Annual Events In Miami, FL

Annual Events In Miami, FL -


The South Florida location always has the same buzz it has at the beginning of the New Year at the end of the year. Little wonder why the people of Miami Florida and the visitors are always keen to be part of its activities and drama as they unfold.

The city of Miami, Florida has been known for its glamorous lifestyle and the mix of cultural diversity which is largely due to the number of visitors at every point in the year. Little wonder why there is one event or another to attend in this second-ranked tourism hub just after the equally beautiful city of New York in the United States of America.

The number of annual activities and glamorous events that are being done in the city of Miami Florida attract different people from far and wide. These events are one of the major reasons why the city of Miami Florida is one of the most visited locations in south Florida. As the saying goes, whatever happens in Miami, stays in Miami.

Coupled with fine weather, sparkling beaches and a city that never sleeps, here are some of the most attended annual events in the city of Miami South Florida. Look at – Miami SEO.

Miami Broward Carnival

The city of Miami is nicknamed the Latin capital of the world for certain reasons, aside from its Cuban flavored meals. The vast majority of South Americans that have now come to call Miami home and hot Cuban coffees, the Miami Broward Carnival is part of the reasons why the nickname was given to the city of Miami, Florida.

With the carnival, you really do not have to travel to Argentina or Brazil to get the best carnival experience. And you also know for sure that no one does it better than the way it is being done in the city of Miami Florida.

The Miami Broward Carnival is a carnival that brings all the Caribbean vibes down to the city of Miami. With a lot of participants from around the world in attendance, the carnival is one of the most attended events not just only by the Miami locals but by visitors from around the world.

The concert offers showcases practically everything from costume to art display. Don’t be surprised if you also catch your favorite artist performing live at the concert as there is also a live concert. Not forgetting the cooking competition for a variety of dishes to recreate culturally rich dishes. The kids as well will also have a swell time as there is fun and entertainment specially organized for the kids in attendance.

The carnival is one of the avenues where you can try out culturally reach Caribbean dishes and traditionally old-fashioned flavored cocktails. This event is usually organized in October of every year at the famous Miami Dade county fairground. Usually, the preparations for the event go on for days but the main event starts and runs from 11 am in the morning to 11 pm in the night.

Miami International Boat Show

If you are going to Miami, one of the major thing you would want to do is go to the southern beachside to sunbath. But after that, you might also like to go to the Miami international boat show to see over 3000 boats on display.

If you have ever thought about getting a boat or interested in boats in general, then this show is for you. The boat show usually runs for days typically in the month of February. Well, like they say, the sea is big enough for everyone, the exhibition takes up thousands of attendees who are set up at different locations on the beach.

The exhibition is usually comprised of beautiful yachts, speedboats, sailboats, power boats, catamarans, racing boats and so on. Of course, these sea vessels are accompanied by their owners or caretakers so you can pop on to ask a question or two if at all you have any.

One thing you can be sure of is that some of the sea vessels may have parties going on in them as the exhibition is going on. Well, like they usually say, no city does it better than the city of Miami.

Art Deco Weekend Festival

The art deco weekend festival is one of the most celebrated annual events in the city of Miami Florida as it brings about the appreciation of the magnificent structures. These structures which are styles of building that have been around between 1925 to 1940 period. These unique structures and designs are quite familiar to the city as there is always something glamorous attached to the city.

The show which is usually held mid-January draws more than half a million interested people to the weekend festival which goes on for days. These string of events have over 80 events that are usually being organized during this period. Which better area to organize such event than the Lummus Park and just around 11th street and most likely ocean drive.

Amongst other interesting events that are usually done during this period are a live performance, dog promenade and varieties of kids entertainment. These and more are parts of the build-up to kickstart the event.

Beach Polo World Cup

Typically in April of every year, the Miami Beach polo world cup is usually held on the south beach of South Florida. The city of Miami always plays host to one of the most anticipated tournaments which always comes with its vibe and a different category of the crowd.

Of course, there are a number of category for this tournament. Some for charity while others are for glory. Not to take the glory away from the sports itself, Polo is one of the historic sports which holds its enthusiast in awe whenever it is being played. For those that are really interested in the game of polo or want to learn about how to play, well this is an excellent opportunity.

