What To Do To Make A Seller Work With You

What To Do To Make A Seller Work With You - BillLentis.com


Being a good return business there is a lot of competition and it’s not so easy to attract people to work with you. You can be efficient and knowledgeable in your work but sometimes just because of the lack of self marketing you are not able to work with people who really can be beneficial for you. Hence the first step is to be aware, which is an ongoing and never ending process and the second part is, to make you visible and presentable. In this article, we will go through few steps which can be taken care of to attract sellers.

Present Yourself Well

No matter how good you are with the work but you need to communicate well. You need to look enthusiastic and passionate towards your work. The knowledge and efficiency is something which is shown when you start working but your passion and spark is something which attracts the sellers when you meet them first. Try to look the best and also try to speak the most polite and confident language which has a lot of respect factor for the seller.


Sellers sell due to many reasons. They must be in a certain situation, which you should understand, have some empathy and by keeping yourself in their shoes, you should work in their interest and find out a solution to their problem. Hence instead of being a professional, try to be a problem solver and you will win the heart forever. Instead of being greedy, it’s always good to keep the seller’s interest also in mind. This type of behaviour will establish such goodwill, that you will get more sellers without putting much effort.


‘The more you practice, the more you become perfect.’ Like in every other field of the life, this is applicable here also. The more you work and the more experience you get, sellers will be more comfortable working with you. In order to learn to deal with sellers well, you just have to try for this more and more. Set a target of calling 5 sellers every week and talk to them without fail. This practice will make you more perfect in dealing with the sellers and you will also get to know about any possible concerns and requirements a seller may have and you will look for the ideas to satisfy any of their queries. You can make a list of the most common questions which they may have. You can keep the script ready for the next sellers and this way you can achieve perfection.

You Success Numbers

When you will talk to them at first, they would want to know how much work you have done. What kind of people you have worked with. What type of deals you have cracked and which problems you faced while doing your work. Hence you need to be ready with your portfolio which you can share with people and make them feel confident about you.

Trust Factor

Now, this is something which is applicable to any work you do and in the real estate business, the people have to go through big confusion and as they just get into it to make some money and sometimes to get out of some difficult situation, they let you make the decisions and that’s why building trust is a must to attract the sellers. The trust factor will come from your honest services, your best possible efforts to get money to the sellers and also to save their money in any which way possible and the understanding, behaviour, time spent in the business will get you the trust. Not necessarily, the seller always goes with the high offers. Once they start trusting someone, they go with the trusted people as they believe in them for their words.

Closing The Deals Fast

You need to show your ability to close the deals quick and everyone who wants to sell something needs to results soon. It will make sense for them only if you can close the deal in the given time frame.

Exempting the Closing Cost

If the sellers come to know, that they do not have to pay any closing cost, it can become an attractive factor for them to deal with you.

Buying the Property “As-Is”

Selling a property without getting any renovation or repair done, gives a big relief to the sellers. Sometimes the cosmetic changes in the property may make the property look better but that actually does not improve the quality of the property and it hides the actual problems what the property has. Hence if you can let them know that you can buy the properties “as-is”, it can become a motivating factor for the sellers.

Paying In Cash Motivates Sellers

Anyone who makes a deal would want the money to come into his hands as soon as possible. This is a hidden question, which the seller may not even ask but they always need to fast money which can be in the form of cash. So, if you tell them in the beginning about it, it will be a motivating factor for them to work with you.

Paying the Proper Price To The Sellers

You don’t have to be in loss but at the same time you should always try to make the deal in a win-win condition for you and the seller. Usually the sellers are afraid of getting the lesser price than the actual worth of their property. So, if you can pay them the appropriate price of their property, you are definitely going to get many other sellers in long run.

Really good motivated sellers can bring huge difference in your real estate business. You need to first market yourself in any possible way to approach them and then by building the confidence and offering what attracts the sellers will help you to make them work with you. Be as transparent as possible with them, as when someone wants to sell his property, does not want any fake promises to be made. We wish you good luck for your business.