Security of one’s property and loved ones is a major concern for any individual. If you live in an area where you are unsure about the security situation, investing in a good security system will go a long way in casting away any worries and doubts you might have regarding your safety. However, as you start thinking about investing in a good system, you will confront the reality that there are very many options to choose. In order to get a system that will give you your money’s worth, you need to put concerted effort in the selection process.

This article explores what you need to do in order to get a system that will meet any and all needs you might have regarding security systems.

Demystifying The Glass Break Sensor/Motion Detector

One of the major components of a security system is the motion detector. Today, it is rolled into one with the glass break sensor to offer users more security in the event of an imminent intrusion.

Usually, these sensors are put in very many areas of the home and they relay information to the base station of the system. If there is an intruder on the premises, they notify the property owners and then the necessary safety measures are executed.

Today, there is a growing need for simple, easy-to-use and install systems. Most of the security systems of years past were complicated and required over-elaborate installation. At times, they were easily compromised and put users at risk.

However, manufacturers have heeded the call for good systems that will enhance users’ security. They have gone a step further and integrated smartphone technology. This has, in turn, put more power in the consumers’ hands, putting them in the front-seat of controlling their security situation. Majority of the picks highlighted in this article have incorporated smartphone and other technology to enable real-time monitoring of property.

Key Reasons Why You Ought To Invest In A Good Security System For Your Home

You are probably wondering why you need a new and improved security system to monitor your home. After all, if you have old one that has been faithful, you ought to feel safe, right? Of course, but, old systems are not as secure as they used to be and are more open to getting sabotaged because criminals are forever evolving ways of beating systems. Therefore, homes with old systems will appeal to them and they will have a ‘field day’ ransacking them undetected.

New systems must be considered because first of all, they are deterrents. As soon as intruders try to access your home, they are immediately detected as they trip the sensors. If the new system has an alarm siren, it will go off and also the triggered sensors will relay information to homeowner in real-time where they can notify the authorities themselves or the central monitoring system operators will do that for them. In addition, if the system has a camera, a recording of the incident will be uploaded to the Cloud and can be accessed at any time. Any thug thinking about breaking into your house will have to think twice and wonder if it is worth the trouble (more often than not it won’t be and they will leave your property without any fuss).

New systems have very sensitive temperature and smoke detecting capabilities that will notify you of any danger you might be exposed to. Old systems are more concerned with security and nothing more. Real-time readings about the environment in your home will enhance safety in the long run.

Today, new systems can integrate with very popular home automation systems. This will put you in a position to have more control over the security of your windows, temperature controls and many more options in the system.

New systems are just better because any sabotage will not render them incapable of working to their full capacity unlike old systems. In old systems, they are more likely to cease working when they are yanked out or pummeled at the source paneling. Since most are wired, one just needs to cut the wires so as to render them impotent and they can rummage through your property. Current systems have ‘crash-n-smash’ technology that ensures even in the event of vandalism, the system still sends the distress call to the central monitoring station.

If there is a power outage, new systems keep working regardless. Old systems are more dependent on power and this puts you at risk if there is unscheduled blackout in your area. New systems have backup batteries that keep the system communicating with the central monitoring station thereby ensuring round the clock monitoring. This translated to enhanced safety and overall peace of mind.

If there was ever a good reason why new systems are the best option, then enhanced security features have to be it.

5 Home Security Systems Worth Considering

Here are the main 5 main security systems that will definitely give you your money’s worth when buy them.

#1 – FrontPoint Security System Review

* Considered one of the most straightforward and easiest security systems to install, the FrontPoint security system is a treat, to say the least.

Every feature on this system is geared toward ensuring that users get maximal value for their investment. For starters, the smoke detectors are very responsive in detecting smoke and sharp temperature rises. The Crash-n-smash protection system ensures that the system does its job regardless of any interference by intruders. In addition, responsive and courteous customer services are dedicated to helping users in the event they have a particular problem.


i) Easy automation and integration with home automation systems
ii) High-quality smoke and heat detectors
iii) Wireless home surveillance included
iv) Live streaming to smartphone included
v) 30-day trial
vi) Customizable alarms
vii) Not pet sensitive
viii) DIY system
ix) Geo Services, optional
x) A+ on the BBB


i) Mandatory 3-year commitment contract
ii) Outsourced monitoring required
iii) No recording capabilities

#2 – Protect America Home Security System Review

* For the budget-conscious buyer, the Protect America Home Security System is definitely up your alley. While it might not have the wow factor of sophisticated systems, the one thing this system beats them hands down on is pricing structure of their packages. There are no hidden costs or activation fees for the system. What you see is what you get. However, you have to sign a 3-year contract if you are serious about purchasing their security system.

