Why Use Social Media Platforms For Your Business Enterprise?

Why Use Social Media Platforms For Your Business Enterprise - BillLentis.com



In continuation of our “Why use social media platforms?” series…we would like to start with some important points that you need to consider when revising/creating your strategy of social media. First and foremost, be consistent. Select only a few platforms of social media and regularly post on them and balance your posts whether it is creation, selection or even promotion. It is essential to seriously understand your prospects or clients and post appropriate number of contents/updates in one day so that you can be at the top of their mind without being a nuisance. Secondly, don’t make all posts to be about yourself only. The example that I always provide is the one of the networking event, don’t make your channel of social media be a place where you always are the only one communicating about yourself. Just like the networking event, you’re effective when you are making inquiries from the people around you, learning and engaging with them. Platforms of social media are not different. Therefore poll your social media followers, ask them questions and even give them responses to their answers (even if it only saying thank you). In this article, we have highlighted the top five reasons as to why you should not hesitate for another day without implementing a strategy of social media marketing for your enterprise/business.

1. SEO (Search Engines Optimization)

This is the method of obtaining more traffic into your website at no cost, in a natural/ organic way of manipulating the search results in the search engines. Additionally, by including the accounts of social media to your strategy of SEO (bearing in mind the ‘about’ section in your Facebook page is searchable) may result to link development; since people tend to share your posted content in social media platforms and those posts are linked to your site, connections between the website and your platforms of social media are strengthened. Due to the fact that the search engines love keywords and like links, social media platforms can contribute a significant role in the overall strategy of improving your ranking. Although there are many channels of social media that are available for business operations, we strongly recommend that you select 2 or 3 social media platforms that you can frequently post and perform it perfectly. Conduct some research and analysis on the users’ metrics of various social media platforms so as to determine the platforms that will resonate with both your brand and target market. Bear in mind the fact that some individuals conduct company/product searches within social network, which does not need to be necessarily Google, and therefore being present on the social media platform positively impacts the possibility of you being found.

2. Enhanced Brand Recognition

Through utilization of many channels of social media to develop your brand or product, you’ll have enhanced brand recognition. Adding this to the shared posts and photos from the loyal followers will help you increase the reach or the search of your product or brand. Since most of the globe’s population is using the platforms of social media, they are a natural venue that you can be able to reach the highly targeted and new potential clients and customers. Although you may think that people connect only to those brands that they are already aware of in social media platforms, about sixty percent of social media users claim that they discover the new products through these platforms.

3. Advanced Brand Loyalty

Firms that stay active on social media tend to have active following from fans, feel more connected and personal. The social media platforms offer you a venue where you can achieve superior customer services, responding and listening to your expectations, which gives a face to your brand. Customer service is not just about replying to complaints, but also giving responses to questions about the product so as simplify the when making a decision between your brand or product and that of the competitor’s thus enhancing your ability of turning leads into sales. Additionally, the social media platforms can create and develop a community on your products or brands thus advancing brand loyalty even further. Participation in various social chats within social media platforms can be an effective way of increasing your visibility and acquiring the attention of new people and this can in return drive traffic into your website.

4. Reduced Costs Of Marketing

Digital (including paid) advertisements are less costly than the print advertisements. Furthermore, utilizing the metrics that are built in Facebook, it is easier to carry out A/B analysis and track all of your campaigns, and also change the messaging if the results aren’t lining up with your objectives or targets. This can result to improved customer service and customer experience by developing a community that is based on your product or brand.

To include one final extra tip: marketing in social media takes time; it is not just about creation of impressive content and posts, but also a matter of results. Although we have come across the posts the really go viral plus pages that as a result gain a large number of new social media followers, many business enterprises experience steady and slow increases of their social media followers using a social media marketing strategy that is consistent and well considered.

5. Enhanced Inbound Traffic

Through utilization of many channels of social media to send out your message, you increase the chances of reaching out to larger audiences and this can in return lead to many clicks on your website. This is due to the fact that you are adding a magnetic lead into the mix therefore qualifying and gathering more leads.

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