When you will choose the Epson Home Cinema 1440 then you will really feel the difference but the only drawback of this projector is that it is really expensive. You need to pay extra money for this projector in order to get the best gaming experience. The higher light intensity can ruin your day if you are using a projector for fun. Epson Home Cinema 1440 is designed in such a way that controls the light conditions and gives the high-quality results even on sunny days. If you are placing your projector in a room with multiple windows, you do not need to get worried about the quality. Epson Home Cinema 1440 will control the ambient light and will develop the beautiful images in front of you. In short, Epson Home Cinema 1440 is a wonderful option as a home theatre projector. It is a bit expensive but the quality of the projector is really remarkable that you will feel good after paying for it. - Check Prices Button Red

#5 – Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Projector

Optoma HD25-LV-WHD Projector -
It is not necessary to always use a projector indoor; sometimes there is a need to carry it especially if you are hanging out with friends. Optoma HD25-LV-WHD is a portable projector designed especially for this purpose. These are the main features of this projector:

• The sound effect is great
• Easy to carry
• Lightweight
• Portable
• Good brightness

• it gets hot when using for a longer period of time

The only drawback of Optoma HD25-LV-WHD is that it gets hot when using for a longer period of time. The 101-inch screen will allow you to get excellence picture. It is suitable for larger audiences. It is also portable and lightweight. The picture quality of this projector is quite high and you will definitely get the real thing in return of your money. It works great both for games and movies. If we talk about the overall efficiency and performance of the Optoma HD25-LV-WHD then it can be said that this projector is really worthy to buy. It provides the crispiest images and provides the great colour vibrancy. It is a good choice for games and movies. The widescreen allows you to cover a larger audience. The ultimate brightness, high image quality and portability make this projector ideal to buy. - Check Prices Button Red

Why There Is A Need To Buy A New Projector?

Optoma HD29 Darbee 1080P Projector 3 -
With the advancement of technology, each and everything is getting advanced. The technology of chips and the lenses which play a major role in the working of projectors are also getting changed. These are evolving with the passage of time and more features are being added into it. A projector now costs you only a few hundred dollars as compared to the earlier projectors. Some projectors will even give you all the advanced features within the limited price. The best thing about those projectors is you can enjoy all the great features of a projector by spending less money on it. With the passage of time, the projectors are also getting smaller and lighter in weight. These are portable and easy to carry. These small projectors can be placed easily at smaller spaces or you can mount them on your wall. There is no need to dedicate a special corner of the house or a place to put them.

The projectors coming these days are very advanced in functioning. There is a list of the features you can look for while buying a projector. You can easily read the manual and operate the projector.

Buying Guide For A Home Theatre Projector

Benq HT3050 Home Theatre Projector 3 -
There are many features that should be considered while buying those projectors. The resolution, lumen output and the size of the projector matter a lot. If a projector is of high quality then its resolution will be good. A good projector should have all the great features within limited price but that is not necessary. When you test those projectors, you will come to know the different features of a projector. A good projector must have the best image and screen quality. There are many features of the projectors that should be considered by the users in order to get a perfect one. If you are a beginner then do not go for the advanced options. Similarly, if you love to play the games or watch movies then there are many projectors that will help you to get the best resolution.

How Home Theatre Projectors Are Tested?

In order to get the best quality product, different projectors were tested. Their features, resolution and price were examined. The price was compared with the features of the projectors. It was tested either a projector is fulfilling the demands of the user or not. He/she has paid for the right product or not. All these things help a user to get the best product. This list of top 5 projectors will help you to identify the good one for you according to your needs and requirements. You can look for a great projector here according to your needs.

It is difficult for an ordinary person to check each and every model of a projector that is why this review will help you to get the best product for you. Each and every product was tested according to the needs of the users and the final statement was made. If you have a small space in the house then a small portable projector will be ideal for you. Similarly, if you want to enjoy the movies, games and other programs then you must need a projector with high-quality image results.

The projectors are mainly tested by considering many features. Mainly the people use projectors for games, movies and computer. If you are interested in watching movies, match or tournaments on big screens, then the projector will help you to enjoy those moments. Keep in mind the actual need and then buy a projector according to your requirement. If you want low priced projectors then think about our low priced projector while on the other hand if you want a professional and high-quality projector then Optoma HD29 will be a great choice.