The organizers of these events usually post the schedule of the games online so as to allow people and enthusiasts alike the chance to plan ahead. For the charity polo match, it is played to raise money for non-profit charitable organizations that will be donated to. This is achieved by selling tickets to the people that are going to be attending the program. There are usually regular tickets and VIP tickets for the polo matches.

Although the show is gradually becoming an annual show, there is usually enough food and drinks to enjoy during the tournament. For the tournament schedule, they are most likely afternoon kickoff.

Gay Beach Parade

This is another festival that is widely attended annually in the city of Miami. The gay people from all over the world gather to celebrate wholeheartedly on the south Florida beach. This festival is one of the largest gatherings of the LGBTQ community in the whole wide world.

In April of every year, the city of Miami is the most sort after location for the LGBTQ community has there are a lot of fun and games in this festival for them at this period of time. Since the beginning of this event back in 2009, the LGBTQ communities and its supporters come out in mass to grace this occasion. More than 100,000 people are usually in attendance for this event.

Starting with the ocean drive street parade to the rainbow color illumination of the building, the whole week of celebration in April is usually packed with activities. Also among the line-up of the event is the actual beach parties with world-famous DJs, fancy museum soirees and other fancy drag entertainments.

Coconut Groove Art Festival

The creative space in the southern district of Florida always lights up the city of Miami anytime it’s the period to celebrate the coconut grove art festival. With a lot of arts, fashion, live jazz performance and a pool of interested people, the coconut grove art festival is one of the most anticipated events In Miami.

During this string of artful and creative events, hundreds of paintings and works of arts are being made exhibited on display for the eager and always impressed audience. There are also art workshops and for the kids present who have an interest in arts and the creative sphere.

The event is usually organized during the president’s day weekend at the waterfront. Depending on the sort of event planned out for the day, the festival usually runs from 10 am to 5 pm or 6 pm during the festival. Aside from the artful exhibitions, there are also foods and drinks that could be bought and savored at the event. You can always trust the city of Miami to always bring the party along with them in whatever festival that is being organized.

South Beach Food And Wine Festival

The food and wine festival in the city of Miami is as a result of the love of quality food and drink by the people in the city. The south beach food and wine festival usually come up in February of every year to savor the rich food and drinks prepared.

Different classes of chefs fly in from all around the world to participate in this event with other foodies alike. There are usually sake tasting and lots of wines and beverages to feast on during this festival. Usually, this event is sponsored by food channels and cooking networks, it most times consists of a variety of well thought about programs. Programs like tasting and food exhibitions, cooking competition, dinners and brunch, late parties, trade seminars and a whole lot more.

Asides all the put together events, there are also other things to look forward to when attending the food and wine festival. There are amazing bars and restaurants well positioned around the city of Miami you would definitely like to visit. For one, the Bars and chain is a very nice place to visit for your amazing Cuban dishes with carefully made cocktail drinks to pair. This also comes with spirited salsa dancing and jazz music to go with it.

There also is Gramps, this bar offers a variety of fun activities to do aside its amazing food and drinks. The outdoor tiki bar and its old-school video shack is always one of the places people love to visit. That is aside from the mismatched furniture arrangement that is already becoming a sort of tourist attraction these days. These and more are part of the reasons why these food and drink festivals are widely celebrated in the city of Miami.

Art Basel Festival

The art Basel is one of the annually celebrated events in the city of Miami. The Wynwood art district is always parked full around December in celebration of contemporary art and artists from all over the world. This yearly exhibition is a contemporary art event which features a lot of exhibited works of art from various artists. It also involves a lot of partying and fun fairs all over the city of Miami.

With art exhibitions that majorly feature high-quality paintings, artful sculpturing, photography, renaissance and modern contemporary arts in general. It is also a pool of knowledge where you can get a vast amount of knowledge about various techniques to use while painting or sculpturing your own piece of art. All the art exhibition usually takes place at the main exhibition hall where the exhibited arts could be bought or sold.

Holtz Children’s Hospital Art Festival

This is yet another festival of arts which is usually celebrated on the grounds of the University of Miami. It is a two-day event which bring together more than 250 artists from all over the world to exhibit their work of art. The 60+ years event is recognized as one of the major annual events that is widely attended in the beautiful city of Miami.

