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An SEO grade is very important for your business and your brand in the long run. There is nothing as frustrating as looking yourself up on a search engine and realizing that you are not even on the first two pages of the search engine. Though this may be the case, it can be remedied and even better if you do it just right, you will be number one. Yes, becoming number one is possible, but we will not lie to you it takes a lot of work for it to be a possibility. In order for you to understand your SEO grade we will have a look at how SEO works and the benefits of embracing it.

How Does SEO Work

In full, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, through it you are able as a business to get to improve on your Grade on the Search Engine results pages. Today, there are over 1.3 billion websites to navigate, and as a user this can be very overwhelming. With this in mind, it can therefore be stated that by definition SEO is a strategy that you can use as a business to improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.

When a user searches for a term on a search engine the results are a number of websites that are relevant to the query. It is then up to the algorithm of the search engine to bring you the best results that fits your search term as a user. The algorithm behind the ranking is key in determining the SEO grade that you will enjoy as a business. These algorithms that are embraced by search engines are influenced by a number of factors. This is definitely good news as it means that you can improve on the quality of your website by working on a number of these factors.

Factors Affecting Your SEO Grade

We shall now explore the factors that affect your SEO grade. Top on the list is the authority of your Domain. This metric helps define the credibility and the trust that your domain has through the backlinks that it has and its age. The more the backlinks that you get the higher the domain authority you will get to enjoy.

The other factor that determines your SEO grade is the Keywords. Your choice of keywords to a large extent determines the rank that you will enjoy for your website. This means that you should focus mainly on keywords that are synonymous to your target item. This helps draw in quality traffic to your website.

Another factor that you cannot ignore is relevance. Today, the search engines are very smart and will be looking to see the quality of the content on your website. This means that the more relevant your website is to certain terms, the higher your rank. Stick to your niche and be an authority in that instead of moving around various niche topics.

Inbound and outbound links also determine to a large extent the SEO grade that your website will have. As pointed out above, it is important to keep it relevant. The more relevant the links you have on your website, the higher the grade. Inbound links also work the same way. The higher the quality of the links in terms of relevance the higher the chances of you enjoying a better ranking.

Your site speed and design also determine the ranking that you will enjoy for your website. Google and other search engines look at the speed of your site to determine the rank that you will have. Content delivery for the user is very important and this metric is important in determining your rank. The design of your site also determines to a large extent the ranking of your website. You need a clean and functional website that is optimized for various devices. If you have a mobile-friendly design the higher the chances of you having a much higher ranking.

Benefits Of Embracing SEO

There are a number of benefits that come with having a good SEO grade. The first most important advantage is that you get to stay ahead of your competition. With your result being displayed top on the list, it is very likely that a user will click on your site, helping you stay ahead of your competition. With a lot of competition nowadays, one way of keeping ahead of the pack is by embracing Search engine optimization.

Another advantage of having a good SEO strategy and eventually getting a good SEO grade is that your website will be of a higher quality. Search Engine Optimization helps improve the quality of your website, and further enabling users to stay for longer on your website. This works in giving you a better click through rate and further you will get to enjoy a higher rank on the search engine.

By embracing SEO you also get to build your reputation as an authority in your field of choice. Research has shown that the probability of a user visiting your locations as a business is higher, especially if they have looked you up on the internet. The happier your users are, the higher the chances of them promoting your business through other channels such as Twitter and Facebook.


It is possible to improve on your SEO ranking. As highlighted in this article, the better you handle the factors that influence search engine ranking, the higher the chances of you enjoying the mentioned benefits. For an improved business, these are things that you should not ignore. From the quality of inbound and outbound links to your domain authority, the more emphasis you lay on these aspects the higher the ranking that you will enjoy. With this in mind, make sure to take time and slowly but surely build on your site and reputation. It will go a long way in giving you the results that you have been looking for. Watch just how you can improve on your ranking here.