Mounting Of Projector

The projectors were also tested on the basis of their mounting features. We know that if someone has a smaller space in the house then a lightweight and small projector will work best for you. Similarly, if you have a large space or you want professional looking projector then you will spend extra on high-quality projectors. The physical characteristics like the weight and size of the projectors are also tested while choosing a perfect one. While mounting the projector it is really important to look for the perfect place as it requires evacuating the heat. So carefully place it at a place where the fan can perform its work in a proper way. Usually, the people make a mistake and they place the projector just behind the head of the users. The projector produces a lot of noise and heat during its functioning. So it is really important to carefully look for the place of mounting the projector.

Important Features Of A Projector

There are few features of projectors that should be kept in mind before buying those projectors. If you are new in buying those projectors, look for all the important features of the projector and then buy it. The main features of projector include:

Resolution Of Projector

The resolution of the projector is something very important because if you are watching movies or playing games and the quality is not good then you will ruin your day. Usually when high quality of projector is mentioned then it means it has 1080p but when you will go for the low priced projectors then it means the resolution is 720p. It is not as good as 1080p. Now a day, there are many projectors which have high display resolution. The screen and image quality of those 4k projectors are very awesome. This list does not have any 4k projector. The reason is that if you have a limited budget then these projectors are best to buy. If you want to spend much and your budget is high then you must go for the 4k projectors.

Bulb Life

As the resolution of the projector matters a lot, similarly the bulb life of the projector is also very important. A longer bulb life will make you able to enjoy your movies and videos for a longer period of time. Usually, the average life of a bulb is up to 10,000 hours. If you will look for an average projector with average bulb life then you will get 10,000 hours of bulb life. This is enough for a low priced projector but when you will buy an expensive projector then it is obvious that you will get a longer bulb life. As long as your bulb is able to illume you can enjoy the benefits of a projector. If the bulb is dead then you must need to replace it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to look for those projectors having a longer life span of bulbs. It will make you able to enjoy the movies, games and videos for a longer period of time.


Lumen is basically the brightness that is emitted from a projector. It is basically a maximum amount of light that you expect from a projector to come out. This is one of the basic features of the projector because the quality of your movies depends a lot on it. If your projector is near to the windows or it’s getting enough sunlight then 3000-4000 lumens will be required to perform its function in a better way. If you are watching your stuff at night then 1000 lumens will be enough to perform its functioning. So before buying a projector, it is really important to look for the lumen rating in order to get the best product.

1080p Resolution

It is always recommended to buy a projector having a 1080p resolution. If you will go for the projector having less resolution then you will ruin your money. You need to clearly think about it. If you are playing a game or you are watching a movie then it is really important that the screen resolution is high. You will not enjoy the full-screen resolution, colors and brightness of the movie if the resolution is less than 1080p. It is highly advisable not to go below this range. Besides that, if you really want to spend on projectors then 4k projectors are the best option. Technically in market people are buying those projectors because these projectors have awesome screen resolution. You will get full HD quality and resolution of movies and videos. So for all those people, if money is no issue for you, you can definitely buy 4k projectors because of the ultimate experience.

Which Mistakes To Avoid While Buying Projectors?

When buying projectors, then there are many things that you should avoid in order to get the right product. If you are buying a projector then keep in mind not to buy it for day-watching. You must have noticed that it is almost useless to watch movies or videos without a black background especially in the daytime. So you will not feel convenient when you will watch your stuff at daytime. Though there are lumens and brightness options it will not give you decent day-watching. If you want to spend on projectors then there are many options available in the market like 4k projectors. It is true if you are tight on budget then you will not be able to spend on projectors but keep in mind that it can be the best investment if you are fond of videos, games and movies. Don’t hesitate to spend on projectors if you are a professional user. It will serve you in the best way. Moreover, the expensive projectors also have a warranty so you can use them for many years.

It is really important to clearly think about the space where you want to place or mount the projector. If you have bought a projector which is compact in size then keep in mind to measure the space before buying the next projector. If you are having less space or you have purchased a projector to mount on the wall, then you must have to buy your new projector with similar size and weight. If you have more space in your house, then you can choose different projectors with different size. Do not ignore the size of the projector, because it can create a problem for you when you would replace your old projector with the new one. There are also some extra features that can be considered while buying those projectors. Like if you want to get quality images then you can choose projector screens. Though you can use your wall or flat surface to show the images or videos for better results you can consider the additional things as well.