Best Bamboo Standing Desks



Best Bamboo Standing Desks

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material that is considered to be superior as compared to other structures. Companies like to use bamboo to make different products, because it grows faster as compared to other wooden plants, only a few pesticides and fertilizers are needed for it, and little irrigation.

If a customer is interested in buying a bamboo standing desk, then there are many desk types and brands, from which they can choose. Bamboo is a durable and sturdy material, and it is one of the hardest woods out there. When customers used a bamboo desk, then they can find solace in the fact that the bamboo surface doesn’t get scratched easily, and is resistant to swelling as well.

Maintaining and cleaning bamboo standing desk is quite easier; however, the water exposure should be minimized. To clean a bamboo standing desk, a soft cloth or a sponge can be used, along with mild soapy water. Go and autonomous smart desk 2 review – Click Here.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk -
This top of this standing desk comes in a rectangle and contour. Customers are given the choice of adding more things to the desk, like LED desk lamp, clamp-mounted surge protector, chair, anti-fatigue mat and CPU holder. The starting price of this desk is $449.

The rectangle tops of this standing desk are available in every size, but the contour tops are limited to 48”, 60” and 72”. The grommet and non-grommet tops, both have a thickness of ¾”.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk -
The materials used in making of the Jarvis Bamboo Standing desk are sustainable; bamboo is a plant that matures in five years, and that is where the material for this desk comes from. The most interesting part of the desk is its environmental factor, as it releases 35% more oxygen, as compared to an equal number of stand trees. Moreover, this standing desk can be used indoors, as no pesticides and fertilizers are used on the bamboo used for the desk. Mao Zhu species of bamboo are used for this standing desk, and the bamboo comes from sustainable forests.

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk -

Frame Details

The frame of Jarvis Bamboo standing desk has the ability to lift 350lb. The warranty of the frame is for 7 years; electrical components and mechanics of the standing desk have a warranty of 7 years as well. The operating noise isn’t that much, which means that the customer can use it with ease. - Check Prices Button Red

Rise Up Electric Bamboo Standing Desk

Rise Up Electric Bamboo Standing Desk -
This desk is manufactured by Uncaged Ergonomics, using natural bamboo. The frame of the desk is available in black, gray and white. The look of the standing desk is really elegant, and it is beautifully crafted. It is durable, uses 2 motors, have a memory keyboard, and a large workshop. The adjustable height range of the standing desk is 26-51”, and the adjustable width of the steel frame is 42.3-71”.

Benefit Of Dual Motors

Many standing desk use dual motors, because it increases the longevity of the desk, and makes the height adjustment process easier. The standing desk is easy to assemble as well. The width of the desk can be adjusted to fit the space and desktop of the user.

The standing desk gives a comfortable workspace to the user, and provides the right size for most offices. It gives employees sufficient room, where they can put multiple monitors and organize the desk in a way that it doesn’t interfere with their everyday tasks. Perhaps, the best part of the standing desk is that it is beautifully designed. If a manager wants to give his office a beautiful and modern look, then the bamboo would make the wood shine.

Rise Up Electric Bamboo Standing Desk -

Other Important Features

As there is a programmable memory keypad, it remembers the 4 favorite heights that the user has adjusted. This makes the height adjusting easier for the user, as he just has to press a button. Further, there are three stage lifting columns that make the standing desk more durable. The desk is able to lift a heavy load, keeps it even, and it doesn’t collapse. The standing desk has an anti-collision technology, which helps in preventing lowering the desk, on top of a stationary or a moving object. - Check Prices Button Red


Bamboo Standing Desk -
This bamboo standing desk is available for $590.85. The desk is available in natural bamboo and light bamboo material. There are four sizes of the desk; 45”x24”, 50”x26”, 60”x27” and 60”x30”. The frame of the desk is available in three colors; matte black, pure white and glossy gray. To make sure that this bamboo desk can be converted into a complete workstation, users can order a cable management tray, commercial grade power strip, grommet hole adapter, and rolling casters with locking wheels, along with it. This would raise the overall price of the standing desk, but it would be worth it.

To get a better experience from the standing desk, and turn it into a sitting desk every now and then, customers can order ergonomic office chair or move stool.

Bamboo Standing Desk -

Sturdy Top

The top of the standing is durable, and is made from eco-sustainable bamboo. Even though the surface of the bamboo is dry, when a customer touches it, it would give them a very smooth feeling. A bamboo desk manufactured by UpDesk is produced with non toxic compounds, and no chemical pollutants are used in it.

Quiet Motor

The motor of the standing desk is very quite. It can be adjusted at the speed of 1.3”-1.5”/sec. The motor works better than the other standing desk motors. When the standing desk is adjusted, it can support the heavy load that is put on it, which can be up to 400lbs. The standing desk doesn’t produce any irritating noises, which is why it can be adjusted with ease, anytime. - Check Prices Button Red

UPLIFT V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

This bamboo standing desk comes in four desktop sizes; 42”x30”, 48”x30”, 60”x30”, 72”x30” and 80”x30”. There are two prominent desktop styles available for standing desk; rectangular and curve.

Description Of UPLIFT

The sit-stand desk is available in multiple materials, like carbonized bamboo, dark carbonized bamboo, black eco curve, Acacia solid wood and white eco curve. The sizes of the desktop available for customer range from 42”x30”-80”x30” and the price range is from, $539-$793. The frame of the standing desk is available in black, white, gray and metallic. The UPLIFT desk is available in two models; V2 frame and V2 Commercial frame. The capacity of both these frames is 335lb, which means that it is sturdy and can be helpful if two people want to use the same standing desk. - Check Prices Button Red

Features Of The Standing Desk

The two models available for this standing desk have different prices, which gives customers the chance to choose the best one. Customers can choose from different prices, and find the one that fits their budget. The styles available to customers would let them match their standing desk with their furniture or walls, and customers can choose from different colors as well.

This desk uses natural materials, which makes it environmentally friendly. This desk would appeal more to those who actively want to take part in saving the environment. A bamboo standing desk wouldn’t look old after just a few months, when most desks do. It would save them the expense of buying a new standing desk, and they won’t have to throw out the existing one either.

The height of this standing desk can be adjusted quickly, as there are two separate motors that make the movement easier. The standing desk also gives customers the facility of adjusting the height of the desk, in whatever they want.

Using Bamboo Standing Desks

Customers should prefer bamboo standing desks over others, because they have a unique and elegant look that most standing desks don’t have. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, produce oxygen and would be a wonderful treat if they are kept indoors. If a manager decides to get a bamboo desk for his employees, then it would keep them active and they wouldn’t feel suffocated because of the material of the desk.

A manager should always research about standing desks that are available in the market, the best bamboo desks that are available and fit within the budget of the company. The standing desks that can be adjusted easily, a manager should prefer such standing desk over others, because employees should not have to spend a lot of time adjusting the height of the desk. The standing desk should have a programmable memory, which can remember the last four heights that have been input by the user.

Bamboo desks come in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. If a person is buying a bamboo desk for home use, then the desk could be of flashy design. However, if a manager is buying a bamboo desk for modern office use, then the standing desks have to be less flashy and more decent. The motor of the desk shouldn’t be noisy at all, or else it would disturb the people around the user.