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If you are trying to learn SEO, then the following things must sound very familiar to you:

• You have read many, many article about SEO, like a technique that you can use and you will never fail
• You have read about the secret hacks that most companies use so that they can get a good ranking on Google
• You have talked to SEO specialists or listened to them talk on social media
• You have bought an expensive SEO tool so you can learn more about SEO and how you can make your website rank better

However, no matter what you do, you don’t get results! This is where SEO training bundles come in, and we understand that the struggle that you have gone through by now, is very real.

Importance Of SEO

If you have been studying about SEO, then you probably know about its importance and why you need a training bundle for it. Before going into detail about training bundle, lets look at what would happen if you are able to generate a smooth flow of traffic on your website. According to clickminded.com:

• You would get more clients and as you give good results, they would be willing to pay you more money
• You would be able to generate more sales for your own business
• If you are working for a company, and you are able to do good, then you will get a promotion, or even land a job you have always dreamt about

Training Bundles Information

When you look for SEO training bundles, there are different bundles that you will come across and each bundle serves a necessary, unique purpose. Some of these bundles are discussed further in this article. Also check out billlentis.com/97-of-you-will-ignore-this-2019-internet-marketing-strategy-closed-door-mastermind.

Conversion Rate

According to popsci.com, conversion rate is when you are able to turn the visitors of your website, into your customers. This is a course that will guide you step by step on how you can achieve this objective. This is also important because unless and until you turn your website visitors into customers, the work you put in marketing, is of no use.

Social Media

According to reliablesoft.net, if you want to be good in SEO, then you also need to know about social media and how it can be used as a part of business strategy. For example, there are social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks, that you need to use in order to optimize your content and make people aware about your brand. This course will give you the ability to handle social media, without any hassle and will tell you about the mistakes that marketers usually make and need to avoid.


There are those who know how to develop a website and are SEO experts as well, and then there are those who are just good in SEO. However, a webmaster course will explain you how you can develop your website from scratch, and use SEO as well. If you develop a website keeping in mind that you will be using SEO in the future, then this can be pretty helpful.

Facebook Ads

A major part of SEO is advertising, and making sure that the ads you make, customers click on it. This course will ensure that you are able to engage customers on Facebook, by making unique and creative ads, that will capture their attention right away. Making the right ad, which would become a topic of discussion or appeal to the customers, is not easy, but a course like this can really enhance your ability to do so.

SEO WordPress

According to yoast.com, an important SEO training bundle can be about how you can use SEO WordPress to achieve your objective of optimizing your content. Further, this course will tell you how you can optimize your content and push your web pages on not only Google’s search engine, but other search engines as well like Bing and Yahoo.

Content Marketing

Another important course, according to academy.linkresearchtools.com, is the content marketing course, where you will get to learn about how content production should be carried out, which kind of content should be posted and the ecommerce tools that you can use. This course is particularly helpful, because it tells you about the tools that are free and gives you important tips about SEO copywriting.

Google AdWords

According to educba.com, the Google AdWords course is important, because it is the most popular platform where companies can advertise. So, this course will teach you step by step, on how you can effectively advertise your brand and raise awareness about it.

Skills You Will Master

The skills that you will master after you buy an SEO training bundle, are as follows:

• Page Optimization
• Conversion Rate Optimization
• Google Analytics
• Google AdWords
• Digital Marketing
• Negative Keywords
• Adgroups
• Conversion Tracking
• Re-marketing
• Local SEO
• Marketing tools
• Display Advertising
• Video Analytics

Target Audience

Who needs a training bundle? Not everyone has the ability to buy a training bundle, so you need to analyze your situation and goal and then buy a training bundle.

• You might need a bundle if you need SEO certification, because that is what most bundles offer – these courses are a must buy for you if you are a web professional, web designer or a system administrator
• If you are a fresh graduate, and want to optimize a website
• If you host your own website or blog and want to optimize content, so that you can increase traffic to your website
• Those managers and web page owners who want to train their own SEO team and want to know about SEO

SEO training bundles are not absolutely necessary, but they are absolutely helpful, if you want to seriously and professionally learn about SEO and want to use it in your everyday business. Watch this video to learn more about SEO training bundles and gain an insight into how training is done: