Your Online Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Real Estate Deals

Your Online Reviews Can Make Or Break Your Real Estate Deals -
Reviews play an important role in the way that consumers make purchases especially in this age of the internet. Most consumers search for online reviews of local businesses before they make a purchase. Thanks to the internet, they can just pick up their smartphone, search for reviews about the companies and make their decision based on those reviews. People do this for every product and real estate is not left out.

Potential clients will likely search online for reviews about your company and the services you render. The reviews they find would determine whether they will engage your services or look somewhere else. Buying a home is a big financial decision and clients would want to be sure that they are making the right decision when they chose a particular real estate company. They look for companies that are trustworthy and have experience in the business.

So, you need an effective review marketing strategy to get clients to engage your services. Reviews can benefit your business in no small way. Let’s look at why reviews are important.

Your Client Reviews Can Bring You More Clients

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to make a sale. But that not all, you need to follow up with your client. After the client has moved into the new property, you should get in touch with them to makes sure that they are satisfied with the property. If they are really satisfied, ask them to leave an online review expressing their satisfaction. A large percentage of consumers leave a review if you ask them to do so, and they will be more eager to do it if they are satisfied with the purchase.

Encourage your clients to leave written reviews instead of using only the star rating. Written reviews show how they really feel about the whole experience. People who come across the reviews will appreciate it more. Honest reviews from past clients will draw in new clients for your business.

Responding To Reviews Can Build Trust In Potential Clients

You should endeavour to respond to your reviews regularly. Regardless of the kind of reviews customers leave about your business, you must respond to all of them. Most clients judge businesses based on how quickly they respond to reviews so you must respond.

When you respond to a positive review, your happy customers will be willing to recommend your business to others who are interested in buying a home. When you respond to negative reviews, your prospects will see that you try to resolve any concerns that your customers have.

Improving Your Review Marketing Strategy

The tips given below will help you make the most out of your reviews.

Get A Testimonial From Your Client As Soon As Possible You should always get a testimonial from satisfied clients after every closing. As soon as you close a deal and the customer is happy, request a testimonial. Do not postpone it as it is difficult to get a testimonial at a later time.

Many clients don’t like writing long reviews so let them know that it doesn’t have to be long, a few sentences that are strong to the point will do.

Take A Picture With Your Client In Front Of The Property

Along with asking for a review, taking pictures with your clients is a good idea. The picture should be taken at the property with the clients holding the ‘sold’ sign or the keys to the property.

Display Your Testimonials On Your Real Estate Website

Your own real estate website is the best place to display your reviews and testimonials. The website is ranked higher in search engine results than your social media pages and profile pages on realtor, Trulia, Zillow and other real estate marketplace websites. This is why you should display your reviews on your agent website.

The reviews should be clearly visible on your home page. The website should have an interface that allows you to display reviews along with pictures of your clients.

Have Your Reviews In The Right Directories

This is an important part of your review marketing strategy. It will make more customers to see your reviews.

Know where your customers look for reviews. Do they look at your Facebook page or do they use a real estate directory such as Trulia? You should have many reviews for each directory to ensure that more clients find you.

Ask clients to submit a review on directories like Trulia and Zillow. It is very likely that anyone looking for reviews about your business will end up on these sites directories. These directories accept reviews and you should build up the number of reviews and ratings on them.

The client can submit a review from your profile page on these sites. Make it easy for them to submit a review by sending an email to them containing links to your profile page on these sites.

Post To Facebook

If someone is looking online for reviews about you, they’ll most likely go to your Facebook page. Clients are most likely to land on your Facebook page if they are looking for reviews about you. So it is very important to create a page that displays the properties that you just sold. You can display the testimonials by your clients and the picture you took with them in front of the home they just bought. Do this for every property you sell.

Many companies underestimate the power of reviews but reviews are very important for your business success especially in these days of the internet. Your reviews could be what will build or ruin your real estate business.

If you have not been paying attention to your review marketing strategy, you are missing out on many clients who view your business pages and property listings. So, get to work on your reviews and show those who visit your pages that you have many satisfied clients. Remember, reviews show that your business does what it claims to do – satisfy clients.