7 Ideas To Use When Blogging

7 Ideas To Use When Blogging - BillLentis.com


I’ve been blogging for more than a year now, writing and posting at least one blog every day. Sometimes I suffer the slight touch on writers’ block, though not regularly. I have come to realized that by following to these seven ideas am consistently able to create unique content. There are many blogs discussing about quality of the content, though I have not yet come across one defining ‘quality’ content. What a person unders6tands by quality content may be completely different to another person. For me, I take this phrase to simply mean excellent punctuation, good grammar, a good flow in your content and accurate spelling. My company; in the niche of self reliance; is a very simple niche to talk and write about since I have the ability of relating to it in many life skills. I have briefly summed up 7 rules that I’ve personally found to be very useful when blogging. These ideas include:

1. Writing To A Single Person

It’s almost impossible to write content that will interest many people in the process. In one statement, Abraham Lincoln claimed that sometime you may be able to please some people, although not everyone each time. Therefore, I do not try to. For instance, in a recent blog that I shared in the morning, it was about volcanic eruptions in Mt. Mayon in Philippines. I spent some time there for about three years in the 70s while at the Navy. This particular blog was about a child who was leading a buffalo in the highway. This child was probably poor judging by the fact that he didn’t have any clothes on. He is probably at his 50s today. I try to identify with trials and challenges of the journey of his life. Compassion is one genuine part in my blogs. He is an essential part in that blog and I am certain there are many people in the entire world who are just like him. Personally, I think that they’ll relate to the blog when they come across it in the internet.

2. Select A Word You Can Start With Then Build Your Content From There

As for me, I try to read everything throughout the day. In the process, I come across many subjects which interest people. Any of these subjects tend to have many words, say a thousand words. Out of the thousand words, I’ll simply choose one then perform mental exercise with that word. I’ll then try to think about all words that can relate with that name. This will also enable me to develop ideas as I am thinking about those words.

3. Don’t Pay Attention To Word Count

If you are in blogging for the passion of reading and writing, then word count should not be an issue. I’ve written some blogs with about 800 words, though very few, at most two. I can’t remember writing any blog below that word count. Most of my blogs have over 1000 words although not that I pay much attention to the word count till am completely done writing the blog.

4. I Utilize The Mission Statement Of My Company To Orientate My Blogs Around

This is so as to motivate people to read the blogs. I have strong belief in the mission statement so I will no copy paste it here as it is of no relevance. My company’s goals are well set in the statement which has the capability of taking me back into basics of the reasons I established a business. They also remind me who I’m since I wrote them with my ideas and interests about things I wish to achieve through my work. Therefore, if you don’t have the mission statement, you should probably just write it as it may bring you new perspective towards your business enterprise.

5. Am Not More Interested In Making Money Through Blogging

I mostly utilize this attitude that if I write well money will certainly come, and surprisingly it does. I avoid presenting myself in a manner that will portray me as greedy. It extremely easy than many people realize. I have this personal belief that people who are only interested in money are doomed. When I advertise, I utilize a link of a certain product even if it is a single sentence relating to that product. I try to be very up front and honest, such that even when a person clicks that link they are already aware before clicking that it is directing them to buying a certain product.

6. I Try Not To Be The “Shock Jock”

In my blogs, I try not to write about religion, gun rights, politics, and abortion or even be involved in the local disputes. That is simply not who I am. I try to reason that there isn’t anything a 1oo word text on the various platforms of social media will solve. I don’t attempt to fix the world. This is because I only have 1 vote and honestly, I utilize it.

7. Write For Individuals, Not Search Engines

I always try to focus on people when am blogging. This is because the blog will ultimately be read by another person. Instead of following the puzzling requirements of web search engines, original content, keywords and SEO, this may be the only option. I try very hard not to copy paste anything, not even quotes. I simply use links when I need to reference a certain article. I ensure that I have at least three sources before deciding to start blogging unless I’m aware of everything regarding a particular subject, though am not at that level yet. I ensure I analyze and investigate any information am unsure of to avoid being factually incorrect.


That is just a summary about the ideas that I utilize when I’m blogging and it’s working perfectly for me. So, maybe you should try some of these ideas too and I guarantee you will certainly be successful in your blogging.