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3 Of The Best Countertop Microwave Options In The Market

Getting right microwave for your home can be a daunting task. The reason it can be so difficult is that there are a lot of considerations you must make in order to get the right fit. Add to that, you will have to go over very many models in the market just to find the right one. When you think about it, in order to get over the hassle of this endeavor, you might opt to just choose a particular model just to get the selection process over and done with as quickly as possible. However, that is a terrible move and will explained later.

In order to get the best countertop microwave in the market, keep things simple. The first thing you must realize is that the best ones have over 1000 watts. You can then build your selection list from there.

This article explores the best counter top microwaves in the market. It also lists the pros and cons of the models, critical things you must consider when getting a countertop model for your home and the mistakes you must avoid.

The Ultimate Model

In order to get the best model for your home needs, you need a microwave to hit the following marks: very affordable, right size and right features. These features will be explored in detail in the subsequent section.

The current model that hits all the right notes in regards to the aforementioned criteria is the Kenmore 7212 model. Its price is very competitive and its features are very easy to master and convenient to use. It will be covered in the following sections of the article.

Other models in contention for the best countertop models include the Cuisinart CMW-100 and Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ.

The Selection Criteria

Countertop microwaves come in very many shapes, sizes and power consumption types. In order to review the best models for the average kitchen setup. The main criteria used in selecting the aforementioned models was size, features and power consumption. Power consumption was limited to not less 1000 watts. Anything lower than that means slower cooking times.

In terms of size, anything smaller than one cubic foot was discarded. This is on a count of the capacity to hold a sizeable number of dishes: plates and cups. Kenmore and Panasonic have large spaces that can hold a sizeable number of plates and dishes. Making them prime candidates for the average kitchen.

As for the features portion for consideration, then main areas of focus was on the button options and sensor options. The ability to perform tasks and heat food quickly was something considered in this model very critically. The Kenmore model has sensors that are capable of detecting moisture levels in the food and set the cooking times accordingly. On the other hand, the Cuisinart model is loaded with over 25 model combinations the very picky cooking artist who wants to find the right balance.

Overall, in order to bring the best picks, different models were considered and you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed in anyway when you put these models to the ultimate test after you have purchased them for your home.

Key Reasons Why A New And Intuitive Countertop Microwave Model For Your Kitchen

Just because something works well, doesn’t mean it cannot be improved is an aphorism that holds true especially where microwaves are concerned. Older models that paved the way for newer ones enabled their users to reheat their food quicker than they would have done on a pan. The newer models coming out every waking day are an improvement on the older models because they come with very new and exciting features. One of the newest mind-blowing features that new models have brought forward is the inclusion of temperature sensors. These sensors are used to pick the timeframe for cooking food based on their moisture content. This turns reheating or cooking into a precision affair where food is cooked without burning or scorching.

Newer enamel coatings and Teflon surfaces ensure that these models are easy to clean, without chemical cleaners.

Today, you will find microwaves with smart touch buttons. These buttons offer users a variety of options, based on the type of food to be microwaved, to make it easy and straightforward to use. Whether you want to cook pop-corn or want to re-heat leftovers, the buttons provided can be used to make it happen.

Inverter technology adapts the heat levels for more control over how the food is prepared. This level of control was absent in older models.

As for added safety features, newer models have provisions for childproof locks that ensure your tiny tot does not hurt himself.

Kenmore 7212 Countertop Microwave – The Most Ideal Model For Your Kitchen

Kenmore 7212 Countertop Microwave -
If you are keen on getting a model that is compact, affordable and has loads of very simple to use features, the Kenmore 7212 model fits the bill. Retailing at the USD60.96, this 1.2 cubic feet model can take anything you have to throw at it.

Among its notable features, the 6 Smart Touch buttons and one Touch operation are designed to make the user’s experience very comfortable.

It is a huge model capable of handling a couple of plates and cups. It is very powerful, utilizing 1100 watts to make cooking a breeze without compromising the quality of the cooking_ food cooks evenly throughout. The food moisture picking sensors ensure that food is cooked at the right temperature. Great for foods you have no idea their ideal temperature to cook.

The EZ Clean finish, a slick coating on the inside of the microwave, make it is easy for you to clean any and all spills the cabin.

For a budget microwave, you stand to gain more than your money’s worth at the end of its purchase.

