Basics Of Using Facebook For Business

Basics Of Using Facebook For Business -
Giving your marketing campaign a fresh look is like spring cleaning. Talking about Facebook and its role in marketing is important because it dominates digital marketing. Online, brick and mortal companies use Facebook for promoting their business. However, the real question is whether your business is using Facebook in a strategic way or not.

Thus, this article will focus on Facebook, and it will start by a couple of important statistics first.

There are five billion users who actively use their cell phone and two billion users, who actively use Facebook. There are four billion users who are active daily and the link and share buttons that Facebook provides, is viewed by 10 million websites, on a daily basis. As for the average time spent on Facebook, it is 20-30 minutes.

These numbers are shocking and you might want to verify them; you might see that there are different statistics, but those statistics are close to the ones mentioned above.

There are 1.4 billion users who check their Facebook account daily, to know what their friends and family are up to and to get entertainment. You need to use Facebook for promoting your business.

Some of all this may seem basic, because if you have a business, then at some point you might also have created a Facebook page. However, the main question here is that, how active are you as a business on that Facebook page? Do you post data frequently? Or you have just created a page to let people know that it exists?

There is a difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile of a person.

The simplest distinction here is that, in a Facebook profile, you post pictures of your family, your vacation pictures, jokes with friends and family and everything that is related to your private life.

This is something that shouldn’t be mixed with a Facebook page, because it is a business. However, you need your Facebook profile to make a Facebook page.

The Facebook page that you will create will be developed with the sole purpose of sharing content about your business. In order to get ads from Facebook, you need to have a Facebook page.

When a business has a Facebook page, then they can connect with their customers. Not only that, but they can increase the number of people who follow them; they can share stories related to the origin of the business, build a reputation of the business and reach prospective customers. Facebook page can also be used for the purpose of interacting with existing customers and getting their feedback about the products and services that the business offers. This way, the company would be providing customer service online, and it will be quick. As the business would be able to tell their story and make a name for them, this process will give them a voice. A Facebook page is necessary to have Facebook ads, which is why we need to focus on how to create a Facebook page. A Facebook page should be such that it shows users what your business stands for, helps you in making a credible name for yourself and can be easily found when entered in the Google search engine.

When businesses are developing their website, they get the same advice when they are making a Facebook page. The first thing that they have to do is to look at the competitor, whether it is a small business or big business, and the things that they are doing differently. You need to study what the competitors need to do better and the elements that you can use in creating your own page. When it comes to Facebook, it is different from a website as you can look how many likes your recent post got, and how many people engaged with that post. The likes and the engagement would tell you if your post was a success and if it wasn’t, then you need to learn how to tailor make content for Facebook posts. You need your Facebook posts to stand out, so that they drive in more customers.

When you start your page, or you already have a page and want to improve it, you need to remember that when pages are complete, then they have a better ranking in search. There are tabs that don’t apply to your products and services, and they can be dropped. You can also rearrange the tabs in any way that you feel is more appropriate and describes your business properly. You need to put certain elements on your Facebook page, like text, videos, photos and content that others have shared about you. There is a trick here, and that is to backdate some of the posts; this way, all your posts won’t appear on the same day and the customer would get the impression that you update regularly. If they all appear at the same time, then the customers who have liked your page, would feel very confused and may not want to visit your Facebook page again.

The last thing that you need to remember is that, you need to increase the impact that your Facebook page has on others. You can do this by focusing on the short description, which you put on the main page. The first few characters of the description you post will also appear on Google search results and they should be appealing enough to make a visitor open your Facebook page. The description that appears in Google search results is known as Meta description, and this is where you need to use two to three keywords, that are frequently searched by people. These words would be aligned with the domain name that you choose. If you don’t have a clear idea of how this would look like, it is best to Google the name of your competitors and sees what they are doing differently on their Facebook page and how they are running it.