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If you think infographics are dead, then think again. You might have heard that the infographics market is saturated and people don’t care about them anymore. However, they are not dead and can add life to your website. According to quicksprout.com, there are tools that can help you with SEO infographics. Marketers want unique ideas for marketing, and infographics is one of the most reliable ways to marketing your brand to the world; it is also a great way to get a good ranking on Google.

SEO Strategy And Infographics

Infographics can be part of your SEO strategy. Infographics are really the best way to deliver information; it can simplify and break down information that may seem complicated to understand. According to blog.hubspot.com, it is like you are reading a book, filled with pictures and you might actually be able to grab the attention of customers and make them interested in your products, services, blogs, websites or posts.


If you have crafted your infographics well, then they can increase traffic on your website. Infographics should be interesting, relevant to the topic and valuable for the reader. Just because you have made an infographic doesn’t mean that you will get a lot of traffic, but if you strategize it well, then you can see an obvious increase in your website traffic.

Building Links

If you want your website to have a good ranking, then building links and developing good quality content are two ways to do it. Link building is not an easy, but a challenging task and infographics can help you with this. According to columnfivemedia.com, people want content that they can share with others or reblog, and when you craft a really good infographic, then people would definitely share it, and give you credit by sharing the link on your web page.


There are topics that are of interest to people, and you should find those everlasting topics. Infographics can stay in circulation for a long time, so always customize it according to your audience, or industry. Your approach towards topics should be from angles that nobody else have thought of and should remain popular, long after you have posted them.


When you post content, they are usually a done deal. However, when you post infographics, they are of visual nature and are very useful. According to mangools.com, you can implement a divisible content strategy, where you change the nature of an infographic, split it into different parts and then promote it on social networking websites. You might be able to get more opportunities through this split content.

Best Infographics

If you want to have the best infographics in SEO, then there are few things that you should make a note of.


Your infographics is going to tell a story to your readers or visitors of the website. If you understand the story before making the infographic, then it will help you in comprehending how to make an infographic. If you don’t have a proper story, and the things in it don’t have a connection to each other, then that might not go well for your infographic. When you are making an infographic, ask yourself what kind of story you want to tell, whether the story is relevant to your brand, products or services, if there is an actual purpose of telling a story to the users and the target audience of the story.

You should always use, accurate data, so that your readers don’t feel misinformed when they are viewing your infographic. It is a really important aspect of SEO infographic, which is why you should provide credible data and if possible and needed, list the sources from which you took the data.

Text Copy

You have found the right and credible data, and now you need to create a format for it. Write down the text copy of your SEO infographic. Firstly, you should write a headline that would grip the attention of the visitors; make the descriptions, if needed, short and effective. Secondly, headlines are necessary because they can engage your audience; they will get bored or it will become difficult for them to decipher the meaning, if there is only data. Thirdly, you can use the text copy as posts, tweets and even pins, but keep them short. Lastly, don’t use fancy language that most people can’t make sense of and deliver the story in an interactive way.


The design of the infographic is the main thing; you would want to pick a design that would immediately grab the attention of the user. According to backlinko.com, the design should be suitable when aligned with the story you are telling. However, don’t use a design that undermines the story you are telling or the data you are sharing. The color, data and copy should be balanced in the design of the infographic, as it will make it successful.

Graphs And Charts

Infographics contain graphs and charts, particularly SEO infographics, and these graphs and charts are different from the ones that we make in Excel sheets. They include pie charts and highlight the data in a creative way. For more information about graphs and charts, look at:

For example, if your data is talking about people belonging to an age group, then you can use different facial expressions for that age group in your infographics. However, if you overload your infographics with graphs and charts, then that would look crowded and unappealing.


The colors that you use for SEO infographics, should be not more than three colors. You should assign one color to one category, so that it makes more sense for the reader. If you include too many colors, then that won’t look, and might make the infographic confusing.


Use a font that is easily readable. The size of the font should be appropriate; it shouldn’t be too small or too big, but the right size. You should use a font that can be used in case of numbers and text both. You can use a different one for headings.


The above tips are useful for making effective and creative SEO infographics and you should follow them, but not limit yourself to them. To learn more about creating them, watch the video below: