Why Have Personal Blogs Become Less Important?

Why Have Personal Blogs Become Less Important? - BillLentis.com
With the advent of the concept of blogging, personal blogs were initiated. The purpose of these blogs was to provide the readers about the experience of the writer, their stories and their specific feelings. Some of the writers went to provide solutions for some of the prominent problems being faced. But this was all that you could have expected through these blogs. With the success of these initial blog posts, the Google lapped them as they started to rank higher than the websites, reducing the utility of the search engine that the users were expecting from it.

The changing trend of the blog post ad their high acceptability by Google also led the business marketers to come up with the idea of using the blog posts for the product promotion. It could satisfy both the users and the search engine rankings could also be improved. Even Google had no problems with it when it came to website ranking. So, overall blogging became one of the prominent and authentic forms of content marketing. With the extreme reliance of the companies on the blog posts for ranking of the search engine, new content was generated on the websites in the form of a blog that resulted in the removal of personal blogs from the list entirely, leaving only business blogs on the top ranks over the internet.

The reasons, which led to the higher acceptability of the business blogs in comparison to the personal blogs, are discussed below.

Social Media Played Its Role

The increasing use of social media by the individuals reduced the need for personal blogs. People started relying on social media feeds, chatting options and the status sharing options for the purpose of interaction with others, which really reduced the needs for such blogs. Even if they were required, the social media forums have the opportunity to publish them too, so the need of the personal blogs was decreased considerably.

Even the audience gave more importance to business blogs after the use of social media became prominent. Through business logs, the audience wanted to know more about the products, services and the value being offered by the business and the ways through which their lives can be changed.

Emergence Of Improved Blogs

The emergence of new blogging websites provided great themes to the individual writers along with the opportunity to earn. Additionally, the audience also had the advantage of going through a personal blog along with some of the investment tips. Overall, these blogging platforms provided nearly everything to the users, so the traditional style of personal blogging nearly faded altogether.

Lifecycle Issues With Personal Blogs

One of the advantages of business blogs is that they do not get old. The audience can find the new ways through which the information provided on these blogs can be helpful. The value addition aspect is found by the marketers too and it is continuously promoted with new content to keep the engagement level of the audience high. So, if you are using blogging as the content marketing strategy or are a part of it anyway, then you must know that business blogs can actually revive again with slight changes in the business, the introduction of new products or even slight changes in the industry. This is because business blogs have the leverage of highlighting each of these features for the audience.

In the case of personal blogs, continuity was an issue. The blogs related to a particular topic, for example, relationship or divorce had a definite end, which was reached in a few weeks or maybe in a few months. Additionally, the circumstances of the bloggers also change and lead to the natural end of the blogs on the topic. Sometimes, privacy becomes a concern, or in some cases, you, as a blogger, are no longer in a position to write about that stage as you have moved into the new one. With all such problems, personal blogs had the difficulty in continuing for a long time.

As the acceptability of the business, blogs has increased by manifolds over time. Now each entrepreneur or the owner of the website prefers writing a business blog, which can be used for attracting the audience by providing them with the new information related to the products and services provided by the company. Moreover, some companies prefer sharing some tips with the users regarding the products that they are offering too. It has now become one of the ways to target the desired audience and influence them to buy the products. Even the cost of using content marketing strategy is not so high, creating a win-win situation for the business. One of the research studies has revealed that the number of customers acquired by business increases by 60% through blogging. Although the phenomenon of blogging was initiated through personal blogs, it is no longer acceptable. Now, the business blogs rule the blogging space online.