5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Design And Development Company

5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Design And Development Company - BillLentis.com


Due to the advancement in technology, there are lots of web design and development companies out there. As a result, you would hardly find a business that doesn’t have a website. The website has grown to become a cornerstone of every business in this modern era.

However, the proliferation of web design and development companies also has a bad side – it has also made it very difficult to find reputable and reliable web design and development company.

Though all these web design companies promise excellence and some keep to their promise, most of them simply fail to uphold their promise. This makes new and unsuspecting business owners to fall victim of these amateur and dubious web design and development company.

This article would provide you with the best solution on how you can choose a reliable and reputable web design and development company in 2019. So this article is a must-read for you.

Here are some questions that you should ask before you hire a web design and development company for your website design.

You need to ask the web design company you are hiring the following questions before you seal any deal. You can consider an interview with the web design company to ask these questions. Remember, you are the one hiring and paying, so you must fulfil your satisfaction.

What Is The Inclusive Cost Of Your Web Design And Development?

The most important aspect is the cost. Cost always plays an important role irrespective of the kind of web design service you’re opting for. So, it is very important that you ask the web design and development company about the total costing before hiring? There are rising reports regarding the problems associated with service pricing and hidden charges.

Basically, there are two kinds of pricing agreement that are associated with hiring a web design and development company. These are the hourly and project-based pricing. If you’re a small business owner, you may not have a large amount of money to invest in web designing. Hence, the best decision you should make is becoming aware if any of all the support charges, annual subscriptions, and hidden price. On the other hand, being a large business owner doesn’t mean that you should waste unnecessary money on building your website. Always make sure to ask the web design and development company about their quotation and consider whether the price is good enough for you or not.

What Is Their Timeline?

The second most important question to consider before hiring a web design and development company is their timeline. Most business owners fail to consider this and they always suffer for this with an undue stretched timeline. Most times, these web design companies give business owners false hopes of a short timeline but once they have signed the contract, they give an untenable excuse as to why delivery will be delayed.

The best solution to this is to ask the web design company for a timeline. If possible, confirm from their previous consumers. Ask their previous customers about the web design company as well as their experience with them.

Also, ask the company for a stage-wise workflow. This displays the web designing project and also the timeline of the whole project broken into various stages. Doing this should reduce any risk of complication and the unnecessary lengthening of the project.

Are You Providing Both The Design And Development Within The Cost?

This aspect is often ignored by most business owners possibly because they feel web designing and development are the same or one process. However, this is a very important question to ask a web design and development company.

You must understand that both web design and web development are two different terms, which cannot be used interchangeably. The two are entirely different terms. Web design takes care of the front-end while web development takes care of the backend.

In most occasions, what the web design and development company does is to provide a quotation only for the web design, which is also referred to as front-end development). And the business owners often regard this as the complete price of the whole web design and development project.

Therefore, this may result in an argument or misunderstanding later on. To avoid all these, always be cautious to ask the web design and development company whether the price quote it gave is for the whole project, for web design only or for web development alone.

Will The Website Be Responsive?

This is a very important question to ask any website design and development company, most especially if you want your website to be indexed by search engines. You must understand that there are lots of mobile users who will access your website on their mobile devices. Hence, if your website is not fully mobile-optimized, it may not get noticed by the many mobile users all over the globe.

If your website is not responsive, chances are that you may not shine among your consumers. So it is important that you ask the website design and development company whether the website it will design and development for your business would be responsive to all the devices – desktop browsers, mobile browsers etc. If for any reason, the web design company cannot provide you with a very responsive website, then you should simply start looking away.

Will I Be Able To Manage My Website’s Content By Myself?

The answer to this question should be a Yes. Otherwise, you are not safe. Don’t be too excited about the fact that you would be having a new and awesome website for your business that you forget to ask this question. In fact, this question is one of the most important aspects of a good website. You would definitely be required to manage the content of your website at any point of time. Besides, you may need to add, edit, or delete any content from your website. This is a very vital aspect to the success of your website. Otherwise, you may become very vulnerable as this web design company may keep asking for further payment from your end.

In conclusion, asking the web design company these questions can save you from lots of trouble. If you desire to get the best service from your web design company, the company must be able to give satisfactory answers to the questions above.