Its three tier subscription system allows users to choose what type of equipment they want installed in their home. The $19.99USD is the basic option and the $37.99USD and $42.99USD monthly are options you can select from.


i) No hidden charges or activation fees
ii) Lifetime warranty
iii) 3G network backup available
iv) HD quality camera
v) Easy relocation when needed
vi) Very affordable equipment cost
vii) Money back guarantee
viii) Easy integration with Home Automation Software


i) 3-year contract commitment is contentious
ii) Limited equipment options - Check Prices Button Red

#3 – LiveWatch Security System Review

* Monitoring your home from your smartphone or tablet has never been easier than with the LiveWatch Security System. It is a simple to use DIY system that is not only easy to use but also very affordable. Its plans are very pocket-friendly unlike other systems in the market that charge excessively for sophisticated equipment. Packages come in four categories and range from $19.95USD to $49.95USD.

There is also an ASAPer option that allows you to input contacts of people you would like in case of an emergency. Below are the main pros and cons of purchasing and using the system.


i) Straightforward and easy setup
ii) Lifetime warranty
iii) DIY installation only
iv) Very responsive to threats
v) Crash-n-Smash panel protection
vi) Enable Nest integration


i) Additional equipment is expensive
ii) Website is a little tough to navigate through
iii) App is lacking functionality - Check Prices Button Red

#4 – SimpliSafe Home Security System Review

* If you are looking for an easy-to-use security system, look no further than the SimpliSafe Home Security System. It is reputed to be very easy to set up and operate, without all the bells and whistles that leave you stumped as to how it works unlike other systems. The latter are just too complicated to integrate without feeling as though you have missed something as soon as the system is up.

It has an easy to use app with only 2 modes: disable and enable. You need 15 minutes to have the system up and running.


i) Easy to setup
ii) Easy to operate
iii) 24/7 monitoring available on the $24.99USD plan
iv) Easily customizable
v) Great customer service


i) Costly full home system
ii) No trusted circle or family options. - Check Prices Button Red

#5 – Scout Security Review

* Scout Security is a very easy to use product that features an easy-to-use mobile app. It is sleek and stylish; in addition to being very affordable.

It is a very high-performing product that offers users and opportunity to customize their security package to desired expectations via the Scout Alarm package. Packages come in two categories. The first package is the USD $9.99USD and it features email notifications, text alerts, app with push notifications and 3G cellular coverage with backup battery. On the other hand, the $19.99USD/ month package offering the whole nine yards offered in the first package but with 24/7 monitoring and dispatch option, should the need arise.


i) Zero activation fees
ii) Easy to use and relocate
iii) 3G backup available
iv) Easy camera integration
v) Money back guarantee
vi) Professional monitoring under contract


i) Limited equipment options
ii) Upfront payment required
iii) Cameras not included
iv) Unregistered with BBB
v) Sensors have limited range
vi) Poor battery life - Check Prices Button Red

Bonus System: Piper nv Home Security System

* This system has been highlighted as a bonus because it is ideal for small homes or apartments with limited entry points.

This system features base stations that are installed on the entry points of your home. It has an IP camera that monitors any action in the property in 180 degrees. In addition, it has sensors that are triggered every time there is motion and the footage is sent to your phone. The 105dB alarm alert will make any intruder reconsider continue with his mission. Also, any intrusions on your property will be sent to your trusted circle.

The Piper nv is ideal only for small spaces because the kit comes with a limited number of sensors. If you need more, you can order them from their website. This system is only available for smartphone users and is very limited.


i) Very high quality video feeds
ii) Live and recorded feeds available
iii) No subscriptions
iv) Easy to use mobile apps
v) Night-vision enabled
vi) Crash-n-smash safe
vii) Power backup available
viii) Great customer service
ix) 30-day money-back guarantee


i) Lacking for comprehensive home protection
ii) Unavailable for 24/7 home protection
iii) Requires internet connectivity to work well
iv) Charges for cancellation

What Features Make The Best Home Security System?

This section highlights the essential features you must take into consideration when you are looking for good security system.

Monitoring System In Place:

Wireless Monitoring

This technology ensures that there is wireless communication between the devices and the panel at your home. Signals are transmitted to the panel so as to enable real-time monitoring of your property.

Cellular Monitoring

This technology incorporates cellular technology between the security panel of your home and a Central Monitoring System. Real-time alerts are sent to the central station and appropriate action is taken.

