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SEO content is everywhere, but do we really know how SEO content is used for marketing purposes? This question is what troubles current marketers and entrepreneurs, as they want to make use of SEO in digital marketing, but don’t know how to. This article will tell you exactly what SEO marketing is about and what you can do.

According to digitalmarketinginstitute.com, SEO is a very important tool, because of the many elements that it is made up of. It is very important if you want to create brand awareness, build profitable relationships with your clients and find new customers, and show people that you are a trustworthy brand.

SEO Cycle

The SEO cycle consists of the following steps:


Every search engine has their own crawler or spider, like Google has Goolgebot, and this crawlers crawl the content of webpages. According to boostability.com, crawlers may or may not visit a webpage frequently, which is why it is important to know that crawlers can’t crawl images, movies, password protected pages and JavaScript.


When the Googlebot has crawled your page, the pages are indexed in a giant database, from where they are then retrieved when a related keyword is entered in the search engine. However, if your page is not optimized properly, then search engines won’t be able to understand your page content.

Search Work

When you type a keyword in the search engine it then processes that query by contrasting the key phrase that you have used, with the pages that were indexed in the second step of the SEO cycle. The search engine then sees which page is relevant the most with the keyword, and then lists them accordingly.


Every search engine uses an algorithm, which does its part when a particular keyword is typed in the search engine. It goes through the records which have cataloged keyword and then gives the user probable answers. The algorithm searches for on-site content, off-site content and whole site content.

Importance Of SEO In Digital Marketing

According to educba.com, SEO is very important for digital marketing, because you need to have your content optimized, in order for it to reach people. Further, it can give you the following benefits:


According to titangrowth.com, when your website is in the top position, then more users are likely to click on it, and that will increase your website’s traffic. If you know about SEO marketing, and you are doing it right, then the informative and creative keywords and title tags, along with meta descriptions, will show in search engine results.

Return On Investment

If you want track the performance of your SEO content, then it provides quantifiable results that you can easily track. Whether you have an e-commerce or a non e-commerce website, return on investment can still be found out. There are tools which will give you comprehensive analytic about your website’s traffic and conversion rate.

In case of e-commerce websites, you can track performance of SEO by noticing how many orders have been placed since you launched your marketing campaign. For non e-commerce websites, you can see how many people have converted into clients; you can make an assessment by seeing how many people have filled the contact us form that is available on every website.

Cost Effectiveness

The reason why SEO marketing strategy is more cost effective as compared to other methods is because you know your target audience and you are targeting them through online content. According to dom4j.org, SEO knows about the people who are actively looking for their products and services, and they target them accordingly. If the adopted marketing strategy is not working, then you will know right away, unlike other marketing methods.

Moreover, SEO is a long term advertising method, which means the cost can be stretched to a long period of time as well. Unlike Pay Per Click method, SEO marketing is cost effective, because in PPC, you have to pay every time someone clicks on your ad. SEO is effective because it does bring in traffic, but you have to create quality content for that.

3 Golden Rules For A Good Ranking

If you want your SEO marketing strategies to be effective, then you need to follow the three golden rules:

Quality Content

You need to make sure that you produce quality content, otherwise your SEO marketing won’t be effective. Quality content means writing relevant content for the targeted audience, from which they can benefit from. Don’t tell them things that are irrelevant and where a lot of keywords are used.

Keyword Research

Research sounds like a hassle, but it needs to be done, because if you want to do your SEO marketing right, then you need to know what keywords will attract your target audience. Make sure that the keywords you use make you unique, but not totally different from other brands, which are selling similar products and services.

Mobile Friendly Website

If your website doesn’t run on a mobile phone, loads slowly or hides features, then will it be effective? No! You need to have a website that is mobile friendly, particularly if it is an e-commerce website, or else your efforts of SEO marketing will go down the drain.

Mistakes That Most Marketers Make

According to lyfemarketing.com, even if you know how to create SEO marketing content, there are a few things that you should avoid doing:

• Don’t create content that doesn’t have any meaning or substance, and only contain keywords.
• If the content is not helpful for site visitors, then they will never visit your website again.
• If you have added links to your website, that will help users know more about the content they have searched for, then they will visit your website again. However, make sure that the links are not spam, and they actually contain content.

SEO marketing can do wonders for you, if you chose to publish quality content, if you have the right keywords, know your audience and know how to write effective SEO content. View this video and know more about SEO marketing: