What’s So Great About Affiliate Marketing?

What’s So Great About Affiliate Marketing? - BillLentis.com


As a website or blog owner, you can earn money online through affiliate marketing. It has a lot of benefits which we will discuss in this article. But before we do that, let us start from the basics.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves marketing products or services sold by a company and earning a commission when a sale is made. The owner of the products or service takes care of all the customer service issues, payment and product delivery. The job of the marketer is to find buyers, present the products, and if someone makes a purchase, he gets paid.

The Parties Involved In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing typically involves the seller or merchant, the affiliate and the consumer. The seller or merchant is the owner of the product or service. It could be an individual or a company. The affiliate is the party that markets the seller’s product or service. It could be an individual or a big corporation. The consumer is the party that buys the seller’s product or service. Without this party, the seller will not get his profit and the affiliate will not get his commission.

Sometimes, affiliate marketing involves a network. The network is the link between the seller and the affiliate. There may be no need for a network if the seller handles both payment and product delivery.

How It Works

The seller provides a link or advert which will be display on the affiliate’s site. When the customer clicks the link on the affiliate’s site, he is redirected to the merchant’s site where he buys the product or service. When the seller confirms the purchase, the customer gets the product and the affiliate’s commission is paid.

What To Do As An Affiliate Marketer

There are things you need to do to be successful as an affiliate marketer. a. Choose a niche/topic you love. It is recommended that you work in a niche you have passion for. This is the best way to keep you motivated. Search for affiliate programs in your chosen niche. There are thousands of free affiliate programs that you can sign up for.

b. After choosing a niche, build a blog or website to connect with your prospective customers. Post contents that are specific to your niche to attract customers. You should also promote goods or services that are relevant to your audience.

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing has lots of benefits for both the seller and the affiliate marketer.

a. You Get Customers At A Low Cost

In affiliate marketing, the affiliate does not get paid until a customer makes a purchase. This means you can get more customers at a very low cost as you do not have to put in a lot of resources to get customers.

b. Payments Are Based On Performance

Payments in affiliate marketing are performance based. The amount you pay to the affiliate is dependent on the cost of the product or service sold. You will not pay extra costs unless you offer to pay for his efforts. You only pay when a sale is made. It means that you make an investment only when there has already been a return. This performance-based approach in affiliate marketing reduces both the amount of money you spend and the risk of having a bad return on investment. This makes it convenient to work with affiliates instead of paying for banner adverts. Also, the performance-based approach motivates affiliates to deliver the results that you are looking for.

c. Increases Brand Awareness

When you use affiliate marketing, your brand becomes visible on search engines. This gives exposure to your brand at little or no cost. Building a brand image through affiliate marketing strategies allows you to leave a strong impression on prospective customers so that they will come back and buy your product or service. This is one of the main reasons why brands go into affiliate marketing.

d. No Need To Spend On Separate SEO And PPC

Many affiliate marketers are experts in Search Engine Optimization. So when you put them in charge of your marketing, you will not need to spend money on SEO or PPC. With their SEO skills, your affiliate marketers can make your website to come on top of search engine rankings.

Easily Monitor Return On Investment.

It is easy for you to track sales to know where sales are coming from. It helps you know how much return on Investment you are getting from your various marketers. You know which affiliates work and which do not. It also lets you know your performance on the different affiliate websites. This will help you focus and spend more on the types of ads that get the best results.

We have seen that affiliate marketing is very beneficial to all parties. There are many companies who are willing to pay commissions to you, in return for selling their products and services. You can be successful at it when you choose the right niche, stay committed, and meet the needs of your customers.

As a seller or website owner, it is a cost-effective way to attract customers to your site. Most of these customers will eventually buy because they are genuinely interested in your products or service.

Since there are thousands of affiliates in different niches, you can easily break into any industry. What’s more? Many of these affiliates already have established visitor base so you would not have to worry about that.

Partnering with these affiliates gives you the opportunity to expand your market; something you would not have been able to do alone. When these partners are trusted websites, your brand reputation can receive a boost. Consumers tend to have trust in websites they visit frequently for product recommendation and reviews.

Note that successful affiliate marketing requires hard work and dedication but the rewards are enormous and everybody wins in the end. You win, the customers win, and the seller wins too.