Asides the number of artworks on display, there are also other forms of entertainment that are usually associated with the event. You can also trust that there are food and drinks to go alongside all the artwork exhibition. These and more are part of the reason why the Holtz children’s hospital art festival is usually attended by a pool of people annually.

Half And Full Miami Marathon

The other marathons around the world are nothing compared to the Miami marathon. This annual event which is usually organized in late January and early February and is being participated in by more than 20,000 long distance runners. Of course, this event is open to all interested people who want to participate in the annual event.

Since 2003, this event has been pooling together thousands of people and they all have high hopes of emerging as winners of the marathon. The distance is a breathtaking and high endurance course through the street and beaches of the city of Miami. Trust me when I say, running on the beach is no easy task at all even for world-renowned marathon runners.

The barrier islands and four bridge crossings are also part of the places that have to be crossed to get to the finish line of the race. Aside just running in the competition, the marathon also serves as a form of qualifier for the Boston marathon qualification race.

Miami International Film Festival

The film festival is over 30 years old and an annual event in the city of Miami. In the month of March every year, people from all over the world come together to celebrate the Ibero American film festival. The Miami international film festival averages a crowd of about 70,000 participants from around the world to the festival for an amazing catalogue of events.

You can almost be sure of a large number of celebrity actors and actresses in attendance to further make the event a sure success. This event is also a showcase of talent, movie producers, industry professionals and so on. On exhibition at the international film festival is some of the best-made movies from all around the world.

Jazz In The Garden

This is another annual event that could be looked forward to by the locals and the visitors in the city of Miami. The event usually holds around mid-march and attracts well over 45,000 participants in wild celebration of jazz music. The jazz in the garden event is one of the highly rated events in all of Miami. The jazz in the garden event has featured lots of big names in the American music entertainment scene. Acts like the much-celebrated Lauryn Hill has been in attendance. Also, acts like Al Jarreau, Charles Wilson and many more have also been in attendance.

The jazz music festival is everything you can expect. Of course, there is good jazz music on display and enough food and drinks to go around from the beginning of the event well to the end. This event is already one of the most popular put together events not only in the city of Miami but all of the United States of America. With a lot of merchandise on exhibition, there are also souvenirs to be taken back home from this event.

The MiaCalle Ocho

This is popularly known as Carnival Miami. It is a ten-day put together events in mid-March which is one of the largest street carnivals you can think of. These events average about half a million people from around the world to the event. This event spreads across more than 23 blocks in Little Havana. It is one of the most recognized events in all of Miami and widely attended by a lot of people from around the world.

MiaCalle Ocho also features some of the best prepared Cuban meals along with Cuban music which is properly laced up with salsa dancing. It is also ranked in the Guinness book of record as the event with the longest line of conga dancers stretching to 119,986 people in total. Aside from just the city of Miami, MiaCalle Ocho is one of the most attended events in the united states of America.

Veritage Miami

This is another loved event which is done in the city of Miami. It is usually from the 9th to 12th of April annually. It pools together the big giants of the drinks industry. This event pools well over 3000 people who are huge lovers of wine, spirits, food, beers and so on from south Florida and the rest of the world. Noticeable celebrity chefs and wineries are all found attending this annual event which makes it an impressive line-up of events.

The four days program is specifically lined up to benefit the South Florida community. Its main focus is the elevation of education, financial stability and the health of the general populace living in the south Florida area of the united states of America. This is done through a series of events like auctioning which are used to raise the necessary funds required.

Fourth Of July Celebration In Miami

The annual celebration of the independence of the United States of America is usually celebrated in grand style in the city of Miami, South Florida. There is a chain of event which is used to celebrate and remember the hard push for independence by the American people. Trust that the Miami people will always do it better, there is the annual Fourth of July music celebration which is usually accompanied by Miami Beach fireworks.

For the planned chain of events and the beach fireworks, it is usually free and open for all who wish to join in for the celebration of the independence of the United States of America.


One thing to be certain of is that there will probably be more than one celebration going on in the city of Miami regardless of when you visit. Irrespective of what season or time of the year, the city of Miami which never sleeps is always buzzing about one celebration or the other.

With proper planning and preparations, these chain of round-the-year events have never disappointed. They always pull together a chain of interested people from south Florida itself and visitors from around the world.