Pros And Cons Of The Kenmore 72122 Model

As you consider getting this model for your kitchen, you will still need to consider what its pros and cons are in order to make an informed decision. This section covers what you stand to gain and have to live with when you buy this model.


The first pro of using this microwave is that it is very easy to clean. As long as you act on the spill quickly, the cabin will work very well.

It has smart and very easy to use Smart Touch options. Great for people who are new to microwaving.

Its smart moisture detectors ensure that food is cooked in optimal conditions where it cooks evenly without scorching. Great for people who enjoy cooking with precision.

This countertop oven is compact and fits in well in most kitchen spaces.

It is sleek and stylishly designed to match any kitchen design.

Finally, it is very favorably priced for a machine with a whole host of features.


After some time, this microwave oven gets a little noisy. This can be attributed to how the doors work and glass doors. Users must ensure that they look after this microwave well to prevent it from breaking down.

As intuitive as this oven is, the user manual is a little vague on the instructions. They should make it very easy to understand.

NOTE: Kenmore has other model options to choose from as well. For instance, the 71223 model differs from the 72122 in the overall design only. It comes in different colors as well thus enabling you to match with the colors. Check out fried egg in microwave. - Check Prices Button Red

Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ – Small But Powerful

Panasonic NN-SN651BAZ -
For the consumer looking for a small but powerful microwave, the Panasonic NN-SN65BAZ model must be considered.

Priced at USD120, this 1100 watt, 1.2 cubic feet cabin microwaves come equipped with a 60-second One Touch function, 10 power level and a whole host of cooking functions.

This countertop model incorporates inverter technology that puts more control in the user’s hands. Its power consumption is justified by the fact it cooks food very quickly as well.

It is ideal for very large amounts of food because it microwaves them quickly and easy. This is enable by its very sizeable 13.5-inch turntable. Coupled with its 10-level functions, users can have more control over the time it takes to cook.

It also comes with sensors that detect the type of food and applies the right setting to cook it without any hassles whatsoever. These sensors are very intuitive in that they can detect the food type and make estimates if the food type is not in the current setting, thereby applying the appropriate setting for the food.

Still haven’t had a handle on what inverter technology and how its incorporation in this machine makes it powerful? In a nutshell, the microwave technology controls how the energy is dispersed in a more tight and precise way. Unlike the all or nothing approach from older models, this inverter technology is reliable when cooking to precision.

In a bid to help users make a more informed decision as to whether this model is the right fit for them, we’ve explored what they stand to gain or miss out when they buy this model. The inverter technology incorporated in this Panasonic microwave ensures precision while cooking. This ensures that there is no scorching or burning in the food. - Check Prices Button Red

Cuisinart CMW-100 – Best Small Countertop Microwave

Cuisinart CMW-100 -
It is one of those model that comes loaded with lots of feature whilst still being tiny. Priced at USD161, this Cuisinart model has a four star rating on and is very elegantly designed.

The preset food features make it easy for you to choose the right food setting for optimal food preparation. With 25 cooking options, it is a precision type of machine. The 8 food presets it comes with ensures you can choose the appropriate serving size.

It also features a two-stage process for frozen food or food that require additional preparation. The 10 power levels offer users more control over the intensity they would like their food to be cooked in.

Finally, it is a small oven. It can fit in most kitchens spaces.


It is compact and very easy to handle. Its controls are very intuitive and straightforward to use. They provide you more control over how you nuke your food than most models. It is very elegantly designed and comes in different colors that suit different interiors.


It is very pricy when compared to models that have similar specs. It is a little less powerful when compared to its over 1100 watt compounds. This means a small change in how quickly the food is done.

Countertop Microwave Features To Look For

The Door-Type

There are different models in the market whose doors work differently. Some doors open with the simple push of a button. In others you have to pull the handle door in order to open it. While in others, there is a different orientation in how you open them: some open right and some open. By now you have probably selected a particular place you want to put the microwave. Better yet, you already have a model in mind you want to put in your kitchen.

As you think of where you want to put the model in your kitchen, you should think about the door. If you are looking for a durable model whose doors won’t give you problems in the long run, then the pull do is best way to go. They offer you more control over what the door does than in other models with automated doors. The latter have a propensity of banging into anything putting the microwave oven at risk of damage over time. Overall, the orientation of your kitchen should be the ultimate determinant of the right door because its longevity depends on it.

