Best Dessert In Boston, MA

Best Dessert In Boston, MA - Bill Lentis Media


The restaurants which focus on serving delicious desserts have more variety for customers compared to those who don’t. There is no doubt that desserts complete a meal and add more flavor to a day. There are several dessert places in Boston, and it will become difficult for customers to choose the best dessert in Boston MA.

Mike’s Pastry

This restaurant is located at 300 Hanover St North End. The shop is cash only, and there is always a line of people, waiting to buy something form here. Those who got lucky, and were able to buy on their first try, loved the Nutella GF whoopee pie, chocolate chip cannoli and pistachio cannoli. Customers feel that the savories are very creamy and sweet, which is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Apart from the sweet stuff, the shop also sells things like lobster tail, which customers loved very much; Mikes Pastry. Check out our Boston, MA SEO page – Click Here.

Taiyaki NYC

This is an ice cream and frozen yogurt shop, located at 119 Seapord Blvd Ste B. Waterfront. This restaurant sells one of the best dessert in Boston MA, because it has an assortment of sweet things for customers. They offer customers some very traditional flavors like matcha, hojicha and taiyaki; these are fresh baked fish dessert, and they are used as cones for ice creams. This is a really good place for those, who are looking for more flavors and less sugar; Boston Eater. Their soufflé pancakes are pretty good; they are tasty and not at all heavy. If someone wants to have a good time with their family, but don’t want to eat too much sugary stuff, then this is the perfect best dessert in Boston MA for them. The best bars in Boston, MA, – Site.

Magnolia Bakery

This is a bakery of cupcakes and other desserts, located at 200-299 Faneuil Hall MarketPl. The best part of this bakery, as many customers have recommended, is the banana pudding. The banana pudding is light, and easy on the calories; Magnolia Bakery. Another sweet treat that customers who buy from this bakery should try, is the German chocolate cheesecake, which is amazing, and has a perfect level of sweetness. It contains vanilla, and the crumbs don’t fall apart at all. The cupcakes and the pudding are the things, which everyone loved here, and rate them as the best dessert in Boston MA. – Go Here.

Sweet Waffles + Boba

If someone is craving for waffles, then they should pay a visit to this shop. If they are looking for the best dessert in Boston MA, then there are many wonderful choices here for people. This is a small store, but people are always buying from here, because the waffles are cooked perfectly. The sugar milk tea with boba is a must order, and people should definitely try it out. The waffles are handmade, and when customers buy them, they get a hot product, which makes it extra delicious. Another reason why people will find the best dessert in Boston MA here is because, of the waffle pops. Most people enjoy the food here is so much, that they even forget to take pictures of them!