Hybrid System Monitoring-

This system uses both wireless and cellular monitoring. It is highly recommended to use this system because it offers you enhanced security because it is self-sufficient and not affected by external factors like power-outages or sabotage.

Panel Protection

There is always a possibility that an intruder might try and tamper with the control panel or destroy it outright hoping the system will be off. A good system will have more than adequate panel protection to ensure that even if the intruder destroys the panel, it is still able to communicate with the Central Monitoring System.

As soon as any tampering takes place, the system should send a notification to the guys monitoring the system for the appropriate action.

Home Automation Technology

A good system integrates with existing home technology. Also, it should offer the possibility of such technology in order to maximize the control you have over your home. Things like temperature sensors, automatic locks, window sensors and all manner of sensors should be part of the package and easily controlled from the palm of your hands.

Power Backup For The System

Any good system must take into account the possibility of power blackouts and offer a way of staying online regardless. It must be in contact with a central monitoring station at all times in order to ensure that the client is secure and can respond if and when they are in distress. This is where backup power comes in.

When you are looking for a system, look at the power backup options it has. Some will have rechargeable AAA or AA batteries and others might have huge capacity Lithium Ion power supplies capable of sustaining the system for up to 24 hours, if need be.

Centralized Monitoring System

Every running system is watched by hawk-eyed personnel who will respond immediately when the system is triggered. They notify you and the authorities when the threats trigger the system signal imminent danger for you, your loved ones and property.

Central Monitoring Systems ensure that any footage and real time data about intrusions is securely uploaded to the Cloud. This way it cannot be altered or tampered in anyway and a copy is available if and when it is required.

Emergency contact or ASA Per contingency

In most of the current systems in the market, you have an option of how you can be notified. There is an option for email, text or push notifications should it be triggered in some way. Most have even gone further to an extent of letting you customize a list of people you would like contacted in the event of an emergency. This is in addition to central command of the system.

Smartphone App Integration

Most of the systems in the market allow users to keep an eye on their property from any corner they find themselves as long as they have a smartphone.

Today, it is easy for users to monitor the system in real especially if they have IP camera integration. Any notifications with the system will be sent straight to your phone for any action you deem fit. Some app systems allow you to get in touch with authorities as soon as an intrusion is detected. This translated to increased reaction time to deal with the emergency that would have otherwise ended up undetected or detected too late.

Key Mistakes To Correct And Avoid When Choosing A System

As a discerning buyer of a security system, you will not be immune to making mistakes. Some mistakes might make the system vulnerable or even useless when intrusions come. Below are the main mistakes you should avoid when choosing a system and installing a system.

No DIY Installation If You Don’t Know How To Do It

Most of the packages will come with a DIY kit and the temptation is that to do it yourself. Unless, you have done installations of the security system equipment before, you are best served just getting an expert to install the system for you.

For example, sensors require expert installation. A failure to install them correctly will render them useless, thereby exposing you to untold security risk. When you get an expert to install the equipment for you, they will ensure everything is done well and works perfectly. This way you get your money’s worth.

Limiting Access To The System Only To Your Closest Circle

Alarms are loud and disruptive when they are triggered. If for some reason you have forgotten to disarm your alarm and are unable to be reached, your neighbors will flood your phone with calls. Even the smallest things like a pet can trigger a loud notification.

When you are exploring alarm systems for your home, you ought to consider getting a system that allows you to customize it and how it responds to the different situations you find yourself in.

Not Considering The Right System For The Circumstances You Find Yourself

Security is a major concern for most, if not many, property owners. However, it is easy to go overboard with a security system and have it wind up as a hassle, or even turn your home into a fortress when you don’t want it as such.

Before you buy as system, you must consider the environment you find yourself in. Environment, in this case refers to the position of your house or living quarters. Some features like motion sensors on the outside of a fourth-floor apartment, if you are living on the third-floor, for instance, is excessive and unnecessary. Therefore, you must look at your home and the circumstances you find yourself in before you commit funds to a system. This way you get value for your money in the long run.

Final Words

If you are keen on buying a security system that will address any and all security needs you have, then must factor in other security measures as well. While alarms are precautionary and deterrent to intruders, to be truly secure, you need to explore other options as well. In the meantime, selecting a good security system for your home shouldn’t be a hassle. All you have to do is just identify your security needs and look for systems that fit and address those needs.

Overall, when you factor in your budget and the numerous options out there, with a little bit of care and discretion, you will get the right system for you.