Easy-to-Clean Buttons

When you have an in-built microwave, it is away from the messy action. They are require little maintenance for the buttons. However, countertops are right in the thick of it. They can get very messy over time and you might have to come up with a plan of how you are going to clean them. That is why when you are considering getting microwave oven, you must look at whether or not their buttons are easy to clean. Good ovens, especially with those with touch controls, must be very easy and quick to wipe down.

Inverter Technology

If you like more control over how the device works and how it heats and the speed of heat transfer, then you should consider getting a microwave oven with inverter technology. Only one of the reviewed models have inverter technology. Check out the reviews of how the inverter technology in the models you are thinking about work. This way you can make an informed decision on your purchase and get that ultimate control you desire.

However, if you are more like to set the oven at a particular setting and forget about, inverter technology is a non-issue. Prep functions included in the setting.

Kitchens tend to be very busy, especially during the holiday season when you are entertaining guests or just when you expect company over. Microwaves, like other kitchen appliances, play a vital role during the preparation of huge meals. They can be used to reheat food, defrost and many more jobs. If you anticipate that you will engage in a lot of cooking tasks that require different processes, then you should seriously consider getting a microwave with the essential functions you need.

Mistakes To Avoid

If you are keen on getting a microwave, the worst mistake you can make is to be too quick to choose a particular model. After all, all you want is a microwave that works, right? Wrong! You might wind up getting a model that, to a certain extent, not perform. It might not give you the desired service when you need. It might breakdown easily or have some other defect. That is just one of the main mistakes you must avoid when you want to buy a microwave oven. Below are the main mistakes you must avoid.

Going Too Big

Big things are impressive. Most of us aspire for big cars, big houses and even a big paycheck. It is nice to aspire for greater things, sometimes. However, in some instances, it is important to choose something with a size you can handle. You might want large capacity microwaves in your home but at the end of the day, if you do not have a space for it, it will have been a waste.

It is therefore important to choose a microwave that is the right size for you. Examine your space and then choose the microwave you want to purchase.

Ignoring The Basics Of Using A Microwave

Older models required a keen eye in order to ensure that the food was heated well. Settings on these devices were simple. Nowadays, settings on new models in the market are a little complex. Presets and customization options can be intimidating and fun at the same time. As you are considering purchasing a microwave, you must consider its users as well. You must consider their expertise level and usage patterns. Some people might be new to microwaves and might need a few tries just to get the hang of it. On the other hand, some people just press the desired button and forget about it. For such people, getting a microwave with automatic sensors could be a great fit for them.

Keep in mind the people in your house or where you will put the microwave for an easy experience.

Disregarding The Cord And Shape Of The Microwave

Remember the problem of rushing in and buying the first model you come across as described above? Well, people who approach buying a microwave impulsively tend to get cord and shapes wrong. They wind up paying dearly for this oversight.

As you scour through the different models in the market, you must first have an idea of the size of the space the microwave will occupy and its proximity to the nearest socket. Most of the models in the market will have its specs listed online or at your local store. If not, visit your local or call them to get the specs all the same. Take a long and hard long look at the model if you cannot measure the spaces. Do not panic. Eyeballing it will work just as well. Do not be those people who wind up regretting buying the microwave because it was either too big or too long, throwing their kitchen arrangement out of whack.

Leaving The Base Uncapped

Once you have purchased the oven and have set it up in your kitchen, you will want to see how it works. But did you just put the microwave in the space or did you take time to cap the base? More often than not, people forget to cap the base most likely because they are in a hurry to get their new baby up and running.

Forgetting to cap the base will have very disastrous consequences later on. A countertop microwave’s legs are vulnerable to wear and tear after prolonged used. Capping those legs, will ensure you keep away those side effects of wear and tear, enabling you to use it for many years come.

Final Thoughts

Getting a good countertop oven is a start when building your kitchen ‘firepower’. As time goes on, you will have higher ambitions of getting yourself a more advanced model or something totally different. Why not consider getting a combination of convection oven and a countertop oven. These models have a whole host of features that will take your cooking experience to a whole different level. For starters, they have numerous automatic sensors and extra features that can turn you into a world class chef.

The beauty about using aforementioned steps when you want to buy a microwave, is that principles behind them can be applied in shopping for other appliances. - Check Prices Button Red